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Welcome to the world of eden! Jul 5, 2011 3:41 am


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Eden Eternal Tank Knight Build Guide

Sep 16, 2011 5:44 am
Introduction to Knight

The most agile and swift tanking class available, Knight's strike their opponents quickly and leave them to die. Able to dodge and block attacks, their prowess is mainly based on agility and strength.
In this Tank Knight Build Guide, you'll learn how to build an evasion Knight perfect for both PvP and tanking in dungeons.

Heroic Trait
Knights should choose the heroic trait, Maverick. Maverick increases agility, which boosts attack speed and evasion.

Class Attributes
You should focus on boosting your stats in this order.

A Knight's skills focus on agility, attack speed, and evasion. Boosting your agility benefits your buffs making you untouchable.

Strength helps a Knight with physical attack damage, as well as block rate. This goes alongside with your shield giving you, yet, another defensive bonus.

HP increases your survival, which allows you to tank dungeons, bosses, and mobs.

Class Certificates
Certificates for Knights are very negotiable, players can choose to use all of the evasion certificates from Bard, Illusionist, Knight, and Thief class. But this is the basic defense/agility setup for Knights.

Personally, I would prefer this over all of the evasion certificates, because you gain the 50% shield, 5% Max HP, and 2% agility bonus.

With a setup using all of the evasion certificates you'll get only 125-150 evasion points.

Class Talent

Positioning (Maelstrom) and Battlefield Cyclones (Judgement Storm) should be your first priority because they're a Knight's main offensive skills.

Training Positioning greatly improves your Maelstrom attack by 2% a level. Not just that, it attacks 3 times, so the stronger your first attack, the stronger your next two attacks.

Battlefield Cyclones is a must because, Judgement is a Knight's best DPS skill. In PVP, it's your winning move, leveling it up increases it's potency by 20% and +2 seconds.

For class talent, an evasion Knight should max Classy Finish because it improves your attack speed and movement speed +20%. This significantly improves your skills buff effect by 1/5 if you think about it.

Remaining Knowledge points should be assigned to Weight Training to increase evasion.

Gears and Equipment

Spirit Chain is currently the best armor for a Knight, it's main attribute increases agility, luck, then followed by strength. As for weapons, equip a rapier at all times.

Upgrading a Knight is the biggest defining factor in a good or a bad Knight. I will warn you, it will cost a hefty price. Upgrade all of your armor, slot them with agility gems, and enchant them with slightness scrolls. Be sure to equip trophies that boost agility too.

I find this guide from Eden Eternal Tank Knight Build Guide , if you have other ideas, welcome to add them in this thread!

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Mar 3, 2013 5:07 pm
nice guide helped alot even though ive had many knights not i am truly invincible

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    Apr 29, 2013 12:57 am
    I put everything i had into defense and str. lol didn't work out good. so i reset and tried this way. but wow, i'm not used to having low defense like this. My malice is at 25%+ at lvl 40 but i still feel like i'm not doing good. If i wanted to tank and pvp, what stats should i do?

    Apr 3, 2016 7:14 am
    I don't know how long ago this was made but I'm giving what I try as mimic. I have made a ranged tank healer that has aoes that stack as well as 3x hit skills and healing capabilities. Chain shot, oil shot, meteor shower, life cure. Those are main 4 than I added summon monster (razor fang atm can use your choice) than I added mp restore skill and debut removal skill you can get from most classes. Using heavy armor 2 artillery guns (heritage gun and lvl 63 blue) this build doesn't use mp but get mobbed a lot from aoeing. To lower mobbing I switch aoe skills to other double or triple hit skills on single mob. While getting mobbed this class because ranged can run heal and attack lowering monsters hit and keeping hp up. I don't know if anyone cares about this but thought I'd give ideas to make stronger chars.

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