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Welcome to the world of eden! Jul 5, 2011 3:41 am


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Eden Eternal Heroic Trials Guide

Jul 27, 2011 12:37 am

What are Heroic Trials?
Heroic Trials are earlier dungeons that have been beefed up to provide more of a challenge for our level 50+ players. These trials include stronger monsters and far better items to be dropped.
Where do I go to start the Heroic Trials?
To start the Heroic Trials you will need to visit Inna in Aven. Inna is located at X457, Y393 near Guild Quest Officer Kaiser.

What are the requirements?
Trial: Fort Verdure - 5-Player
The party should first be a party or raid.
Players wanting to join the dungeon need to be at least lvl 50.
Players joining need to have already completed the main quest line "Fort Verdure" in Tranquil Hill.
Trial: Ulta Hall - 8-Player
The party should first be a raid.
Players wanting to join the dungeon need to be at least lvl 50.
Players joining need to have already completed the main quest line "Ulta Hall" in Valley of Kings.
For previously released Heroic Trials; Angor Quarry and Vileshark HQ, please refer to this thread.
Are there any special drops from these Heroic Trials?
Some of the drops include; Chaotic Hearts, Demonic Remains, Yellow Blueprints for Lv 50 Equipment, Lv 50 Yellow Equipment, Lv 50 Trophies.
How many times can I run the Heroic Trials in a day?
You can run the Heroic Trials up to 10 times a day. This means each run, no matter which one you run, counts towards the total for the day. (2 Angor, 4 Vileshark, 3 Ulta and 1 Fort Verdure would be an example of 10 runs.)

The counter does not count a 24 hour period from when you first run but counts down until 12am server time (EDT). When the server hits 12am the counter is reset allowing you to run 10 more trials.
Can I get any Trophy Fusion Blueprints from these Heroic Trials?
Yes! Ulta Hall - 8-Player has a Trophy Fusion Blueprint as a Break Point drop on the last boss.

Why can't I use the portal in Ulta Hall? PLEASE READ THIS SECTION
To Activate the portal in Ulta Hall you must defeat the 2 escaping Zumi that spawn at X255 Y130 and head towards the entrance of Ulta Hall.

The two Zumi are Escaping Supervisor and Escaping Team Member.
The Escaping Supervisor will spawn when you kill Kenny. The Escaping Team Member will spawn when you kill Gamera.
The party will receive a buff upon killing each Zumi.

Power of Holy Sword Transfer comes from killing the Supervisor and Will of the Warlord Transfer comes from killing the Team Member.
Once the party has obtained the two buffs they need to talk to Gray at the docks (X130 Y250) to activate the portal. After that they should be able to walk through the portal to face the final boss.
If either Zumi escapes the party will be unable to activate the portal.

Source from Eden Eternal forum

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Jul 27, 2011 12:13 pm
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