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Welcome to the world of eden! Jul 5, 2011 3:41 am


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The Couple System

Jun 30, 2011 7:54 am

About the Couple system.

The Couple system, also know as "married system" offers multiple benefits.

One of the most important benefits is the 10% EXP and CP bonus, but I'll talk about it later. Other bonuses include: special lover chat, multiple skills that can be used to buff your partner or vice-versa, a special mini-map icon for your lover and many more.

How to form a couple?

Becoming a lover, or asking someone to be your lover is simple.  They can ask you, or you can take the initiative and ask them instead.  When you wish to ask someone to be your lover, click on them, which will bring their information bar up, usually at the top center of your screen.  Right-click the image of their character, and a drop box like this one will appear:

After this, select the first option and this windown should appear:

After your partner decides whether to accept or decline your invitation a new message will appear in the chat box. If he/she accepts, this message will appear:

A heart will  appear on the mini-map in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, assuming your partner is within the small distance that the mini-map covers:

As well as a buff icon, if you and your partner are still on the same map:

The Couple User Interface.

Pressing O opens the window where you can see your friendslist, your blocklist, the search function, as well as your couple information.  Clicking on the third tab (also labeled 5 in the below picture) will bring up a window that appears like this:

1. Luv Coins – The currency used to buy lover skills from the Couple NPC’s in the main town.  Each luve coin requires an earned 20 points of fame between the two lovers, whether one spends all the time farming points, or if they split the work and each earn 10 points per coin.  Fame can be acquired through multiple different forms, including farming rare bosses and dungeons, completing quest etc. You will also recieve a weekly bonus depending on your level.

2. Lover Communication – Each lover will have their own little space in which you can type a message that only your lover will see.  Only your side will be editable by you, and your lover’s side will be editable by him/her.

3. Lover skills – These are purchasable through the Couple NPC’s found in the main towns.  They can only be used on your lover, and will become unusable in entirety if you or your lover break-up.

4a. Edit Msg Button – This is the button you would press if you wish to change the message shown in the “You say:” box, which your lover will see when they open their lover interface.

4b. Breakup Button – When you decide to leave your lover, you would press this button.

Breaking up.

Although a hard thing in real life, breaking up with your in-game lover is as simple as two button clicks.  On the user interface, as explained above in 4b, pressing the Breakup button will result in a window popping up as such:

As described on the window, when you breakup with your lover, all lover coins you have available will be lost.  All lover skills that you have acquired thus far will become unusable until you acquire a new lover.  Along with these unfortunate events, you will also acquire a new buff that will look like this:  

This buff will last 24 hours, and is known as the grieving period.  This buff will only affect the lover that does the breaking up, not the lover that is broken up with.  The description of the buff, when you hover your mouse over the gray heart symbol, will appear like this:

After 24 hours (which is shown in the red letters at the bottom of the buff window), the grieving period buff will disappear, and you will then be able to look for a new lover and/or accept the dating invitation from another person.


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Love And Be Loved~

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Jul 1, 2011 3:40 am
nice guide

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