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[80CAP] Porosama's Raven Guide [PvE & PvP]

May 7, 2015 12:06 am

Porosama's Raven Guide Lv. 80 Cap

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Raven or Ripper
III. Role of a Raven
IV. Skillbuilds
IV-A. Item Builds (heraldies,etc.)
V. Summary

I. Introduction

Hello everybody! I am Porosama, a player from DN Sea. I am not from cDN or Freedom.  So.. I started playing this game at Dec. 2014, so I maybe a newbie. I started playing Assassin when my first character was maxed, so then, I was addicted to Raven's capabilities of being a superior-DPS. I planned to do this article since I wanna help you fellow guys to build your Raven!... (well, I will try. XD). So let's get into the guide! :D

II. Raven or Ripper

You're probably wondering, Raven or Ripper.

I personally think Raven. Why? I am not saying that Raven is more superior than a Ripper could do, Ripper is also an interesting class, since it gives a cool fire buff, 27% Fire Attack (i think), and really good at Fire Parties.
Raven has easier chance of DPSing due to his mid-range skills, while the Ripper has close-combat skills, which makes him dangerous to DPS. If you wanna talk about their damage, they are the same. It really depends on your play-style. Raven ---> Mid Range DPS, Ripper ---> Close-Combat DPS (also good at PvP)

III. Role of a Raven

To be honest, it is really easy. Just damage and dodge. That is all you need to do. DPS, Run, Profit? Yeah.
Just like other DPS. Why is it so easy? Since your skills is mid-range, you can DPS in a safe place.

IV. Skill Builds

Let's get onto Skill Builds.
*NOTE: Do not follow the Skillbuild blindly.*

[Pure PvE Build]

Fan of Edge:
This is your main DPS skill, it deals tons of damage! I prefer maxing it or leaving it to 23 to minimize your SP use. It's board damage is Per Shuriken, since it hits 6 Shuriken, you can hit 6 enemies and deal alot of damage! (I don't know the maximized damage since I am away, and does not have DN in my laptop.)

As always, max this for mobility.

Fake Log:
This is your main escape skill. You are probably wondering, "Why is it left at Lv. 1?"
Since I do not find much danger situations on Nests, I left it at 1. If you are having hard time getting danger situations, max it.

Well that is all the explanation I can do for Assassin Skill Tree.


Open Edge:
This amazing skill hits a lot of damage in a very short cooldown of 9. It also casts quickly.

Your "slap-em-monsters", you can kill a wave of monsters with this! I prefer a damage plate for this.

Best damage, you can hit full board damage on throw and on the return. You should move while this skill is casted for maximum damage.

Pretty straightforward skill. I prefer a damage plate for this one.

Rain Drop:
Another straightforward skill, can burst someone at three charges.

The End:
Pretty much (in my opinion) the best DPS ultimate.

"Why is it Lv. 11?" I maxed it for the bonus damage, I always use this when I am planning to use "The End." to maximize it's damage, since you get free 35% damage buff. You can decide to not max this if you don't use it alot. (Useful on PvP too.)

Dedicate Crow:
The most useful buff for PvE. Your entire party gets 60% damage buff when the boss has 100% HP, the damage buff disappears when the boss has 30% HP. I prefer a Buff Duration for this one.

Well that's most of it.



Left at Lv. 1, since it doesn't deal enough damage.

Crow's Deadfall:
Must-max, tons of damage. I prefer a damage plate for this.

I left 12 SP for you guys to experiment with my build, have fun!


Now let's get into PvP build.
*NOTE: You will use most of your SP, so you do not have more SP to experiment with.*


Fan of Edge:
Not useful on PvP, don't max it at all.

Piercing Star:
Good for initiation, really long range and good against mid-range characters like Kali, Archer, etc.

Speedy Cut:
Useful for Crook-combo, get it up to 6 for 2 charges.

Shadow Hand:
Good for initiation, since it has longer range than Piercing Star.

The others is just like the PvE Build.

Let's get into Chaser Tree.


Many raven leave this as Lv. 1 for just Mobility. I prefer Lv. 11 for the damage increase, it really depends on your playstyle. Lv 1 = Mobility, Lv 11 = Damage + obility

Mortal Blow:
This useful skill can extend your combos since you get 2 charges at Lv. 6. Deals a decent damage too.

Izuna Drop:
Signature move of Rippers, really over powered, you can waste your enemies' aerial evasion if they use it wrong.

Dedicate Shadow:
Really useful against Matk users, since you get HP per Matk hit. (Moonlords, Sorceress, Priests, Paladins, etc.) This is your counter to those annoying magic attack skills like Moonlight Splitter from Moonlord, Flame Road from Elemental Lords (the most annoying).

Illusion Step:
Pretty cool iframe extender, mobility skill too.

Access Chain:
Used for escape / initiation since it has a knockup so it works well as an initiator.

Others, just like the PvE Build.


It is just like the PvE Build, nothing changed.


IV-A. Item Builds

[size=12.8000001907349px]What should we focus as an Assasin?

Int is out of the picture.


STR gives .380 P-atk while AGI gives .375 P-atk right? So we should go focus on STR.

I prefer getting more Crit than P-atk, Agi gives 3.5 crit while Str gives 1.5


[size=12.8000001907349px]So Focusing on AGI is better since you're a DPS, so having crit is really good for DPS

Lv. 80 CAP Recommended Build:


"New Moon or Full Moon?"

Full Moon focuses on FD, while New Moon focuses on Crit.
I prefer Full Moon since you can get to Crit Cap easily (122k @80 cap.) as an Assassin.

Lv. 80 CAP Cheap & Affordable Set

Probably B-set (Elysian) or the Dahar Set.
BUT, I do not recommend them, why?
I know they have better stats than Maple Set, but they do not have Bonuses, which really is disappointing.
After you reach 70, probably go to Guardian Nest. Earn some crystal dude! It is totally worth it. Rather than going Elysian/Dahar set and go VN Easy.

Why not just go Elysian/Dahar and do VN Easy?

VN Easy gives 1-2 fragments, while when you hit 70, and go GN Abyss (usually geared 80 is there, probably ask for some help) You'll get alot of Crystal! So that you can make Maple Set and when you're geared, you can just join VN Abyss. So what is better? VN Easy or GN Abyss then VN Abyss? Definitely going GN Abyss!

Let's get into Weapons.


Lancea is really good equipment if you don't join/do Dragon Nests. You can replace it for L-grade weapon.

BUT, I recommend BDN/DDN L-Grade. Why?
L-Grade gives hidden potential (if you put codes) and much bonus stats! Even tho the P-atk is lower. I recommend L-Grade rather than Lancea, because with 2 L-Grade weapon, you'll get FD, which is about 318+.

With my set, I reached 1k+ FD (no costumes, cause I am a poor man)
5 Full Moon [+10] + 2 BDN L-Grade, which gives about 600+ FD, and with my plates, it gives 540+ FD.
It is really low tho, but yeah, still good enough for no costume guys.

Definitely Lancea, because they give better bonus than Maple, if you are really active on VN, sure take it.

The Most Ghetto Moonlover Set:
5 Full Moon + 2 New Moon
It will give you FD + Crit thus sacrificing your P-atk.

Let's compare the sets we have.

1. Full/New Moon + BDN/DDN L-Grade
The most recommended one.

This is the most recommended one. This can hold you off in these present nests. Probably average price for us. Maybe like 5kg or so. Why not BDN L-Grade Armor? Isn't it better? Yes, it is better, and more EXPENSIVE. Let's compare their HP Difference. 70A vs 70L. A +10 Maple Set HP is close to +10 BDN L-Grade Armor HP, it's difference is 180k+HP. Definitely Maple Set is the way to go since it is cheaper than the BDN L-Grade. BDN L-Grade One Piece Armor is worth like 6KG. with that gold, you can get 5 Maple Set in it's half price! The stats I got from this one was:

- 707k HP
- 101k Crit
- 33k Crit Damage
- 1820 FD
- 40k+ P-atk. (something like that, maybe higher)

2. Elysian/Dahar Set + w.e. weapon you have.
Just no, rubbish.

Maybe can work if you are out of gold. Go on ahead if you are experiencing a gold sink.

3. Lancea + BDN/DDN L-Grade
Better than the recommended one.

If you really are active in Volcano Nest, go on ahead! It's better!

4. Full/Moon Maple Set + Lancea Weapon
Worst than Recommended but better than the rubbish.

Well, maybe can work if you really don't have time for Dragon Nests. Since L-Grade can be a pain in the butt to take. Probably recommended for those who don't join BDN.

5. 5 Full Moon + 2 New Moon
That is what I call, the Moonlover!

Why 5 Full Moon + 2 New Moon? This set is really great for those who really addicted GN. The bonuses are great from the Maple Sets! Why do you get more Full Moon rather than New Moon? Full Moon gives FD, while New Moon gives more Crit. You said that we should focus onto getting crit, so New Moon is the good way to go.... No. You can hit like 100k crit easily without your gears. 5 Full Moon gives us 362 FD, which is really high, and 2 New Moon gives us 740 crit, so you'll maintain your crit while having enough FD.

You can switch it up to Four New Moon + Three Full Moon
Why is Full Moon less now? From the gear I gave you here (4 New Moon + 3 Full Moon)
4 New Moon and 3 Full Moon gives you 453 FD and 720 Crit.
From 5 Full Moon, we only got 362FD. So 4 New Moon + 3 Full Moon is better since it gives 453 FD
Ofcourse 453 > 362. Maybe just go with this one.

TL;DR - Full Moon focuses on FD.
while New Moon focuses on CRIT.

Now, accessories!

Accessories can take a pain to get (the good ones ofcourse).

This time, we have Skill Accessories or DDN U-Grade & L-Grade accessories.

Necklace: Vigor Downy Necklace OR Desert Dragon Necklace (L-Grade)

Why not damage? I prefer getting HP/MP in necklace, maybe just my style. You can replace it with Desert Dragon Necklace L-Grade that gives 500+agi and Vit for HP.

Earrings: Wind Frost Crystal Earrings or Skill Earrings

Wind Frost Crystal Earrings gives like 1.5k AGI, which is really cheap in TH, about 1kg +, or you can get it at DF (Dragon Fellowship), you can replace it with Skill Downy Earring, that has Rake/Raindrop/Punishment +1.

Rings: DDN U-Grade/DDN L-Grade/Skill Rings/Wind Rings or Fatal Rings

Demn, I recommended alot of Rings. I prefer DDN L-Grade since it gives tons of P-atk & in potential about 4.98% p-atk and many more stat % increase. If you are really in a gold sink (about 2k gold below), you can get Skill/Wind/Fatal. Fatal is the cheapest, but gives alot of Crit. About 300g in TH.

Let's talk about DDN Rings
They give 3% p-atk as well as 8% elemental attack increase, pretty good enough


They give 4.98% p-atk and higher elemental attack increase and more stat %, so this is the best way to go.

Tough Accesories
This is really useful for Ravens, since they give dark attack but losing the stats of a single 70 Accessory. I think they are really few of them in SEA, so it'll cost alot on TH.

Now Let's get into Jades.


Weapon can equip one
blue and one red jades.

Armor can equip two blue jades

Rings can equip red jade.

and Earrings/Necklace can equip blue jade.

I once did bought like 8 Red Jades and I cried. (spent about 1kg gold LOL)
Do not repeat the mistake I did XD.

For Weapons,
I recommend (BLUE) High Grade Wind and Dark Attack (I think 8.06% ones)

For Armors,
I recommend, as always as an Assassin, High Grade Wind (maybe with 3rd stat Vit) + High Grade Vit. It is recommended for us dps to get 500k hp+ so if you're lacking on HP, maybe get 3rd stat Vit/HP

For Rings,
Just get Dark Attack for these.

For Earrings & Necklace
High Grade Wind with 3rd stat Vit / or just straight up High Grade Wind.

Those jades can give you about 6-7k agi + 125k+ HP.

Skill Jades: (I am bad with this one.)

Ghost Town Skill Jade (for -5% dark resist, good against AW I guess.)

Swift Skill Jade (recovers 3.5k HP + movement speed, good for escape.)

That is what I will recommend, I don't really care about these so yeah.

Now onto Plates.

As every DPS class, they get:

Wind, Vit, Destruction, Bear, Fatal or FD, Iron Wall, Tent, or the P-def one.

You can replace Fatal with FD since you can reach Crit Cap without even a single fatal plate. Yep, I am not kidding.

For 3rd Stat options,
Since you're a DPS, you want to dish out a lot of damage, so getting alot of FD is the best.

Definitely FD.

FD or AGI or Atk power.

Skill Plates:
The End

Sub-skill plates:
Crows Deadfall
Open Edge
Dedicate Crow (buff duration)

Now to Talismans.

200% = Agi / Vit
175% = Defense / Atk Power
150% below = Your choice.


5. Summary

I hope you guys pick the class Raven! I really love this class due to its good DPS and yeah. Pretty swag skills, and they (assasins) have good costumes! I hope I will get one costume one day, XD. If you enjoy Ripper Skills more than Raven, take the class Ripper! I am not forcing you to take Raven. You'll kinda spend like 10kg to build a Raven. XD. Well, hope you guys enjoyed my guide!

Credits to:
NoxNin - the first guy I followed on to build my Raven and inspired to do this guide.

Skill Simulator - dn.duowan

This forum - for this article

For you guys! - for reading my guide

If the admins/moderators want to edit my guide, feel free to do so. Feel free to comment positive/negative comments since this is my first guide, that will help to fix my guide. Thanks!

Thanks for reading!
- Porosama

[ The post was edited by Porisama at May 7, 2015 11:12 am ]

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May 7, 2015 7:56 am
I debated whether to post my view on the recent guides from SEA players, but while there have been guides that are useful, the questionable value of the more recent ones just doesn't sit right with me.

I understand that writing this guide probably took a lot of time and effort. And it's really great to see that there are people who want to contribute more to the game.

Good intention does not excuse the lack of quality. To be honest I have no idea why Chaos endorsed the Light Fury guide. I certainly hope that does not true for this guide.

If it seems too harsh that I am giving critique without pointing out areas that can be changed for the better, there are 2 main reasons for doing so. Firstly, the amount of changes I would make would pretty much equate to me writing at least a mini-guide of my own. Next, until the developers unveil the direction they intend to take Dragon Nest in with the upcoming conference and potential changes to the game after that, it is probably a waste of time to invest too much effort into something which can change in the near future.

I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but I hope you can just think about some points

- What is your guide trying to achieve, besides the writing of a guide?
- Of what value does this guide hold to any player when they read it?
- Skill descriptions that says "tons of damage" tell people exactly nothing

Frankly I was tempted to delete the thread (no offence intended) but that's kind of too much abuse and has too much of a lack of appreciation of the work involved.


Dragon Nest (China)
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Elestra - Sieg

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MMOsite Special Offer

    May 7, 2015 8:51 am
    [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20150507/80CAP_Porosamas_Raven_Guide_PvE_PvP-554b0ef5e9d0bb613-1.html#p554b7d1774ba93]1#[/url] [i]sieg_freedom[/i][/b] [br] [br]
    I understand you, kind sir. I will try to make it better and to be understandable (especially the skill information.).

    Thanks and have a good day,

    If you want to delete it, go on ahead. It is okay, I won't be disappointed at all.

    May 7, 2015 6:26 pm
    I was hoping on more detail, such as new fade rotations due to the change of the dark resist debuff added into punishment and applause, which lead to a total of -14% dark resist for 10 seconds each. This is quite important because fade rotations are important, where you will want to put the debuff before using the highest damaging skills. however, do I include applause into fade? what about punishment with its long cast time?

    For the mean time this is all I wish to know since this is a guide thread. I share similar sentiments with Sieg on the overall content on the guide but I guess I prefer to be less strict with fewer DN academic topics coming up these days..

    May 7, 2015 10:59 pm
    Really appreaciate your countribution! Writing this long and detailed guide must have taken u lots of time and efffort. Keep on trying to improve the quality of your articles, look forward to seeing more of your works! Thanks~

    May 8, 2015 3:39 am
    I am in complete agreement with sieg.

    As a player who plays both cDN and DN SEA, I find it really hard to digest this.
    - For what purpose are you posting your "guide" here? There are better ones with much better quality already. While your intention to share is praiseworthy, the quality of the guide is very much... *shrugs* Idk what to say.
    - When I see threads like this, I can relate with some cDN peeps on why DN SEA players are pretty much unwelcome here. I don't even understand the purpose of the Light Fury guide from DN SEA.
    Able to clear BDN HC =/= having a good skill build. I can be clearing BDN HC with just maxed Healing of Chakra, Blessing of Ajna, and float all day. So that build is the most "effective" then? People ought to think for themselves.


    While I do not wish to go into details nitpicking on every small thing in your so-called "guide"; since sieg already mentioned it, I will just list down those glaringly #rage-worthy ones.

    - Why is Edged Fan (Fan of Edge) recommended to be left at 23? The last "jump" is from 20 to 21. It should be either left at 21 or maxed at 26 if you have the SP. You seem to know the logic of 6, 11, 16, 21... but why is this left at 23 then?

    - What does "deal a ton of damage!" or "you can kill a wave of monsters with this!" mean? Skill data like board damage and coefficient tells you everything that you need to know about it.
    I find it extremely stupid for people to quote their damage and use it as "proof". If my Open Edge deals oh wow 100m per cast then it must be the #1 dps skill in the game then? Gravity Switch Ex must be noob then. Splash Ex must be rubbish-tier then.

    - Your skill data for Dedicate Crow is sooo outdated. Misleading your readers is the absolute worst thing a guide-writer should be doing.

    - Are you seriously comparing 70A with 70L?
    "A +10 Maple Set HP is close to +10 BDN L-Grade Armor HP, it's difference is 180k+HP"

    Yeah sure, 180k+ HP is nothing. Very little indeed. And you totally forgot about the stat bonuses from enhancements too. And the HP & MP bonuses too. Such little difference, right?
    And I didn't know that you can buy 70L armour with 6k G. We playing the same game here?
    The fact that you said the "most recommended" is FM/NM with 70L is a joke in itself.

    - 60L rings now gives 4.98% Atk increase? Cool. Where can I buy them? I only have 4.31% ones. Yours must be out of this world.

    - I lol-ed at that #red #blue jade thing. Is that the new trend nowadays?
    On a serious note, you must be using B-grade jades? Pls take a look at A-grade jades. They all have orange-coloured borders. This is again, pretty much misleading info.

    - So you won't highlight the all-important Rake +Dmg plates and Rain Drop -CD plate?
    Rain Drop -CD is mathematically very powerful. Not to mention at high levels of FD, the gain from +Dmg plates are actually diluted.
    Well, at the very least you won't recommend Rain Drop reset chance like that idol LOL-kawaKazu from DN SEA. Then we have half the population using Rain Drop reset chance plates to the point that it's not even close to being remotely funny.


    While I do not wish to start an argument or discredit you, the quality is such that I cannot help but to write up this reply. A word of advice would be to do more research before claiming that you write "guides".

    Thank you.

    May 9, 2015 10:45 pm
    I was gonna say that you all in the replies need to chill but after reading the guide... I'm sorry but I have to agree. Not only the formatting is a mess and the redaction is unclear but you didn't even bother to fix the picture you forgot to add Rake EX which would have taken you like, 2 minutes? That itself shows that you didn't put enough care to write this guide.

    If you are writting this guide as a way to put down your thoughs and wanted to get a reaction out of others to tell you what you should change, then it worked, otherwise this guide isn't very newbie-friendly.

    MMOsite Special Offer

      May 10, 2015 6:33 am
      You don't even have 'Smoke' which is the wake attack version of sin and you don't bother saying you forgot to add it.

      Tons of vague explanation.

      I don't see why people would recommend 70A sets in 80 cap.

      Didn't state which version of skill plates in the 'skill plates' section.

      Talisman wise, why would one prioritize vit on 200% for a DPS class instead of destruction....

      May 10, 2015 7:16 am
      -Erased because I'm just speaking misinformed opinions-

      [ The post was edited by Chocorroles at May 10, 2015 10:08 am ]

      May 10, 2015 9:50 pm
      Reply 5#  175.*.*.193

      The one who reccomended the reset chance plate was Aecius, the other person who made a Raven guide besides NoxNin.

      Honestly the guest guides in that site... Most of them are a no go.

      May 13, 2015 9:40 am
      still DN sea player are too ignorant..such a pity...

      May 13, 2015 2:16 pm
      Reply 0#  Porisama

      hi guys.....( i prefer that nobody write a guide now...the t5 is next..-.-.....) Oh yhea i'm here for little thing, not blame but correct:
      1) dedicate crow: 30% of life....yhea.....NO now is 50%....if you want see 30% go at a server private cap 70
      2) pushiment damage plate....o yhea....yes the raven don't have auto FD skill ( like dancer SS...) and the DMG% + plate is good BUT now punishment make debuff + with plate 19 sec fade 20 sec....make 2+2( - dark defence)
      3) suggestion on rotation and optimized the game play ( draw with paint how to move during rake) and other thing, number on rotetion in different scenario ( fast enemy and slow enemy)
      4) UTILITY dam....Ok the raven is a dps but during fade for can attack without any problem you can prepare with burning call or with Dead Crow Fall ( DCF is usefull for attack during enemy attack)

      i play raven for.....2-3 days? is good but if you view i see more thing is wrong in a guide you don't describe but suggest what is best to do for the other people noob than you....

      good play,  ( i want see sieg talk of t 5......1000000000 of information to talk.....)

      MMOsite Special Offer

        May 16, 2015 12:56 am
        I just noticed this guide was featured in the news section and I'm sitting here with my face full of WHY

        I know this probably took hours to write but why feature a guide that is heavily misleading and incomplete?

        May 16, 2015 2:39 am
        Thanks for pointing that out. If mmosite decides that quantity is more important than quality, I regret to say that any future work of mine will not be discussed through this channel.


        Dragon Nest (China)
        华中电信一区 剑气侠红

        Tempest - Tkid丶Dr·浮云
        Elestra - Sieg

        Artillery Guide
        DDN Wild Party Guide
        Youtube Channel
        Tempest Mini-Guide
        May 17, 2015 2:11 am
        Reply 13#  sieg_freedom

        If anything I would encourage everyone to flood this place with quality content so stuff like this ends in the bottom.

        May 17, 2015 7:44 am
        Reply 14#  Chocorroles

        a question the problem is a guide or a guide like this? what content need XD?

        May 18, 2015 9:33 am
        I've read the entire guide and indeed it lack details and useful information. What I don't like more is the fact that you're not only criticizing his guide but you also had to point out that he came from DN SEA. It's like some of you branded DN SEA players, all of them(us), as idiotic and should not even try to add something or even visit this site. I love the work and passion you put in making guides(seig and others), very detailed and carefully analyzed as to not confuse readers...but please, tone down on this DNSEA ***p. Criticize guides on content and content alone...dont add unnecessary side comments as to where/which server they play.

        MMOsite Special Offer

          May 18, 2015 1:10 pm
          Reply 16#  180.*.*.8

          Please give me an example where I have given a blanket statement criticizing ALL SEA players, or to discourage any SEA player from posting here.

          I merely point out it is a work from SEA because the 2 most recent guides (that I simply cannot understand the point of having them posted here) were from people who had to point out they were from SEA. I fail to see why I can't point out that fact if they choose to do so themselves. Would I even know if they were from SEA if they didn't point it out (so proudly..?)

          Xaldin's and RazorFan's guides are very nice pieces of work, do you see me addressing their guides in this manner?

          Also I find it really funny people even begin to think they have the right to curtail any "unnecessary side comments" of mine. Well no, I will comment on whatever, whenever I want because it suits me to do so. I don't give a damn about what people think. Don't like it? Don't read ^^ (Not that I feel like allowing my work to be placed on a channel which showcases sub par stuff anyway)

          There are SEA players that I like and respect, some of whom communicate with me more than others might think from the activity on this forums. However, if people feel like shaming their servers is a brilliant thing to do, I don't see why I have any reason not to give them a push ^^


          Dragon Nest (China)
          华中电信一区 剑气侠红

          Tempest - Tkid丶Dr·浮云
          Elestra - Sieg

          Artillery Guide
          DDN Wild Party Guide
          Youtube Channel
          Tempest Mini-Guide
          May 18, 2015 7:03 pm
          Reply 17#  sieg_freedom

          I feel he is referring to frezasaga's post

          May 19, 2015 1:52 am
          Feel like it's more and more out of disscussion about raven...

          Why not delete this before getting worse, Porisama said it's ok himself.


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