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DN KR 17th Dec Update: Christmas, Dark Banquet Hall

Dec 16, 2014 8:22 pm
DN KR 17th Dec Update

Dragon Nest KR releases new update on 17th Dec 2014, with content including Dark Banquet Hall and Christmas related event/decorations.

Dark Banquet Hall

Entry Requirement: Level 80
Entry Period: 17th Dec 2014 - 20th Jan 2015
Party size: 1 person
Clear Count: 1 per week
Revive: Once
Admission Ticket: None
Restriction: Mercenary, fashion skill/transformation not allowed

- Consist of 11 stages, with bosses at 4th, 7th and 11th stage.
- the stages look pretty much like the old Chaos Slit

- Each stages gives different rewards.
- Among the rewards include: 80C/B-grade stats boost talisman, Gems, 80A Dragon Jade, Gold, Dark Blessing Stone
- Dark Blessing Stone gives 1% elemental attack, phy/def mag + 1000; valid for 30 days.


As usual, the town is decorated for the occasion, with new Christmas related events. The Christmas Costume 2014 is shown in the video below.

Skill Changes

* Cannot use Ping Pong EX under mechanic mode
* Ice Pump tower/MM mode Ice Pump tower: ice resist reduction cannot be stacked.


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Dec 16, 2014 11:22 pm
I already did a write-up on Dark Banquet Hall. I'll re-post it here...

Dark Banquet Hall is REALLY FREAKING UNFAIR for most classes. I guess there's a reason why the dark stone buff is reserved for actually clearing floor 11, because I'm quite sure that as it is now, most people will fail at floor 10 or earlier. In fact, I'm pretty much convinced it's outright impossible for most classes to clear.

For starters, it's an equalized dungeon where you basically have the same stats as Heroes Battlefield. IT IS A SOLO ONLY DUNGEON.

From floor 9 and onwards, the bosses start spamming I-FRAME PIERCING BUFF AND SUMMON WIPES every 30 or so seconds. WHY IS THIS CRAP IN A SOLO ONLY DUNGEON?! They also have constantly respawning helper mobs that inflict like 100-200k damage per hit, and they usually summon like 8-12 of them. You can kill them but they'll keep coming back. They are REALLY stupid for classes that don't have good crowd control.

The buff and summon wipes are very unfair for Priests as well, literally the only reason I got past floor 9 was because I was forced to hit and run behind Consecration and Miracle Relic as I waited for heals to come off CD and rebuffed every time the boss cast a buff wipe. This is a prime example of why buff wipes in a solo dungeon are stupid - it punishes some classes far more than others, and Priests get utterly wrecked by it. Have fun reapplying 3 buffs while you have a dozen mobs trying to murder you, while their damage far outpaces your crappy heals!

Trying to engage the boss directly would get me killed because he has seemingly infinite SA and would use a 'charging aura' attack that would inflict a total of 1.5+ mil damage if I didn't run from him.

Oh yeah, you only have 1 clear a week. A failure counts as a clear.

I'd imagine the only classes that stand any chance are Bringers for obvious reasons (overpowered heals! summons that apply buffs for you! invincible offensive summons with massive AoE! Ridiculous safe-to-use burst damage when needed! AND a power tumble when the helper mobs actually catch you!), Engineers with their army of summons and super high damage, and Paladins that really know how to Stance of Faith. Everyone else just gets completely overwhelmed towards the end.

I mean, I'd imagine they'd want to make that dark buff stone rare and for clearing the whole dungeon to be an actual achievement, but they could do that without the freaking wipes and the respawning mobs that just shut out most classes. Actually, the buff wipes would be fair if we could actually break boss SA.

You can literally see all the recent design problems of the game in this dungeon: bosses with mechanics that outright invalidate player mechanics, when there's nothing the player can even do about it.


A few comments from Louvain:

The cleric in floor 11 has an uncancellable heal. You can't bring your mercenary pet with you.

Dancer: Reached floor 9
Light Fury: Reached (and failed) floor 11
Gear Master: Reached floor 7 (lrn2dodge)

My own Inquisitor reached floor 10. Floors 9/10 seem to be the wall for most people, I've only heard of Light Fury players getting to floor 11 thus far. Perhaps I'll try my Soul Eater tomorrow, but I don't expect to get past floor 9, especially if Puppet duration ends up getting nerfed there.


My own observations on stage structure, to be updated as I gather more information:

Floor 1 = ??? (I got hobgoblin generators)
Floor 2 = ??? (I got the books and mimics here)
Floor 3 = ??? (I got dark elves and orcs at Dead Man's Road)
Floor 4 = 1st chaos rift adventurers
Floor 5 = ??? (I got hobgoblin brothers)
Floor 6 = ??? (I got hobgoblin+ogre+spider at Black Sovereign Assembly)
Floor 7 = ??? (I got the bone minotaur stage)
Floor 8 = 2nd chaos rift adventurers
Floor 9 = Cultist Jacob/Protect Goddess Statue (I got Jacob, he had the ability to buff and summon wipe + resummon gargoyles)
Floor 10 = ??? (I got the two Bishops, they both can spam buff wipes + resummon rogues)
Floor 11 = 3rd chaos rift adventurers (The fact that Lou got here on her LF first try validates everything I've been saying about how that class has changed the design of future content for the worse.)

EDIT: Nevermind, the patch notes actually lists which stages show up on which floors. It's just we gotta translate that.


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- [NA] SaitoHikari (Saint) and Alilatias (Artillery), leader of <Salvation>
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    Dec 17, 2014 2:21 am
    Reply 1#  SaitoHikari

    No real reason to really bother doing it, unless the patch notes are wrong all those elemental attack talismans are time limited. What would be the point...

    Also additional 2 entry passes  per week for Dark Banquet / Citadel of Erosion (3 days pass) from Rumble Mode coins, if people really want to have another go.

    Citadel of Erosion - level limit changed to 80 (why was CDN's 80 from the start...)

    Added - VCN Source (% chance to negate 5 of VCN boss' attacks)

    Elemental Attack talisman ranges from 0.5%-1.5%

    Dark Banquet

    Floor 1
    Stage Clear - NA
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 2
    Stage Clear - NA
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 3
    Stage Clear - NA
    Rabbit - 3 Day C-Grade EA Talisman, 1 Special Grade Diamond, 1 80A Jade

    Floor 4
    Stage Clear - Gold, Alteum, 80C Talisman
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 5
    Stage Clear - Gold, Alteum, 80C Talisman
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 6
    Stage Clear - NA
    Rabbit - 7 Day High C-Grade EA Talisman, 3 Diamond, 2 Alteum, 1 80C Talisman, 2 80A Jade

    Floor 7
    Stage Clear - Gold, Alteum, 80C Talisman
    Rabbit - 7 Day High C-Grade EA Talisman, 3 Diamond, 2 Alteum, 1 80C Talisman, 2 80A Jade

    Floor 8
    Stage Clear - Gold, 2 Alteum, 2 Diamond, 1 80C Talisman, 1 80A Jade,  7 Day C-Grade EA Talisman
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 9
    Stage Clear - Gold, 2 Alteum, 2 Diamond, 1 80C Talisman, 1 80A Jade,  7 Day C-Grade EA Talisman
    Rabbit - NA

    Floor 10
    Stage Clear - NA
    Rabbit - 30 Day B-Grade EA Talisman, 5 Diamond, 5 Alteum, 1 80C Talisman, 3 80A Jade

    Floor 11
    Stage Clear - 30 Day B-Grade EA Talisman, 10 Diamond, 10 Alteum, 3 80C Talisman, 5 80A Jade, 30 Days Dark Blessing Stone
    Rabbit - NA


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    Dec 17, 2014 9:12 am

    Barbarian Perspective - Dark Banquet to Round 9


    Dragon Nest (China)
    华中电信一区 剑气侠红

    Tempest - Tkid丶Dr·浮云
    Elestra - Sieg

    Artillery Guide
    DDN Wild Party Guide
    Youtube Channel
    Tempest Mini-Guide
    Dec 17, 2014 8:22 pm
    is there any destroyer perspective? im quite curious if destroyer can handle better at that new content =))

    Dec 18, 2014 1:32 am
    My arty has no hope at this then....Solo dungeon...no merc? really?

    Dec 18, 2014 4:45 am
    what about skill balances?

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      Dec 18, 2014 6:14 am
      i wsa expecting soul eater revamp

      Dec 19, 2014 7:29 pm
      looks like this is another infinite pormido, with shorter round of stages
      might be a tough challenge for crusaders (or this is easier for guardian?)


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