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llXaldinll's Inquisitor Guide: Raid Build / Pure PVE

Oct 3, 2014 3:43 am
llXaldinll's Inquisitor Guide: Raid Build / Pure PVE

***Note:This Guide has been updated with 80 Cap Skill Build, refer to Post #3

I. Introduction
II. Roles &Considerations
III. Design
     a. Skill Build
         i. MP Passives: To Take or Not?
         ii. Shock Transition: Setting Appropriate level
     b. Skill Plates
     c. Choice of Accessories
     d. Preferred Jades
         i. Enhancement Jades
         ii. Skill Jades
IV. Skill Review:
      a. Consecration Cross & Consecration Burst
      b. 'Neo' - Mind Breaker EX
V. The Electrifying Rule / Zap Code
VI. Overall Output & Final Message
VII. Final Note
V. Acknowledgement, Credits & Resources

I. Introduction:
Bellooo~! W’zap? Oh wait... I'd like to introduce myself first:

     I'm llXaldinll - an Inquisitor (in-game & by heart) that's currently playing in DN_SEA. So... Yup! I'm not from Freedom nor cDN, though it would be an honor if i'll be with them
but considering Chaose and Sieg welcomed my work here, it's more than enough~!

     Alright so... I started playing cleric ever since 24-cap in SEA and still am! What led me to choose and play Inquisitor is Koinzell's GigaVolt (sad though, he didn't continue his Inquisitor). What caught my interest in Inquisitor class isn't the damage that i saw from GigaVolt's vids - but the skills itself (animation).. well, i suppose these details aren't that important so... yup..

     This article wasn't really planned to be posted. However, I've seen several Inquisitors who joined my guild these past few months and they were all asking questions – questions that tells how few & limited the resources are when it comes to Inquisitor branch. I’m also searching for new articles in Inquisitor Class from other servers of DN. But it seems that it IS really limited and few. So I decided to start writing again... until I didn't realized that this article had become like a guide already... so... yup! let's get to the real deal!

II. Roles and Considerations:

     I’m afraid that I have to warn you that playing Inquisitor is no joke when it comes to Nests more so in raids. Well, actually – every class is (or depends on ones POV)! So, take some time to reflect. Would you rather allow yourself to refrain from contributing DPS to the party just to drop a Cure Relic, cast Heal/Healing Relic and/or re-cast your buffs? Or you’d throw all your DPS skills on the field and heal/buff the members later on after all your DPS Skills on CD? If the latter, then I suggest you better change your gameplay or worse – stop planning to play this Inquisitor Class.

    Sure! We’re Inquisitors! We've sacrificed some support-skills to take advantage and improve our lethal lightning skills. But hey! I’d like to remind you that we’re still from Priest Branch – and its design is to support while maintaining a handsome damage output on the field.

    I can’t imagine an Inquisitor in a Raid who doesn’t utilize his relics and/or supporting skills well or in proper timing. One of our role on the field is to monitor the party’s status as well as keep the margin of error high enough while the other members are responsible too to prevent their HP going down to critical levels.

     In Raids, they’ll bring you along with them for you to support them (DPS tags along w/ it) – not to play Full-Time DPS member. If so, then they’d rather take along other class from Tier-0 DPS or Tier-1 DPS. So do your role properly! As much as possible keep the party safe. Always remember, behind a destructive party – is a wise player well versed in support! (Gears and class aside, those huge DPS output were actually made possible by a supporting member)

III. Design:

a. Skill Build

     I’ll only be posting my Pure PVE-Build ( Offensive/Support ). I actually designed this build for raid purposes. A build that compliments my gameplay in a raid by providing handsome heals & efficiency in supporting role while maintaining the offensive side unharmed by SP constraint issues.  So w/o further ado, let me show it to you...

Note: For those who can't clearly see the skill build, click here
*Disclaimer: Don’t just follow this build blindly

This skill build was designed in accordance to my way of playing,character usage, experience and how I utilize these skills I have taken and every skill per level learned has a reason behind why it was decided on that particular level.

     It is up to the reader on how he’ll make use of this build. The reader may follow it OR USE IT AS REFERENCE and create his OWN build with experience,preference & personal P.O.V. as a basis of that build. A build that was rooted from personal experience and preference is the best suited for you as a player/pilot of your character from the one that was just copied from the internet or hearsay.

     I’d like to note that most skills obtain damage boost or others would say damage peak on levels 6, 11, 16, 21.. etc. However, there are also some skills that regardless of damage peak, there’s one more factor why they were chosen to be left at particular level aside from 6,11,16,21 etc... for example:
Chain Lightning can be left at Level 16 for damage peak. But adding 1 more level to it, you can take advantage of 1 more additional lightning jump, the additional damage from Lv.17 will just be a bonus.

I wouldn't mention all skills here but just those certain skills i chose as to be the details of my Inquisitor’s build. As for the build I've shown above, my target is to squeeze every bit of DPS out of my Inquisitor during Burst Windows without jeopardizing my flexibility when it comes to support such as sudden need for immediate heal or cure or etc.


Charge Bolt:
     We’re talking about PVE here, I bet almost everyone would agree that this skill can be so unholy sometimes especially when casted at point-blank. From the cleric tree, this is the most damaging skill of all not to mention it can be casted quick enough. Downside is, you have to be in close-quarters to land it, when sometimes, a priest should be slightly away from the boss to monitor the party’s situation. One can leave it at Lv.16 or for optimum output – Lv.21.

     I don’t know what kind of priest are you if you don’t have this ... like... seriously....

Slide Step, Aerial Evade, Physical Mastery, Wake Attack:
     These passive skills aren’t supposed to be left untaken or at minimal level. Max them at all costs! Wondering about MP Passives? We’ll talk about them below


Lightning Bolt:
     It was a fine skill until the implementation of Grand Cross V2.0, a decent skill that could deal good damage in just 1.5 seconds with 10 hits and you can move the direction of the attack while casting. I decided to take away SPs from here (formerly Lv.16) in order to attain a max level Grand Cross.

Chain Lighting:
     From top and now second to Consecration-Cross. It’s a great homing skill to be honest,regardless of the target’s direction – may it be at your back, above you or beside you... it hits w/o the effort of aiming as long as within range, along with that a 3.0 coefficient. Meaning to say, the board damage (the one from Skill Description) of chain lightning deals thrice ONLY WHEN there’s 1 target.It’s a different story for moby situations. I coupled my Lv.16 Chain Lightning with +1 Skill Necklace to get the additional jump.

Blessing of Light & Striking:
     These two blessings should be at max level if you wish to gain overall optimum damage output and also to pump your Light% defense.

Protection Shell:
     There are misconceptions with regards to this skill. There are players who believe that P.Shell increases one’s Defense & Magic Defense value which isn’t true.

                "So how does it work? It says ‘Increases surrounding allies’ Physical and magic defense’ ?"

     Well, it DOES however..in a different behavior though, how? It actually reduce all the damage received upon impact/hit.

                "Does it stack with our Defense/M.Def value?"

No! It doesn’t! So let’s say... you’re supposed to be hit by a 50,000 Magic Damage. However your Inquisitor has a 70% M.def value.. and you also have Protection Shell at Level 1 that gives +9% Damage reduction. So.... it goes like this...

[ 50,000 Magic Dmg – (50,000 Mdmg x 0.70 M.Def) ] = Damage Received by M.def

[ 50,000 Magic Dmg – (35,000 Mdmg) ] = 15,000 Damage Received by M.def

But you have a Lv.1 Protection Shell active that increases def by 9% !

[ 15,000 M.Dmg – (15,000 Mdmg x 0.09 Prot. Shell) ] = Overall Damage Received

[ 15,000 M.Dmg –  1,350  ]=  13,650 Overall Magic Damage Received

     Or you can have it the other way around. But it does not add up to your P.def/M.def value.

As for me... i left it at Lv.1 because I’m an Inquisitor, and by the time i decided to be one – I already left my comfort zone besides, clerics are gifted with High Defense values!  Another thing is, parties who usually takes Inquisitor in their run are most of the time – Experienced or Advanced party.They already know what to do and already done with exploration

First Aid:
                Most people doubts this skill, where in fact it can really be a life-saver sometimes. Saved my butt for countless times already. And not to mention, its heal is dependent on your M.atk value and comes with +10% damage reduction mechanics too! (PS: It doesn’t add up to your M.def/P.def stats)

Healing Relic:
Having this at max level saves me from going panic whenever someone’s badly injured due to a heavy attack from boss and also to compensate for some M.atk loss since I pump Light% than M.atk as Inquisitor. One can choose what level his Healing Relic will be. It’s unlike any other skills that has a significant change when it comes to Lv.6/11/16etc...
HR can also be leveled in accordance to your M.atk... if a player has an enormous amount of M.atk, he has the luxury to lower his HR by few levels or more. While on the other hand, players with low m.atk could level HR higher than average to provide more heal for their team.

Cure Relic:
        Leveling this skill is case to case basis in terms of: Gold or SP. How come? Some players needs/wants their Cure to be almost permanent on the field.

So they have 2 options:
     1. Level up Cure to reduce the CD (also viable if no available skill plate slots for Cure) OR...
     2. Grab a Cool Down reduction Skill Plate for it (also viable if you don’t have enough SP and still wants a semi-perma cure)...
I left it at Lv.1 .. i can afford the extra Skill Plate slots anyway>_<

Miracle Relic:
                It’s a bit surprise actually to meet a Priest who wants to leave out Miracle Relic. Yeah,really... Having MR on the field provides you peace of mind especially when it comes to burst-windows. Your party will really appreciate it if you gave them 70% safety margin. Making it Lv.2 doesn’t really add up more Damage reduction,only damage. So leave it at Lv.1

If you have a Light Fury in the party, your MR won’t be useless. In fact you should be more alert that if the LF suddenly knocked-back or his HoC-EX was cancelled, better to apply your Miracle Relic as first aid kit for the party to avoid taking in huge damage


Shock Transition:
                Your passive skill to spread your electrocution debuff! The higher the level – the larger the area it covers! You can watch this video to see how it works:

                The sanctuary of every Inquisitor when it comes to Burst Damage! With the post-patch, it has become one of the essential buff an Inquisitor has. Consecration provides a 1-second buff that refreshes itself while the player’s inside its AOE and that buff boosts Grand Cross’ damage by 500% and Holy Burst by 300% not to mention,this skill also provides a -20% Light Debuff when the target steps on it.

                With the Non-Ex Detonate It really does crappy damage in PVE even if it has the EX version, though I can’t help myself but to take the EX version due to the casting speed of it not for damage increase. I find it really useful when it comes to breaking SA that has something to do with timing (i.e.: DDN Scorpion, AAON’s Lycan Trap, etc)

i. MP Passives:

        I was hesitant at first to drop my MP Passives (both Mental Mastery & Mind Conquer) in order for me to make Charge Bolt to Lv.21. But I have to try it in order for me to know the answer... So I took the leap of faith and dropped it and did Fel Guardian Nest and to my surprise, my MP was reduced to around 70% at the end of the nest w/o any external help from potions, items nor Bringer. So does when it comes to Raid.

Conclusion: It seems like, I don’t really burn much MP since I don’t really spam high-level skills and with the help of tons of INT points i pumped through Jades and other gears, it provided me enough amount of MP for my skills.

ii. Shock Transition (ST): Appropriate Level:

Have you ever noticed? I didn’t used the word SUGGESTED? The word seems like... an order...or an obligation, like it leaves you without an explanation why do you have to do it. So.. yeah! Let’s settle with APPROPRIATE. >_<

Leveling Shock Transition is actually a case to case basis. Before leveling your ST, you should know your answer for this question: “Are you more of a Raid-oriented Inquisitor? Or you’d rather enjoy the General PVE content such as Daily Quests,or Hatred Pirandello, etc ?”

As every Inquisitor should know – ST allows us to spread our electrocution debuff and along with that an additional 80% Magical Damage.

      Shock Trans: Raid

Most of the time when it comes to Nests and Raids, you’ll only be dealing with 1 target – The Stage Boss. So, I don’t see a need to max Shock Transition where I usually find myself at. I mean, what else is there that’s needed to be debuffed or electrocuted aside from the boss who’s alone on the field. Right

Shock Trans: General PVE

       For those Inquisitors who always in the realm of Gen. PVE, it’s still a good option to max this skill to spread the debuff and lessen the time of clearing mobs. How come? Well, ST spreads the electrocution debuff. Meaning to say, if you casted Chain Lightning, aside from it jumping or inflicting debuff to 11 Targets – it inflicts debuff to another 4 or 6 more targets with ST’s aid (& also depending how wide is your ST. It varies per level) By spreading the debuff means you also spread -15% Light debuff from CL alone. Hence, when you cast a wide-scale Light/Lightning Skill more mobs will suffer from boosted damage caused by debuff ^_^

b. Skill Plates

     Skill Plates are by far – enhancements of your Skill Build and in turn would make your game play more efficient depending on the role you would like to take on during your run (or raids in my case). Let’s say you decided to max your Heal Relic in order for you to provide sufficient heals for the party, having a Cooldown Plate for HR makes your HR’s availability more frequent, thus giving more heals in the long run.

     The same idea that applies to Chain Lightning for example, you pump your CL for it to deal more damage and have it plated for further increase of damage. However, we can only enhance 4 Skills by far, ( 7 Skills at most w/ Expansion ). So it’s crucial that we have to pick the best plates that will suit your gameplay. And with that, i meant that it also includes your skill build & character usage. Let me share mine:

With BDN in current cap ( of DN_SEA ), most stages gives/inflicts status ailments/debuffs on the party. And that is why I decided to drop my Lightning Bolt for Cure Relic. Anywhale... I began to lower the level of my Lightning Bolt anyway from Lv.16 down to Lv.6, so having it plated would make no difference.
As for Chain Lightning, well... you already know why since i used it as an example above & the same goes for Healing Relic.

“Wait, something’s off... Didn’t Inquisitors received a boost for Grand Cross? Why not plate it for more damage?”

     Good question! Let me tell you why... but first, I’d like to credit fayt08 from DN_SEA Forums for this. He actually tried it first and then when i saw it, i made a test for myself too.

I tried casting Grand Cross V.2 Lv.16 WITHOUT DMG Plate and it deals 41k non-crit per hit... and after that, i plated it and casted it again and deals the same damage. No increment wasapplied. So it’s safe to assume that the Grand Cross DMG Plate doesn’t work for the Consecration-Cross

Most probably because Grand Cross V1 and Consecration-Cross V.2 is two different entity of skill. And just a hypothesis that the DMG Plate of GC is programmed solely for the default/original form/version of Grand Cross.

Here’s a short clip I recorded to substantiate the answer since I haven’t seen fayt’s clip.

“So...What about Holy Burst V2.0? Is it not affected by DMG plate too?”

Well, to be honest. Yes. Plating Holy Burst would not affect the damage dealt by Consecration Burst ( or Holy Burst V2 ).Just as what I think with Grand Cross’ Plate – the DMG plate only affects the original version of the skill. Take a look at it here:

“So...is it a bug?”

Honestly, I can’t tell if it’s meant to be that way as a toll / price to pay for the boost or because it’s another entity of a skill. Or maybe because the skill program is not yet updated or somewhat the V2.0 of the skills are not yet linked to the plates. I don’t know .__. ?

However, with the recent statement of Saito from CC Forums: Cleric Section –he mentioned that kDN fixed the issue on the said plates that are not taking effect w/ the revamped skills. Reference Link: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/t ... t__200#entry2498634

c. Choice of Accessories:

And since we’re already talking on how to enhance the skills of our class, might as well talk about this one too –Skill Accessories in particular. So... some would think why I didn’t decide to use Moon Set Accessories nor DDN L Rings for Matk w/ Light% (well I would love to have a pair actually >_< ) but hey! One shouldn’t be derailed from his sworn role during/on raids! Why you ask? Let me tell you something...

                Skill Accessories offers more than Damage increase from stats or level added on a certain skill. You see, the value of Skill Acc is to obtain something that can’t be attained by enhancement or any improvement of a gear. Let’s say for example Chain Lightning Lv.16 jumps 10x ... having it equipped with Skill Necklace would provide you +1 Lightning Jump aside from increasing its damage through level up and INT stats. That additional jump can’t be obtained by enhance mentor equipment aside from Skill Necklace alone. (SHD Skill Plate aside) XD

And these are my Accessory Set:

·        ♠ Skill Ring: Striking – more buffs for party’s benefit
·        ♠ Skill Ring: Consecration – damage boost, for myself
·        ♠ Skill Earrings: Healing Relic – to provide more heals & to compensate for lower Matk due to Light%
·        ♠ Skill Necklace: Chain Lightning – Additional Jump & Damage increase

Though these are not just the Skills that are recommended, you may still opt to take other skills as far as your preferences are concerned, and sometimes choices of skill accessories depend heavily on the skill build and/or sometimes player’s gameplay.

And not to mention that their stats comes w/ uncommon combination that can’t be found on any ordinary rings. Just take a look at the image below for example,those with boxes.

d. Preferred Jades:

i. Enhancement Jades

     From improving our skills, let’s move on to enhancing our fabulous Inquisitor’s stats & additional features! I suppose this section should be a common knowledge when it comes to Enhancement Jades (STR/AGI/INT/VIT). I mean... who would pour STR to a Priest, right? But anyway, for those who are new in Priest Class, at least I could share some help but I would like to remind you that at the end of the day, your choice will still be the one that matters most & I’m just here to aid you along your journey.

As you can see from the image above, i decided to take Life Vitality & Intellect and of course, Light Jade for my weapon coupled with Intellect Jade. Why you ask? Have you forgotten that you are, by far, a Priest? And that means you will be there – in a raid to be the backbone of the party which means you will support them no matter what !And of course, Inquisitors shouldn’t be a malnourished support – or else,you’ll be blown away!

What I’m trying to say is, you should at least have sufficient HP and def to support the team well. What if you die? Who else is there to heal your members? To cure their ailments? Or boost their defs & atks? You are a cleric. And clerics are known to be a tough guy that comes with high HP and defenses and usually the last man standing. So live and act like one!

                Life Vitality is there to provide you HP and P.def indirectly. You can actually equip 7x – 9x Life Jade on your character. 5x on armors, 2x on Accessories, & 2x on your weapons. Yep!Weapons.

                Intellect is a must. That’s the source of our Heal amount – indirectly. From INT it converts to M.atk then Healing relic source of heal is our M.atk. but not only that, INT also provides us M.def and Mana Points.

                Wind isn’t really that recommended jade. Why? The only reason why you will put Wind on your armors is because you’re pumping Critical rate. But still NO! Why? Clerics have low base AGI. Which means, pumping AGI does not provide good amount of Critical% on your Inquisitor. You’re better off pulling those Critical values from raw ones such as Heraldry with 3rd stat Critical or Talisman w/ Critical stats or from Skill Rings.

                Light is recommended for offensive Inquisitors (well... seems like it’s quite redundant o.O? ) aaaaany whale,pumping Light% will definitely boost our damage output since most of our skills are light attribute by nature. So why not take advantage of it? The only downside is (jade-wise) our M.atk will be a bit lower compared to Saints. It’s a different story though when you have DDN Lgrade weapon/s :p

ii. Skill Jades:

     Alright!Enhancement Jades are over, let’s move on to the jades that adds feat on our precious cleric! So... what can i say about these kind of jades? Well... As far as I’ve observed, there are players who are confused on what jades to take/include for their characters. And as far as selections of jades are concerned, it comes with so many setups and/or combinations.

     What I’m trying to say is... for example, we all know that Sorceress’ P.Def is not really that high enough so some players tend to pump it through 3rd stat Vit/Def from Plates, Talismans, Stat Jades & etc. By adding ‘Adamantine Jade’, it provides a bit more P.def value or some would opt to take ‘Mending Jade’ which Heals them from time to time. So, basically – it comes down to ones preference AGAIN and only the pilot itself can identify what are the jades he would need that suits his character.

However,several players have asked me:

“Adamantine gives 20% Pdef, does that mean i can stack up to 40% or 60% or 80% Pdef?”

Which is a smart question. But before I gave the answer to him, I asked my other guild members the same question: “If you stack 2-3pcs of Adamantine Jades, does it apply additively? Or not”

My purpose is not to obtain answers, but to see how many players are there who knows or even aware of how these type of jades behave. I was surprised to learn that 70% of my members are not aware of it. So I decided to conduct and record a test for it in order to explain to them clearly (ofc, with visual aids for easier understanding).

     I decided to test the jades in Guardian Nest(Solo Mode) wearing Berlin Gears w/ an exception of Upper Armor wherein the jade which I’m testing is equipped. First, I’d like to show one jade at a time to avoid confusion.

As you can see from the clip, I’ve applied Peace (M.def+) & Adamantine (P.def+) jade in my Upper Armor and took note of the following changes.

Adamantine jade (P.def+):
► P.def Base Value: 19,558 (28%)
► P.def New Value: 23,469 (34%)
► Upon activation of Adamantine,  the increase is 20% of your 28%P.def that gives you the additional increment of +6%
►Calculation: 28% + (0.20)(28) = 34%

Peace Jade (M.def+):
►M.def Base Value: 20,987 (30%)
►M.def New Value: 25,184 (36%)
►Upon activation of Peace,  the increase is 20% of your 30%M.def thatgives you the additional increment of +6%
►Calculation: 30% + (0.20)(30) = 36%

Resistance Jade (P.def &M.def+):
►P.def / M.def Base Value: 19,558(28%) / 20,987 (30%) respectively
►Upon activation of Resistance,  the increase is 10% of your 28% P.def and ofyour 30% M.def that gives you the additional increment of +3% per defense respectively.

It is clear that the behavior of the jades in use do not add up to your base Defense value which in this case+20% Mdef/Pdef increase from the tool tip. It’s not additive, the behavior is more like multiplicative.  So... It is actually a false claim that using 3-5 pcs of Adamantine or Peace Jade would give you a Cap Def Value if ever, by the order of Lady Luck they would all proc altogether.
Now that we’ve understood their behavior, is it safe now to assume that if I stack 2pcs of Adamantine, it would give me:

☼ 37% + (0.20 1st jade)(37) = 44.4% + (0.20 2nd jade)(44.4) = 53.28% P.def ?
☼ or simply 37% + 6% from 1st jade +6% from 2nd jade?
☼ or will it be 37% + 2x Adamantine Added which is +40% of current P.def?

Let’s find out by watching this clip:

    As you can see, there’s only 1x Defense Buff that appeared and upon checking it,my P.def increased from 37% to 52%. It’s a bit huge of an increase, don’t you think? Comparing to 1x Adamantine? Which means that the two Adamantine jades do stack! However, how about their behavior? Here’s what happened:

► P.def Value is 37%
► 2x Adamantine Jade gives 20%P.def+ each total of +40%
► Calculation: 37% + (0.40)(37) =52% or 51.8% to be exact.

     Now that we saw what happened, it’s safe to assume that using the same jade/s will yield to an additive behavior, however, the application once the jade procs is still multiplicative and only the same type/name of jade can be stacked when it comes to activation.

     So...as what I’ve said, it’s really up to the player to decide which jade and how many type of jades he will use on his character. Although this is not much to discuss & I doubt if there are other Inquisitors or Priests out there who are fond of using this particular Skill Jade that can be obtained from Heroes Battle Field – the ‘Tree Of Life’ jade

     Howdoes it work? Well... it has no cooldown at the least. However, it will only activate once the caster use any healing skill/s and not by other healers in the party. The additional +15% Heal will automatically be added to the healing amount. Below, I’ve provided two short clips about the said Skill jade. The first clip shows how the heal amount from the Tree Of Life is applied and the second clip shows that T.o.L. Jade will not take effect by the influence of other healers in the party.

Let me explain what has happened through using simple math based from the first clip:

1st Heal w/ Tree of Life Jade
HP Taken: 916,556 HP
Heal amount: +31,096 &+205,537
Total = 236,633 HP

2nd Heal w/o Tree of Life Jade
HP Taken: 916,556 HP
Heal amount: +27,040 &+178,728
Total = 205,768 HP

***Tree of Life gives +15% more Heal amount BASED on the heal provided/heal output

So... if we use ToL on the 2nd heal: 205,768HP x 1.15 = 236,633 HP just the same as 1st Heal *(First video)
        Though I’m aware that not all Priests or healers have the same Point of view, there will be others who would think adding more heal is already an overkill and there are those who think otherwise.
I do respect their opinion and that’s the great thing about Dragon Nest: It makes the dedicated players think thoroughly what is needed or what is suited for their character/s. Considering the low SA value of Priests class, I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be other who would use‘Another Chance Jade’. After all, SA is also an important factor for us to successfully cast our healing spells.

[ The post was edited by llXaldinll at Jan 4, 2015 4:30 am ]

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Oct 3, 2014 3:43 am
IV.1. Skill Review: Consecration Cross & Burst

     Inquisitors had rejoiced with the recent revamp of their skills particularly “Grand Cross” and “Holy Burst”. The changes are indeed drastic to the point that almost all Inquisitors:

- had their GC at max level to the point that...
- Lightning Bolt was even considered to be lowered down just so they can max Grand Cross and Holy Burst at Lv.16 and Lv.11 respectively
- Resetting their skill builds in favor of revamp
- and also some even changed their Skill Plates
- and others changed their playing style

It’snot a bad thing actually. You can enjoy a prolonged Grand Cross that has 1-second gap before you could cast the following Consecration Cross.

     However, casting Grand Cross and Holy Burst now have become conditional or more like case-to-case basis if ever you decided to take advantage of the potential of the said skills.

                Grand Cross having its slow casting would impose danger to the caster sometimes if not properly timed (FGN’s thorn, stomp / Baopar’s stomp / etc ). So... with regards to Sieg’s article of “How to Become a good PVE player”: Timing is very important – which greatly helps not just for Inquisitor but for all classes.

Another issue for the Con-Cross is its Trajectory speed against the target’s moving speed. There are times that one should predict where will the target move and that’s where we will release GC.

Though sometimes it’s easier said than done since most Bosses right now is so mobile that you’rein luck to land 10 hits of Grand Cross on them. It’s up to the player on how he will be utilizing the speed of GC to his advantage.

Although it’s great, I’m surprised to see some players who are also Inquisitors only know so much about how greatly their skills have improved and does not actually get it(except from applying consecration before casting GC/HB). But before anything else, I would like to give the credits to Saito & HalfSugar for the numerical discussion they have provided to the community. Though I’d like to understand the numbers myself first hand... so I did mine as well.

Let’s take a look at this clip & I’d like you to take note of the damage dealt by the skills:

     As what you have seen, there’s a significant damage increase from Grand Cross V.10 to Grand Cross V2.0... but by how much? It was mentioned in the skill description that the skill will be boosted by 500% when under influence of Consecration, but how does it apply exactly? It goes like this:

► Magic Attack: 5,187 - 5,400
► Average M.atk: 5,293
► Light%: 0.00%
► Boss Defense/M.Defense: 25%**
► Grand Cross’ Hit Coefficient: 0.20 / Hit (5 hits = Full board damage)
► Holy Burst’s Hit Coefficient: 0.20 / Hit (5 Hits = Full Board Damage)

Grand Cross V1.0’s 1st 5 hits:                     Grand Cross V2.0’s 1st 5 Hits:
1st Hit: 10,021                                          1st Hit: 41,742
2nd Hit: 9,955                                           2nd Hit: 41,664
3rd Hit: 9,964                                            3rd Hit: 41,666
4th Hit: 9,975                                            4th Hit: 41,579
5th Hit: 9,947                                            5th Hit: 41,576

Holy Burst V1.0’s Full 5 hits:                       Holy Burst V2.0’s Full 5 Hits:
1st Hit: 7,385                                            1st Hit: 18,571
2nd Hit: 7,416                                           2nd Hit: 18,535
3rd Hit: 7,443                                           3rd Hit: 18,508
4th Hit: 7,400                                            4th Hit: 18,727
5th Hit: 7,369                                            5th Hit: 18,601

Here’s what happened:

[{ (Ave.M.atk) (GC’s Relative DMG) + Absolute DMG ] Skill Coefficient} = Approx Dealt Damage

[ { ( 5,293 ) ( 5.13 or 513% ) + 39,348 ] 0.20 or 1/5 } = *13,300 Damage

BUT.. we should take consideration of the target’s Defense Value as well( in this case, M.Def ) which is roughly 25%

*Damage - Damage( M.def % ) = Damage Dealt

*13,300 – 13,300 ( 0.25 or 25% ) = 9,900 Ave Damage Dealt on the target.

As you can see, it’s actually close to the value we dealt from the video clip. The same equation applies to Holy Burst as well. So, what does this mean ?

Let me explain that... 1.0 Skill Coefficient is equivalent to 1 Full Board Damage. At the same time, Grand Cross’ Skill Coefficient is 0.20 per hit. So the boost is like this:

{ [ ( Max Hit Count of GC V2.0 ) ( GC Coefficient ) ( Boost Value % ) ] [ Skill Relative Damage ] + 39,348 }

{ [ ( 20 ) ( 0.20 ) ( 5.00 or 500% ) ] [ 5.13 or 513% ] +39,348 }

{ [ 20 ] [ 5.13 or 513% ] + 39,348 } =  [ 10,260% + 786,960 ] Actual boost for the Grand Cross

     In simpler words, the 500% boost affects EVERY HIT / Every coefficient of Grand Cross and as you can see, the boost is more than meets the eye! The same equation applies to Holy Burst as well.

     We’re done with the oh-so-awesome Consecration Cross, now let’s proceed to the next mystery in Inquisitor’s Skill Tree, do you have any idea? It’s actually one of the useless skills before in PVE but it’s been a huge help in its EX form – the Mind Breaker EX !

                Alright,why did I present the MB-EX as a mysterious skill? Haven’t you been wondering how does the debuff applies or takes effect? Sure, reading from the Skill description is easy but... how EXACTLY does it behave?

2 Conditions were specified:
► -15% Light Debuff applies when you hit the target
► -15% Light Debuff applies when you electrocuted the target by the said skill (MB-EX)

     Most inquisitors/players understand it as a solid -30% Light Debuff EVERYTIME they cast it. Well, we could say that... buthow? I have two video clips that I’d like you to watch. On the first video,take note of the target’s Buff/ Debuff section (below his HP/MP Pool).

     You will notice a “Blinking Debuff” below his MP... that’s the debuff coming from Mind Breaker-EX “HIT/s”. When I say “HIT/s”, I’m talking about each and every tick of damage and/or debuff that comes and go. Basically– it refreshes the 0-Sec debuff on the target...

okay! Wait! Hold your thoughts!Watch the second video first! But wait, before that... I’d like to explain that there are TWO scenarios of how MB-EX behaves.

Case/Scenario #1: MB-EX applies -15% Light Debuff consecutively / separately. How?

MB-EX DOES NOT APPLY DEBUFF when the initial hit (release of the ball) missed the target but the “HIT/s” debuff still applies when the target is getting hit by the skill ( first -15% Light debuff per tick) and expires before MB-EX explodes, once MB-EX explodes – the skill will apply the second -15% Light Debuff.

Case / Scenario #2: MB-EX applies-15% Light Debuff from “HIT” TOGETHER w/ -15% Light Debuff from the Initial hit/contact (Target was hit onset / upon releasing of the ball).

As what you’ve read, the target SHOULD be hit upon the release of the skill and that is when the first -15%Light debuff will be applied from the release (somewhere near point Blank)coupled with another -15% Light Debuff from the “HIT/s” being received by the target.

BUT – it is still NOT -30% Light Debuff all the time.Why? Have you forgotten that the duration of Light Debuff from the “HIT/s” is only 0 Second and it refreshes per hit/tick?

IF you managed to hit the target during the short frame that it’s currently experiencing case#1 (receiving HIT debuff at the same time with INITIAL DEBUFF) then that is WHEN the -30% Light Debuff is applied.

PS: There’s a clue if you managed to get Case_1 or Case_2.When the target is electrocuted upon the release of the ball – it’s case_2.However, If the target’s color remained unchanged after releasing the ball,then that’s Case_1.

Note: During case_2, the final hit ( explosion ) of MB-EX will refresh the 'Initial Debuff' for another 9 seconds of electrocution. And yes, both 'Initial' and 'final' debuff have 9-second debuff.

Now, for the second one, I’d like you to focus on the changes of my damage.

First:I used Holy Burst w/o debuff on target
Second:I used Holy Burst w/ -15% Light Debuff on target from CL’s debuff
Third:I applied MB-EX’s -15% to -30% or 2 Layers of Light Debuff.

“Huh? Wait, 15%-30%? Are you not sure?”

     What I’m trying to say is... Do you recall what you’ve seen/noticed from the first video? The “HIT/s” debuff of MB-EX is blinking right? Which means there are short windows wherein the debuff disappears/fades. The same thing that happened to the second video...

As you may have noticed the screenshot from the 2nd Video, there are few hits from holy burst that was boosted from around 8,000 Damage to 9,800+ Damage. How did I say it?Comparing the damage dealt by HB w/o Debuff and w/ Debuff... those 9,800+ dealt damage are more superior than the previous ones.

                Question is, why are they so few? EXACTLY the point ! it’s because during that time, HB dealt its damage when MB-EX’s Initial debuff & “HIT/s” debuff is being applied on the target ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Congratulations!! You figured it out !! *clap..Cla*... umm dun tell me... O_O... ok read all over again>_< No~ just kidding ^_^

V. The Electrifying Rule/ Zap Code:
And lastly, I would like to clarify ( &update ) the graph of Light-Stacking that came from duowan.com with regards to recent update that Inquisitors received:

*Note: To that someone who created this chart, I apologize for not being able to inform you beforehand that I'll update this IMG. It's just that there was no source/name when i saw this IMG a year ago in SEA Forums.

Let me explain what are the changes I’ve made in the graph:

First, Consecration’s Debuff has increased from giving -10% Light Debuff to -20% Light Debuff as of date.

Mind Breaker EX’s Debuff has an additional debuff of-15% Light Debuff. So overall, there’s an increase of -25% Light debuff on the graph. Making the Upper Tier of Light debuff gone up to -128% Light Debuff.

Now let’s talk about the lowertier. You may have noticed that there are two cases:

(1) the debuff will be-95% Light resistance if Case – 1 of Mind Breaker EX has been applied.Otherwise,
(2) there will be a -110% Light resistance if Case – 2 of Mind Breaker EX has been applied. Basically, it’s case-to-case basis but assuming we have the perfect timing, then it sums up to -110% Light Debuff.

VI. Overall Output& Final Message:
I suppose, it’s about time for me to show the current state of Xaldin. Yeah... As you can see, my stats are not much. Though Xaldin is still subject to change since I’m not yet finished with his gears – more so with Jades.

To be honest, having high stats doesn’t prove you’re a skilled player. What’s more important is HOW you play or use your character effectively – it all comes down to Player’s Skill/s. Having an overrated gear will only lessen the difficulty of the current content. That’s one of the things I’ve learned from playing DN for almost 3 years now.

does that mean I can settle for +6?”

Basically,what I’m trying to say is that... Equipments & Stats comes second right after Player’s Skills. Though you should still pursue a quality equipments. You won’t be able to bring our Inquisitor’s potential ( DPS-wise ) if you would only settle for so-so equips.

Your gears are there to provide you a higher margin of error and lessen the difficulty of the game, but it does not exempt you from dodging! It is our party mate’s responsibility to prevent their HP from dropping to critical levels while It is our duty to keep the margin of error as high as possible and always bear in mind that a dead support cannot provide any support at all... 0.00% support.

With the suffix-system gone (old-60-cap weapons aside), then I can no longer provide an extra mile of support by using Intellect-Suffix (although I’m still keeping it) and one of the things that i was left to provide with is to polish my supporting skills which is also one of the reasons why I re-seated my Skill Plates.

This is not yet the end-product of Xaldin’s Build. There are still more things to overhaul w/ accordance to Dragon Nest SEA’s upcoming contents. Hence, this guide is still subjected to change.

VII. Final Note:

Inquisitors can only do so much in terms of damage output considering the restrictions made by their debuff duration. For an average of 7 seconds, you may need to compress most of your debuffing skills and quickly gear-shift to burst. Not to mention that there are skills which allows the debuff to be effective/applied every refresh of the debuff namely Neo MB Ex and Consecration’s.

I would like you to stick to your chosen class. Even though your class is discriminated, so what? That’s exactly what you need. Why? It gives you the chance to prove that you’re unlike any other  of your fellow classmen and you can do better than them! I have said this over and over to my guild members: “I’m an Inquisitor myself and I’ve experienced and faced the discrimination for several caps. But it didn’t stopped me from playing the Class I want. I didn’t avoid the tough road ahead – instead, I let myself experienced it. Thanks to that – I learned a lot and still learning from experience: Strengths, weaknesses, timings, appropriate choice of gears, proper judgment when choosing which stat/s to pump (case-to-case), and a lot more. I suppose these are the perks of staying with your class of choice...

This guide is not perfect and I’m well aware of that. I couldn’t possibly provide all of the things that an Inquisitor or a Priest should know. But at least, let me contribute just a little bit of something to the clergy community’s archives. As far as I’ve noticed – articles, links, threads, discussions and resources about Inquisitors are so few and limited. So I would like to add some, along with my 2 previous guides for Lv.60 and Early-Lv.70 (although they are outdated already in terms of Potential System & Skill Descriptions/mechanics) but they’re still up-to-date when it comes to ideas... so far >_<

          And one last thing: if you – my dear reader, have been an Inquisitor ever since... or stayed with your chosen class from the start and never thought to bandwagon...You have my most sincere respect and I salute you for not abandoning your class. Not because they’re OP or in demand, but you remained true to yourself and be with what you like.

      I know that most – if not ALL,classes have faced the dark days but still remained loyal to their class. I know how tough to be kicked out from a party due to your choice of class and it’s really agitating sometimes and we’d really looked like stupid if that happens because it’s a game

     but hey! – You got that intangible IRON WILL to be able to remain loyal to your class. Not all players have that, so be proud ! Don’t hesitate to go back to your Inquisitor or long-forgotten-beloved-class of yours, start proving to the community that you have the possibility to be different from your fellow (discriminated) classmen!

Once again, I appreciate your ample amount of time you spent reading this article. I hope I managed to help you in one way or another.

If you have any concerns (anything but gold), feel free to PM/Mail me in-game.... that is if you’re from WestWood too >_< .. if not, then you can leave a comment below or leave a post here.
Welp, i guess that’s it! Happy gaming!

♣◘ VIII. Acknowledgements, Credits& References: ◘ ♣

I wouldn’t like to take all the credits, there are those who deserve it too since they lend me a hand when I needed their help to substantiate my article... So... My gratitude to these following monkees in my Guild who helped me, ( I’ll give you CC on Christmas as a gift, do remind me >_< )

Ø IGN:Schefaaa (Shifa):
For picking and fixing my cover image

Ø IGN:Quicklove ( Lance ):
for being a dummy for my Mind Breaker EX’s “HIT/s” debuff test, did a recording even if he’s lagging.

Ø IGN: Xaih ( JP ):
For letting me disturb him during his dinner to test the Tree of Life Jade

Ø IGNs:KiritoNVG(Jin) & AhLiangz (Gordon Fo):
For providing feedbacks on my article

Ø IGNs:Zhouken ( Mike ) & Seraphixia( Lorenz ):
They always ask the status/progress of the guide, keeping me from stop writing.(although this guide has already been delayed for few weeks due to my work)

Ø IGN:Chloerie ( Van ) / A.K.A: VaahnEon Alexandros:
Reminded me not to overly spoonfeed in my article >_< ( so i removed some)

-For the data used in obtaining the target’s defense value:

-When we noticed the anomaly in consecration’s buff:

-Saito Hikari’s research about Grand Cross and test:

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    Oct 3, 2014 4:36 am

    80 Cap Update (DN_SEA)

    Updated on: 01/04/15 *** 8:31 PM GMT+8

    PS: this will only be a partial update with regards to the current skill build for 80 cap, since there are no 80 cap items released yet in SEA

    Uhhh.. well, I'm back again XD
    but this time for a some updates with regards to 80_Cap - particularly the Skill Build
    I actually don't have any plans yet to update my guide up until the Volcano Nest is released
    and also until I managed to at least gear myself up...

    However, there are some players who are asking me if I already have an updated guide for 80_cap or an updated Skill Build for the current cap for that matter. So I decided to update at least the Skill Build for now since SEA haven't released the current cap's nest yet.

    well then~ let's go down to the concern!
    aaaand as always - I'll be posting a 'Pure PVE' build that is designed for nesting instead of General PVE content (i.e.: DQ, dungeons, Dark Lairs, Etc)

    The Skill Builds that will be posted here are made by yours truly and designed based from experience. DO NOT COPY the build BLINDLY. It was created for reference

    [ Alternative Build ]

    It was actually my 3rd revised build for 80_cap, I'm planning to have it applied but... somehow.. I'm having another style at the back of my mind and feel like this is good but i don't think it would suit me.. So.. in the end, i arrive in the thought that this might help those who are starting to be familiar with Inquisitors or .. new to Inquisitor class.. let me explain how so....

    ***For clearer/neater view, click HERE

    So, why did I say it's a good build for fresh Inquisitors? I'll be talking about the features of the build, we'll start with:

    //Cleric branch//

    MP Passives:
    - 'Most', if not all, Priests have high MP amount or pool since our primary stat is [INT] and with that we are stacking MP pts indirectly which gives us a lot of MP to burn during nests not to mention the higher our armors's enhancement is, our MP increases along as well because of the enhancement bonus. but that's the basic, right?

    What I'm trying to say is that... you have the option to relocate the SP of your MP passives to another skill that you prefer which CANNOT be obtained from items alone.. or let's just say.. gears ...

    To those who are in need of MP, you may do the following options if you want to have:

    A. MP Mastery Lv.1 & Mind Conquer Lv.2
    - Remove [Avenging Wave] to free up 3 SPs

    B. MP Mastery Lv.1 & Mind Conquer Lv.1
    - Remove [First Aid] and lower down [Heaven's judgment] to free up 2 SPs

    for more options, feel free to ask me

    That's all for the Cleric branch, so... moving forward, let's talk about..

    //Priest Branch//

    There are a lot of things we can talk about here with regards to different variations of skill build, but let's focus on what's being shown at the moment... and I'll only be covering the notable skills..

    //Chain Lightning//:

    Recommended level: Lv. 16 or Lv.17

    Yes, 'most' skills reaches their damage peak on Lv.6/11/16/21 etc... however, as I usually mentioned from my previous guides, Chain Lightning is different... aside from damage peak, you may also want to consider the 'Jump' of the lightning.

    I made it Lv.17 for the additional jump for mobby areas, since there are nests with mobby stages (i.e: PKN, TKN, and GN, etc..) ... so.. basically, it's up to you to decide.


    Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0

    There were some players that consider this skill to be in their skill rotation, regardless if they are in a party or not. For what reason? it's the only burst damage skill we Inquisitors have! -and it honors the debuffs as well ...

    HOWEVER - the ugly truth about this .. is... it neutralizes the target, which means.. all electrocution debuff/layers on the target will be reduced to 0%.. so.. it's a conditional skill (in a sense that the target should be electrified first) and at the same time.. a 'washer' skill. which reduces the (light) party's damage output.

    So I left it at Lv.1 for utility/cancellation purposes (coupled with its EX for faster casting) just like the one from Arendel Ordeal Nest - Lycan Stage

    //Grand Cross//

    Recommended Level: Max as possible

    hmm.. should I still explain why? well.. the explanation goes from here..
    want to drop it? welp, all i can say is that you're as good as 60_cap Priest

    //Avenging Wave//

    Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0

    I've been seeing some players having trouble with the high Paralyze/Stun of the mobs starting from Anu Arendel dungeons and flinch/stagger effects from nest bosses just like in GN's poison stage and Ignacio's stage... all i can say is.. this skill helps you to recover quickly or get on your feet as soon as possible coupled with a split second iframe - as long as you won't fall to the ground or else the skill won't be activated.

    what i'm trying to say is that.. it's an escape mechanism or to repel some targets. that's all~ XD

    //First Aid//

    Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0

    Inquisitors can have utmost 2 Active Healing Skills.. which is most of the times used and/or spared for party members to support... so adding First Aid means that you'll have a self-recovery along with +10% additional Mdef/Pdef buff that lasts for 10 seconds.

    the only downside is.. it will activate on a certain rate once you're hit.. so you might think that it's kinda redundant, right? but hey~ the heal amount is dependent from your M.atk value and the damage you will receive depends on how high is your Pdef/Mdef is.. so... it's still up to you if you want to take it... it saved my butt for several times in GN before.. i must say... it's a good supportive skill especially when you're new and/or exploring the nests

    //The 3 Blessings//

    Recommended level:
    Striking - Max
    Protection Shell - personal preference -> Max
    Blessing of Light - Max

    Who doesn't love buffs?
    it's a good thing that in 80_Cap, we have enough SPs to max our 3 blessings w/o sacrificing any skills which will lower down our damage output ... sooo... TAKE IT ! max them all~!

    //Healing Relic//

    Recommended Level: As high as possible

    well... ? you're a priest first and foremost before you became an Inquisitor... any complains?

    //Miracle Relic//

    Recommended Level: Lv.1

    just leave it at Lv.1, it's taken for its buff (damage reduction and cure) not for damage

    //Heavens Judgment//

    Recommended level: Lv.1 - 2

    In this build, it was left at Lv.2 to act as additional damaging skill whenever the player wishes to do so..

    //Shock Transition//

    Recommended Level: Varies

    I kept it at Level 1 since mostly, I'm just doing Nests instead of normal dungeons
    For reasons, you may read it here


    Recommended Level: Max!

    Along with its EX Version, it became more fantastic! that would be all, thanks XD
    lol kidding~ the damage output of this skill was greatly improved! credits to its EX Version

    [ Personal Build ]

    aaand... after several revisions and derivations of my build.. I've come to my final and personal build that I would apply to Xaldin...

    The only thing I would like to inform about this .. is that.. It's much better to be played by someone with background of Inquisitor.. what I meant is.. "Character handling" .. or let's just say Seasoned player.. but of course, this build is NOT A MUST.. it's just a reference as well for the others.. but i like how this build will work out for me so... i decided to use this one

    XBuild V.8.3.2

    *** For clearer image, click here

    With regards to this build, the only difference is...

    i invested most of my SPs to Charge Bolt and my 3 Blessings by not having the Support Skills from Priest Branch and lowering and/or "changing the usage" of my Ultimate Skill: Heavenly Judgment (tho it still hurts that i made it Lv.1 )

    //Cleric Branch//

    MP Passives:
    After allocating all SPs to my chosen/preferred skills, i'm left with 2SP which led me to invest them in MP passives. that's all! XD

    //Charge Bolt//

    I pushed it to its max level for utmost potential it could provide especially on huge targets... uhh well.. just 3 words: Optimal damage output
    (skill level-wise/coefficient-wise)

    //Priest Branch//

    //Lightning Bolt//

    I still left it at Lv.6.
    Let me cover this later on~

    //Chain Lightning//

    I made the skill level of this as flexible as it could be. how?
    If ever I decided to couple it with a Skill Necklace, i'd gain +1 Lightning Jump..
    If ever I decided NOT to couple it with Skill Neck, I'd still have the Damage boost...

    so... either way, I'm good to go~ it's a playsafe option actually haaha!

    //Healing Relic//

    gawrsh.. do you even hafta ask? it's given~
    so... yup! XD you may want to backread the guide if you haven't figured out why OR maybe
    yer not yet ready to be Inquisitor
    (PS: Tho you can adjust / lower it down by 1-2 or 3 Skill Levels if you have good amount of Matk to compensate for the Healing amount )

    //Cure Relic//

    Left it at level 1 since I plated it with cooldown plate, i dont have to worry about the waiting time... unless it was cancelled during casting or has been wiped out

    //Heavens Judgment//

    This time, I'll be treating this SS as a debuff instead of a damaging skill. Yeah I know it really has a natural debuff.. but what I'm trying to say is ... I'll be treating this skill as a 'utility' skill in a sense that - to provide an additional layer of -33% light debuff instead of using it as a damaging skill

    I removed [Avenging Wave], [First Aid] and lower down by 1 level [Heavens Judgment] to make my Charge Bolt Lv.26

    Reason being... in the long run, once you managed to learn / understand how the nest works or the target moves... you won't be needing these supportive skills any longer unless for a sudden change of tide in the battle...

    what i'm trying to say is... how you gauge your experience in handling your character (i.e: dodging/ timing/ etc) along with how you react to the current stage and/or boss.

    ||   Charge Bolt Vs. Lightning Bolt   ||

    As I have mentioned earlier, I do have an option whether to invest my SPs to LB or CB...

    Here's a comparison of the two, to make it simple...

    With Lightning Bolt, it's good~ in a sense that it only takes 1.5 seconds to be casted
    not to mention it's a long range which grants you safety while casting it, and it's movable/flexible.. (you can cast it in a sweeping way or forceful way or straight cast)

    while on the other hand...

    Charge bolt requires you to be in close-quarters with the target to apply the maximum possible damage output from it, and at the same time risky to cast "IF" the caster if NOT FAMILIAR with the target's pattern, and on that note - positioning of your character or HOW YOU CAST the CB also affects the 'HITS' made by it.. I mean.. on where you are facing (with respect to the camera and target)

    Well.... I hope i somehow managed to explain the difference of both Skills..

    But i'm not saying that the one is inferior to the other... what i'm trying to say is... try to NOTICE YOUR GAMEPLAY .. and you will be able to determine which skill best works for you

    Final Note:

    Like I always say on my final notes.... that... every build has its PROs and CONs...
    Skill Build A may be suited to him but not to her because of the difference in their playstyle...

    What I'm getting at is....
    There IS NO PERFECT BUILD ... it all boils down on how well you know your character's capabilities and how you relate it to your preference/s.. at the end of the day, you're the ones who will decide your build and knows what's best.. you only need a guide to help you get to the answer you are looking for...

    Best build? it is based from your personal experience, preference, gameplay and how you want to enjoy the character or the game or both~ we're/the guides are just here to enlighten you

    May you have a zap of marvelous lightning that would lighten up your world !

    Godspeed !!

    PS: Happy New Year!
    If you do have questions, feel free to ask me here in mypage

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    Oct 3, 2014 4:40 am

    New Skill Build for 90 Cap

    Update: 10:33 AM / November 25, 2015

    Note:The progress of this article is still underway, as you noticed I haven't reached 90 yet (due to several IRL factors and commitments) however, I'll update this post every now and then together with the update of my character.

    Greetings of peace and red panties!!

    I know most of us are thrilled, excited, some may even be overwhelmed with the recent game patch in @Dragon Nest SEA.
    Some of them already planned not to sleep overnight just to grind their fabulous characters >_< However, there are also players who are lost on what to do with their skill builds. Yep, I've been receiving PMs / requests for Inquisitor Guide for Lv.90.

    While I do have my Skill Build ready, I'm yet to test it in and on the waters. Nonetheless, I'll post it soon - however, like I always remind you fellas:


    The build was designed in accordance to my gameplay. How I control and make use of my Inquisitor, is a bit different from yours, not to mention different purpose as well and his Skill Build SHOULD compliment my Item Build as well...

    While many of us were worried and/or affected by the nerfed healing skills namely Heal and Healing Relic, we tend to forget that there is another healing which we can utilize in several way - and that's none other than: First Aid !

    We're fully aware that this passive utility skill is somewhat.. 'meh' for some,
    however, let me show you its worth and/or potential.

    The board damage shown from the tool tip is actually the heal amount of First Aid which is 240% Matk and it's a self-heal.

    For those who plans on learning FA, I suggest you grabe a plate if you want to maximize its usage.
    However, which plate can we benefit the most? Reset Chance? or... + Heal Rate? Let me show you how it's done

    Disclaimer: We will have a numerical chitchat and a bit of discrepancy from time to time.
    There will be instances that the average Matk value is being used as a source of heal amount.

    Character's Magic Atk: 71,605 - 84,935 Matk
    Character's Ave. Magic Atk: 78,270 Matk

    First Aid: Reset Plate

    First Aid Activation w/o Plate, Buff, Healing Jade
    > 78,270 Matk (240% FA) = 187,848 First Aid Heal

    First Aid Activation w/ Plate & Healing Jade (Tree of Life)
    > 78,270 Matk (240% FA) = 187,848 First Aid Heal
    > 187,848 First Aid Heal (1.15 Tree of Life additional heal) = 216,025 (nearly equal to 212,384 heal)

    First Aid Activation w/ Plate, Buff & Healing Jade (Tree of Life)
    >78,270 Matk (240% FA) = 187,848 First Aid Heal
    >187,848 First Aid Heal (20% Aura Restoration Heal) = 225,417 Heal Amount
    > Nearly [225,828 Heal amount] as shown

    First Aid: Heal Rate Plate

    Character's Magic Atk: 71,605 - 84,935 Matk
    Amount of Matk that was used: 80,246 Matk (240% FA) = 192,592 Heal Amount

    First Aid Activation w/ Heal Rate Plate

    ***3% of user HP => 0.03 x 1,994,294 = 59,828.82 (59,828 HP) ***Credits goes to Lethmax for pointing out the correction in my article:
    Link: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/t ... st__60#entry2776254

    First Aid Activation w/ Heal Rate Plate + ToL Jade
    HP of 1,994,294 x 0.03 ( Heal Rate Plate ) = 59,828.82 HP Heal
    59,828.82 HP Heal x 1.15 (ToL Jade) = 68,803 Healed HP

    First Aid Activation w/ Aura Restoration + HR Plate + ToL
    ***Aura Restoration does not stack with ToL Jade
    ***HR Plate & Tree of Life Jade does not apply to the initial heal of First Aid

    >244,968 is the heal amount with A.Resto applied, while the 90k-ish extra heal comes from
    >3% (HR Plate) of 2,303,487 Max HP = 69,104 Heal Amount> 69,104 Heal Amount (1.0 + 0.20 AR) = 82,924.80 Heal Amount
    > 82,924.80 Heal Amount (1.0 + 0.15 ToL) = 95,364.36 HP Heal Amount as shown

    So.. You might be wondering,
    [indent]"Why the F**K are you showing these to me?"[/indent]
    I've already explained above that Inquisitors can barely heal themselves using Heal and Heal Relic except for First Aid. However, don't you want to take advantage or make the most out of your utility skill?

    If you're opting to grab a Reset Plate, that's pretty fine! in fact, it's a life savor in one way or another.
    Yes I know that you have to be hit first before getting healed, but will you always facetank the incoming attacks?

    Let me wrap the First Aid part:

    Reset Plate:
    Betting on RNG, Reset OCCURS ONLY DURING THE ACTIVATION of the skill. It does not occur while FA is already in cooling down process. Resetting from time to time and activates again makes up for its low heal (compare to the Heal Rate Plate)

    Heal Rate:
    You can be sure that whenever it procs, it will provide you a good amount of heal, OR... if you have favorable setup, such as: ToL + Aura Restore + Heal Rate Plate (Striking & other Matk enhancers buff aside), you'll rejuvenate in no time!

    That said, I can't tell you which one to choose - because then again, it all boils down to your preference and gameplay

    OH!!! And one last thing: The more geared you are (in terms of M.atk) the more heal you can get from F.Aid

    Now... Moving forward, I'll go downstairs for the rationale of my build.

    Charge Bolt
    I'm gonna stick still to charge bolt for obvious reasons. However, it suffers from mobile and humanoid targets (due to size). There's not much skill options to levelup anyway aside from Shield Blow or Diving Combo, or Lightning Strike.

    Holy Kick & MP Passives
    Pretty much all due to dumping of spare SPs and Kick for SA breaking purposes.

    I'll only cover the highlights of my build. Others will be up to you to find out why. I'm gonn have to admit, this is not a newbie friendly build- - - well at the least but a lil bit more than that.

    Lv.16 Lightning Bolt
    My reason why I did not max it is because - although yes, I can have the DPS boost on Lv.21, however - I don't always buy that Cash Skill Plate that adds +1 Lightning Bolt. Making it Lv19+1 from your Wand Rare/Epic Costume makes/tempts you to buy that cash plate. Basically, it's costy for me.
    Lv.15 Detonate
    Well... Obviously we will hafta use SKill Earring for +1
    Protection Shell
    C'mon, I don't buy 1 minute of my gameplay only to protect myself from incoming attacks which will be reduced by 30% for 20 seconds needless to say it costs 10SP.

    I dropped them all as you can see lmao!
    Although it will be of good use to take Cure Relic, however most debuffs are... 7-14 seconds? Can't you be a little more careful or cautious during those seconds than spend 16SP just so you can learn Cure Relic

    Shock Transition
    well.. lots of spare SP so... why not?

    Skill Plate Options
    • Consecration (CD)
    • Lightning Bolt (DMG)
    • Detonate (DMG)
    • Grand Cross (DMG)
    • First Aid ( + / % )
    • Holy Burst (DMG)
    • Chain Lightning (DMG)

    [ The post was edited by llXaldinll at Dec 27, 2015 6:46 pm ]

    Oct 4, 2014 4:28 am
    Nice guide. ^^

    One heck of a read though... Had a hard time following xD


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    Oct 4, 2014 8:34 am
    Great guide!

    Had been looking for a inqui guide for a while not being able to find anything post rework and this is just perfect, i had the same problems as you regarding how to explain light resist debuff, i myself knew how it worked but it is hard to explain it sometimes and this guide just sums up everything.

    I have to things i would like to discuss tho, first would be the -%light resist debuff cap
    -33%inqui ult
    -15%electric smite
    -15%lightning zap
    -30%mind break ex
    -15%lightning relic ex
    -20% consecration
    This is the calculation that got you to 128% right? But isnt the first part of the mind break ex, the -15% that is not electrocution, the same debuff as the general debuff skills (CB, LB, CL...)? Thus making the max 113%?

    The other thing i would like to discuss is the level 1 def buff, as far as i know defensive buffs cap at 75%, so in adition to HOC from LF, if the defensive buff is at max level, it would almost cap de defense of the raid when HOC is being channeled, so for raid consideration wouldnt it be better to max it?

    I am not main inquisitor and have not dig deep into the theorycrafting of the character so i could be wrong in both statements and maybe this post was useless but there is my 2 cents

    La-Alianza DNEU

    mobile forum
    posted via cellphone

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      Oct 4, 2014 7:20 pm
      Reply 5#  sieg_freedom

      ahehe.. I apologize for such wall of texts
      tho I really appreciate that you spared some time to read my work

      i just hope i managed to explain it clearly >_<

      Oct 4, 2014 7:21 pm
      Reply 6#  213.*.*.155

      welp, first of all - thank you for taking your time to read and to your feedback! It made me feel at least that i contributed something good to the monastery of clerics ^_^ ( and i hope you didn't get bored or felt burn-out through the article >_< )

      now onward to our concern:
      yep you are right that those skills you enumerated gave me -128% Light

      however, I just did a test if CL will overide the MB-EX's initial debuff.. and from the looks of it.. it did not because I received another value of damage from Holy Burst for about 11,189 / 11,187 Light Damage.

      Sad thing though, It looks like that video was accidentally included in my deleted vids. But if you want i can repeat the process ^_^

      the good news is, I still have the screenshot from it.

      so... yup! we're still good with 128% :p

      as for Defensive buff
      I have two answers for you in seperate idea..

      1. P.Shell in particular, one has the option to max it of course and there are Inquisitors I know who did. though in my case, i lowered it down to make way for my other skills and squeeze more damage and healing

      so.. yeah this first answer will be rooted from my preference in P.Shell alone..

      #2. Defense Buff stacking... when it comes to Defense calculation and theories/ideas.. I believe, CHaose is the right person to ask.. and.. you can check the ( what i think is the basic ) idea from himhere...

      im not sure though if the same idea still applies until today since the post was dated on 2012 XD

      Though from what i know.. it goes like this..

      Self defense applies first followed by damage reduction later on..

      suppose.. you're about to receive 1,000,000 Physical Damage

      Let's say you have 85% def cap then it becomes 150,000
      then the next one will be your ( for example ) 75% damage reduction cap from buffs and/or skills, the 150,000 damage will be reduced to 37,500 inflicted damage...


      [ The post was edited by llXaldinll at Oct 4, 2014 7:52 pm ]

      Oct 5, 2014 5:35 am

      One hell of a guide you have there. I wonder where were you when ppl asking for Inquistor guide in freedom's collection of skill build lol.


      Best friends forever~ <3

      IGN : Akemi (Physician) - Main
      Azunnie (Sniper) - Retired
      Minnie(Shooting Star) - Retired
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      Guild : Freedom
      Oct 5, 2014 6:22 pm
      Reply 9#  Azunnie

      aheheh.. >_< let me take that as a compliment.. and probably.. I was fooling around and jerking around and posting my prev guides around in DN_SEA during that tiem XD

      Oct 5, 2014 8:07 pm
      Reply 7#  llXaldinll

      It's clear, just that who this guide is targeted for is not as clear imo.

      Just my opinion, I believe that a guide that is too comprehensive can be disorienting for some players. New players, especially to a class, will find it hard to absorb too much information. From the perspective of a new player, what I would like to see in a guide is

      - Skill Build (that includes some justification, so I know it isn't some random stuff)
      - Rotations
      - Highlights of the class (you preferably want something to "hook" people in ^^)

      An example of what highlights can entail is what Half Sugar does...

      Raid players are another type of player altogether. They (should) more or less know how their skills work. It is the specifics of what your build does in the relevant raid, strategies for handling the content etc. that are of interest to such players.

      That is how I perceive it anyway (even though I can be very long-winded myself...). Imo the most important thing to do when writing a guide is

      - Consider what others need from your guide
      - Making it easy for them to find what they need

      Anything else that is of interest can always be linked to in another post so that people don't get too overwhelmed. ^^


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        Oct 5, 2014 10:33 pm
        Reply 11#  sieg_freedom

        Hmm.. you're right, to be honest - i had trouble deciding who'd be the audience/target of this article. my build is inclined to raid.. and there are times while im writing the article, there's this part of me that would also want to include the newbies as one of my readers... so probably that's one of the reason why the article doesn't seem like a solid from its title..

        and you mentioned about the specifics or purpose of my build to the current raid, is it ? hmm .. I haven't given a thought about how to put into words - i mean, how the others could utilize my build. i guess what im trying to say is that.. isn't it better if they could realize it by themselves coming from their personal builds? o.O?

        PS: I like the feedback you gave me, it taught me how to write efficiently when targeting a particular group of players ^_^

        Oct 5, 2014 11:44 pm
        Reply 12#  llXaldinll

        If people knew exactly what to do in a raid (for their class), they wouldn't need to reference a guide. An example of what I mean would be the ability to detonate cancel skills such as Poison Wall in DDN. Granted it doesn't need to be done, but how can a (Priest/Inquis) do it easier if they had to?

        For BDN, you can always discuss relic blocking at Punisher for example. (For his purple suction thingy)

        Stuff that might be of interest to some people

        - What are the challenges you faced on the class? How did you get around them?

        E.g. How do you deal with buff wiping and summon/relic clearing? Given the slower movement of the class, is there any specific tricks you use to deal with skills such as Mino's Half Moon Slash? What skills are blockable/would you recommend to be blocked? (If there is any reason to, I don't know much about the cleric class. I know Guardians can use block to get counters etc., not sure if there is any other advantage to blocking)

        Not saying that these are necessary, but from my point of view, that is what many raid players would benefit from in a guide. In the past, I was often asked to play other people's characters in a raid. I've gone in blindly on many characters before, even when I told them I didn't know how to play those classes. A quick reference then would have been of immense help. Not sure how many people are in that position though...


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        Oct 6, 2014 9:23 am
        Reply 13#  sieg_freedom

        I see... so, looks like judging from the content - it would be best to offer this article to newbies or players who aren't that familiar / still learning with their Inquisitors. Then I'll have to rename the thread into a new title that would suit general Inqui players :D on the other hand about raids, I'll hold the raid article first and get more details through testing during the raids itself. I mean what are the possible plays. Though I wonder how long will it take due to my work >_< but now that you provided me pointers and enlightened me - It piqued my interest to do so   Thanks a bunch Sieg~!

        Oct 6, 2014 10:22 am
        Reply 14#  llXaldinll

        No need to change the title lol. A raid build is a raid build. I was just thinking more about the difference between the information a player new to the class and a raid player seeks. Time is not a worry, it's better to have a guide than none. ^^ I am severely behind schedule on many things as well, but there's only so much time we can spend on playing the game xD.

        You are welcome. There's no worries on being perfect (-ly correct) imo, the point is to help people who read your guides. If there are any mistakes they can always be amended. Better to have people sharing information than none. =)


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        Feb 6, 2015 9:59 am
        Right, with there being nothing to do I decided to explore Inquis again ^^

        If you are still around, would like to get some feedback on the build I made. Contrary to most of my builds though, the focus is not on getting the maximum damage output in a raid, but more of a balanced build for all PvE content (including raids of course).

        What I need to confirm is how often people are able to use high/full hits of Charge Bolt as an Inquisitor. Well I'll start with the build first -

        My take on Charge Bolt

        - High damage, I would opt for high level CB over Lightning Bolt (don't see much of a point to getting it over 6 really) but
          - Rotation concerns
          - Cast time
          - Actual % contribution to DPS in realistic scenarios is?
          - Do we even use this with Time Acceleration?

        Left it at Level 1 as a base, but not ignoring the possibility of levelling it.

        Possible pull of SP from

        - Avenging Wave
        - First Aid
        - Dive Kick
        - Holy Kick
        - Aerial Evasion
        - Heaven's Judgment

        However I am really doubtful of it's overall contribution in PvE (someone correct me if I am wrong). Possibility of realizing CD efficiency is mission impossible. Light resist reduction is not guaranteed, and therefore aside from solo is not preferable for the full light resist reduction stack, where I am assuming the full stack to be

        Mind Breaker -> Consecration -> Chain Lightning (as CB and LB are not guaranteed) -> Grand Cross -> Holy Burst, and only after which should CB be considered. However, does CB play well with Time Acceleration? (I don't know, it seems like there are other things to focus on to me...)

        Level 6 Holy Kick (EX)

        - Honestly I would have liked dual kick plates, but I don't think Inquis can afford those slots.
        - Gives SA Break for content that require it (like soloing Typhoon Hell, or that boxes stage in Monopoly etc.)
        - I find it more effective than CB in dungeons against mobs
        - Kind of useful for VN/VCN Stage 2, since with our mobility, pushing the Lava Golem in earlier is important if we want to get back to the action asap
        - Would drop for a full raid build

        Level 1 Block

        - Getting to like it, helps when my connection isn't stable when facing some blockable stomps
        - 3 blocks just nice for Triple Stomp when I am feeling lazy...
        - Could probably drop for a full raid build

        MP Recovery

        - Tempted to get at least 1/1 in the MP passives after HoC MP nerf
        - RDN P1 second boss reduces MP upon failure to dodge stomp

        Lightning Bolt

        - Honestly don't see the point of going above 6, since CB is better DPS and LB resist reduction is not guaranteed making it low priority

        Chain Lightning

        - Max because I have the SP, also one of my DMG plated skills

        Heaven's Judgment

        - Max because I have the SP, don't really have an inclination for such long channelling skills though in today's content...

        Holy Burst

        - I don't like the idea of tech necklace for Holy Burst, it seals away the use of S/L necklace for Crit and restricts our options on a not that important skill. I would just leave it at 6 if HB had to be teched from 10->11 really...

        First Aid / Avenging Wave

        - More for general PvE
        - Would remove for a full raid build
        - Just because I have the SP and more utility is always good

        Cure Relic

        - When it comes to Cure Relic, the main consideration people point out is SP v.s. -CD plate. Since most Inquis (I think) will have Level 16/Max Chain Lightning and Grand Cross, where else would they invest the SP for a skill that is going to make the difference? Let us say that the SP is invested into Lightning Bolt, which is most likely not plated and not having a high contribution to overall DPS - why not just max Cure Relic and save a plate slot for proper damage skills?
        - When it comes to Inquis I really think my plate slot is more valuable than 4SP.

        Detonate EX

        - Breaking mechanics is technically abuse, but I think most DN veterans know the importance of "just in case"
        - Inclined to pick it up, but awaiting further conclusions with CB usage/potential in case I need the SP

        Skill Plates

        Consecration -CD
        Grand Cross +DMG (Heal Relic -CD)
        Chain Lightning +DMG
        Heal -CD (Holy Burst -CD)

        I prefer Heal over Heal Relic at the moment. Heal Relic just dies too fast, and the heal doesn't occur fast enough to me. With the Tree of Life Jade, the burst heal from Cleric's Heal is quite significant imo, sufficient enough to help people survive till a further heal (Miracle of Chakra, another Cleric [Crusader] Heal, our own Heal Relic) is available to top up the HP.

        For exploration, the abuse of Grand Cross is much less likely, I would swap it with Heal Relic -CD in that case. For general PvE, especially when you play with people who don't really need heals (optionally: from you), I would plate Holy Burst.

        Any thoughts on this build? ^^ For the remaining SP the general plan is 2 into Detonate EX, 2 into the MP passives, 5 into Charge Bolt or Toughness.


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          Feb 8, 2015 10:54 pm
          Reply 16#  sieg_freedom

          hi there again ^_^

          sorry if my reply is late, im having issues with my ISP for 4 days now and it keeps me from going online
          let alone stay inside DN for more than 2 mins =="

          that aside, i guess ill proceed to address the concern..

          hmm ..
          one thing im not sure is... how others treat Charge Bolt..
          i mean.. i could guess most would pump CB to meet 45 SP and alongside it would be to use in their rotation

          as for rotation concern, it fits perfectly imo since we only have lmited # of offensive skills that deals decent damage.. while the casting time would pretty much be okay - i mean.. it wouldnt cause any
          delay (take up much time) whenever there's a small dps window.. the only issue comes on the actual usage in DPS scenarios... the damage doesn't seem to be fair if casted on a thin target (like the lizard in stage 1 VN &/or Prof.K in Stage 2 VN). so basically, it's more useful on larger targets.

          SEA just recently received VN few weeks ago, and i've only step foot on it once in Abyss mode...
          So I havent took note of CB's damge on the current nest not to mention im having DC issues due to my ISP (in w/c i get DC every 2-3 mins) .. so i guess I couldnt answer this question in accurate detail..

          taking into consideration the Time Accel, i don't get to use it that much because having a Consecration CD plate... pretty much you could release 3 Grand Crosses consecutively (everytime GC is off CD)
          MB EX (before TA) > CL > Consec > GC > CL > GC > Consec

          pretty much, during TA - my rotation is only focused on Consec and GC and CL is casted in between

          and the only skill that guarantees electrocution would be CL, CB has a lesser chance of inflicting debuff compared to LB.

          When it comes to utility, Holy Kick is much preferred. just like what you've said - it's of great use in VN/VCN. Tho i think even w/o Action Speed plate for HK would be alright ( im not sure about the time alloted for pushing in VCN, SEA doesnt have it yet) and of course, the SA is truly considerable knowing the Inqui doesn;t have much skills with SA break values

          As for Block, well i guess that could be optional since im doing fine with jumping, altho sometimes im getting caught offguard T__T ... and also having Lv1:1 MP Passives is good enough.. I tried VN w/o these and darn it took me forever to clear it due to restricted usage of skills ( and thanks for the heads up regarding RDN ! ^^ )

          Now as for Priest Skills..

          Yup, you're right about LB, it has a fix # of hits anyway so.. that's another restriction to improve the damage..

          while on Heavens Judgment.. it would be your option to have it max
          right now, im using it to act as a layer of debuff to further boost GC while traveling.. especially on Phoenix stage (during.. the time when it uses flame thrower or whenever it's idle when a member got that huge red circle debuff like the poison hook in GN)

          and don't worry about the Holy Burst because we can cap it at Lv11 w/o Tech Necklace. so we still have the freedom to use an Lgrade Necklace for crit

          you have a great point in Cure Relic, considering the content of DN wherein most would eliminate summons, it's pretty handy to have a short cd of Cure and/or if the relic have not been dropped in a timely manner. So investing SP is, i think, most efficient than using a Skill Slot

          altho in my part, i used up all my SP on Charge bolt leaving me on a Lv1 Cure T__T so i resorted to Cure Plate

          I'm not sure in cDN if the GC and HB plates are working perfectly whenever you cast the V2.0 of these skills.. but in SEA, it's currently bugged. The +20% damage increase does not apply on GC and/or HB whenever we're under Consec's buff... so... if cDN and DNSEA are on the same boat, I suggest not to have it yet.

          Consec Plate is good since it goes well with your GC's cd, and CL and Heal CD is a great choice as well!
          Healing Relic i think would boil down to the user's preference, since like what you've said (and what Ive experienced) there are jus too many mechanics that wipes summons or renders summoned units useless =( (sometiems if not timed correctly )

          I doubt Toughness would be of use if you'll take it, i jsut couldnt give myself to throw 5Sp for 10% Dmg reduction that's exclusive for Patk =(

          overall, the build you shared interests me - not all inquisitors goes on a different build or would like to try a new build.

          PS: Ill update my answer once i could go online with stable internet connection and once i got free time from work XD , i just hope i managed to answer some questions and/or share/point some useful ideas

          Feb 9, 2015 4:26 am
          Reply 17#  llXaldinll

          Scold your ISP xD

          I am not convinced by an extremely high level of Charge Bolt after trying Inquisitor. I understand that its damage is good, but I see no indicator that it contributes a high% of DPS output to the extent dumping of dumping so much SP in it over utility. When I  say rotation I mainly refer to Time Acceleration and priority, where the latter makes it very unlikely that CB will ever reach CD efficiency.

          That's why I stated my build wasn't for maximum DPS output. but more for overall PvE considering the utility skills the SP is distributed in. ^^

          Casting time isn't that long, but it still leaves me quite vulnerable imo... don't think I can cancel out of it either.

          And yep, I reached the same conclusion for TA, so CB's efficiency is greatly reduced for burst with TA.

          I didn't mean I wanted the action speed plates for kicking the Lava Golem, I was considering the smoothness of playing the class. Feels like I would enjoy the class much more if I could equip both the plates, but I'll never have the slots available = ="

          I'm comfortable with jumping, I guess I just got used to being lazy when I go on my Guardian xD

          All mode skills have their DMG plates working 1 patch before the Ripper revamp reached CDN.

          It's not so much that I need Toughness, but it's a consideration for 5SP I guess. I could dump them into CB or Holy Kick or even MP Regen. Wouldn't make much of a difference to the emphasis of my build.

          The main difference in my build compared to most is afaik

          - Dropping CB levels
          - Getting Holy Kick EX
          - Max Cure Relic

          Of which maximum DPS potential is sacrificed for greater overall utility, which I am inclined to think is worthwhile considering what I expect from CB's overall contribution % to DPS, since we won't even bother with it under TA.

          Thanks a lot ^^


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          Feb 9, 2015 6:41 pm
          Reply 18#  sieg_freedom

          I've already called and shared my frustration and scolded them - they disconnected me >_< hahaha
          tho it's workingdays now so.. i guess it's fine until friday not to fuss over it.

          anyhow, i think i should be the one thanking~
          with those questions thrown, i was able to look at the class from another angle I havent tried before.
          so, my gratitude to you :p

          hehehe.. and sorry, i was assuming that you're getting AS plate for the HK.
          Thinking about utility, with regards to the pointers you have
          i guess your design would feel lighter to use - i mean.. with the skills you've chosen,
          from the looks of it it gives me the feel of a well-rounded inqui

          i just hope the plates in SEA would affect the mode skills soon tho, but yeah during TA
          CB isn't used that often

          and yer much welcome~
          i'd like to hear more thoughts from you when you get the hang of Inqui already :D


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