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Assassin Damage Charts

Sep 20, 2013 4:09 pm
Some things before I post the charts. The names I took can be found in reference 1 and the coefficient of each skill in reference 2.

About those charts:
Physical attack is 25000
Enemies defence is 15790, which is slightly above 23% damage reduction. All lv70 nest bosses have this defence.
Max level for each skill, except for Mortal Blow and Rain Drop, those are calculated with skill earring for lv16.
Ravens dark atk% is 10% due to their lv65 passive. Rippers fire atk% is 30% due to their lv65 passive and lv6 Arsonist.
Mortal Blow and Cripple Punisher are calculated with 0% fire in the Raven charts. Rain Drop and The End are calculated with 0% dark in the Ripper charts.
Applause coefficient is 1 for non EX and 1,3 for EX.
Damage shown is not critical, if you want to know these values multiply the numbers with 2.
CDF is Crooking Dead Fall.
CTC effect is not calculated in any of those charts. Not sure if this is even possible.
Did not include Burning Call, Access Chain or Recieve Edge from Chaser tree.
Damage is calculated with the assumtion that every hit hits the target, which is not always possible with skills like Fan of Edge, its damage and DPS value could be lower.

Raven damage:

Raven DPS:

Ripper damage:

Ripper DPS:

If something is wrong point it out and I'll change it. Damage / casting time will be added later when I'm lv70. Should be all I think.

1. http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130626/Assassin_Skills_Description_updated_detailed_skill_data-51cabcf089c348813-1.html

[ The post was edited by Dyhakys at Jan 28, 2014 1:50 pm ]

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Totally +300 Points 

1 The_Only_7 +300 Points 2013-09-21 19:15:32 Thanks for sharing!  


Dragon Nest CN
Server: 华中电信一区
IGN: Azure
Class: Smasher

Dragon Nest EU
IGN: Gielen, Ykime, _theBlue
Class: Guardian, Sentinel, Obscuria

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Sep 20, 2013 8:24 pm
You got ahead of me XD I was going to do this, and well in the study of CTC if you study them on the DMG/CD case charging 3 have the same DPS than only charging 1 the difference is when you study DMG/CT but everything is good I think. As an extra for people that reads this take in mind that this numbers are not something that you should follow to a full extent because there are a lot of factors that get in the way like player's ability and in the case of DMG/CD that usually spamming an skill just when it's CD is over isn't a real consideration but this can help in some kind of deep studies of the class :3

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    Sep 21, 2013 11:38 pm
    How does applause change if you account for double hitting, or the occasional triple hit?

    Sep 22, 2013 12:09 am
    Reply 2#  Azryel Ipse

    With a coefficient of 2 for non EX and 2,3 for EX:

    Raven Damage: Slightly above Punishment EX
    Raven DPS: Above Rake EX with 47k.

    Ripper Damage: Slightly above Rake, but below 500k.
    Ripper DPS: Btween Artful Chaser and Shift Blow EX.

    With the triple hit:

    Raven Damage: Damage above Rake EX.
    Raven DPS: Highest DPS value with 67k.

    Ripper Damage: Slightly above Fan of Edge.
    Ripper DPS: 2nd highest value with 55k.


    Dragon Nest CN
    Server: 华中电信一区
    Guild: FREEDOM
    IGN: Azure
    Class: Smasher

    Dragon Nest EU
    IGN: Gielen, Ykime, _theBlue
    Class: Guardian, Sentinel, Obscuria
    Sep 22, 2013 10:44 am
    Would be great if you could merge the DPS/damage charts instead of breaking them by classes.

    Sep 22, 2013 9:26 pm
    Dyhakys, you mind if I use those charts in my video about ripper/raven? ofc I'll credit you. I'll post the video here when I finish ^^

    Sep 25, 2013 4:28 am
    Here's the video I used your charts in:

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      Sep 25, 2013 5:50 am
      Reply 6#  firebound12

      With the stacked boxes for Rain Drop and Mortal Blow you made a mistake. You put lv1 on top of max lv skills, which makes the DPS wrong.E.g. the Raven DPS chart. Rain Drop lv1 DPS is ~12k, yet at the 2nd use it is ~31k instead of ~24k.

      And Izuna Drop has no iframes, your hit box is just too high for most skills to hit you.

      Sorry to say that, but the debuffs from Applause and Punishment are overrated. Those reduce the defence of a boss, and each -10% is equivalent to a 2,3% drop in their defence reduction (if we use the defence of all lv70 nest bosses which is 15790), which is barely notable and in my opinion a waste of SP since we need 15 SP for Punishment, atleast as a Ripper.

      Lastly, Fade short buff duration is not a problem, it is used for burst damage.
      As a Ripper you can use Fan of Edge, Artful Chaser and Izuna Drop in its duration. The cd for Fade is 20 sec, same as for Artful Chaser, Izuna Drop has a cd of 24 sec which is barely longer and Fan of Edge can be used once more before the buff is ready again.
      As a Raven you can use your whole ultimate during Fade's duration, or I don't know how many other of your normal skills in it (I only play a Ripper so far, therefore I don't know which skills you can use to optimize your damage as a Raven).

      I prefer a ~33% damage increase for my strongest skills (yes it is not 35% since it goes directly into your patk) instead of some weak lv1 skills.


      Dragon Nest CN
      Server: 华中电信一区
      Guild: FREEDOM
      IGN: Azure
      Class: Smasher

      Dragon Nest EU
      IGN: Gielen, Ykime, _theBlue
      Class: Guardian, Sentinel, Obscuria
      Sep 25, 2013 5:56 pm
      Reply 7#  Dyhakys

      Tnx for the reply ^^.

      Are you sure you didn't misread my boxes? I used the max lvl rain drop/mortal blow, not the lvl1 bar. I just copied pasted the full bar (blue and red) 3 times. That means a lvl1 rain drop will do 12k once, and 24k for 2 uses. A lvl15 (I assume that's the max lvl in ur chart) rain drop will do ~19k, and at the 2nd use it'll be ~38k.

      Izuna drop have iframes, I can show you videos of it if you want. People think it doesn't have an iframe because you can get hit at the beginning and end animation. However, izuna's iframe is ONLY around the peak of the ascend. It has 1 non-iframe "evade" at the end when he's sitting. In other words, when you're sitting after izuna, it's a 1 time evade where you back off after activation. You will get hit in that "evade" if the enemy hits you multiple times at the same time. It's just a matter of skill to use it correctly.

      I'm curious, how did you get to your 2,3%? In any case, you don't really need punishment if you don't want it.

      with the 14SP you spent on maxing fade, you could spend it on maxing another skill that will do more dmg overall than boosting 33% of your strongest skills... that's what I believe. But then we might have to do some really long calculation to confirm that. In your chart, maxing rake or just open edge as ripper could have been an option. Will it fare better than Fade's +33% +FoE+AC+ID? I dunno but I would like to know too.

      Granted, if you don't spend SP on the raven tree, might as well spent it on fade because that's the only other option that will boost your dps. So I do understand your opinion on maxing Fade.

      When we get some real numbers, I'll add your thoughts in my video ^^.

      Sep 25, 2013 8:31 pm
      Reply 8#  firebound12

      I'm no awesome Chaser player, but the basics of Dragon Nest are pretty much the same always...

      Def is translated to % damage reduction

      DMG * (1 - original % damage reduction) = original damage taken (A)
      DMG * (1 - new % damage reduction (after debuff)) = new damage taken (B)

      (B-A)/A is very low when most bosses don't have significantly high def. This depends on enemy to enemy.

      There are 2 major reasons imo not to invest SP into the Raven tree as a Ripper

      - 1. For people who want to optimize damage with -def, they will definitely prefer Raven (since they get an additional 10%). Since this is a lost cause based on the class, there is no reason to compete in this area at all, particularly given the low returns in most scenarios.

      - 2. The SP investment just doesn't justify the DPS return. 15SP for a bunch of low damage skills, and a -% def that has a low increase in damage output for most scenarios just doesn't cut it. They do not benefit from your own Arsonist, not to mention those who stack fire % even more. The damage loss should be quite significant.

      I have to agree totally with Azure on Fade. There is hardly any need to do any form of calculation at all to know why we should get Fade. There are 2 key guidelines that are applicable for most content

      1. If 2 options yield a similar/equivalent level of DPS, the option that does it in a more passive manner should be prioritized.
      2. The ability to deal burst damage > sustained for most classes. That's because most classes are unable to ignore mechanics with i-frames consistently. The shorter the DPS windows are, the more time you have for your (burst) skills to cooldown.

      (3. There's Time Acceleration and Spirit Boost windows in a party too....)

      The general flow of a battle revolves around 3 processes, damage dealing, evasion, and stage mechanics. While it is stylistic to keep up sustained DPS, it is in truth more taxing on the player, particularly when there is no apparent advantage to keeping up the sustained DPS if you have a stronger burst option. Just think of Fade as the equivalent of Brave and Sylph's Aid.

      Why burst is preferred shouldn't need to be mentioned. Having a short burst damage option is always useful when you face DPS stages and lack just that little bit of power to clear it. The only thing I don't like about Fade is the animation, it does waste a bit of time. 5s is far longer than most people think, especially when you start facing buff clearing mechanics such as Sand Bind in DDN, or extremely short DPS windows such as at Sand Worm. Even in Guardian Nest, that Fel Guardian with extreme mobility coupled with i-frames will make longer lasting skills redundant in many cases. Basically, Fade's advantage in boosting DPS is definitely more significant than what many people (seem to) think so far.


      Dragon Nest (China)
      华中电信一区 剑气侠红

      Tempest - Tkid丶Dr·浮云
      Elestra - Sieg

      Artillery Guide
      DDN Wild Party Guide
      Youtube Channel
      Tempest Mini-Guide
      Sep 25, 2013 9:23 pm
      Reply 8#  firebound12

      2.3% is derived from 23% def reduction% of 70 nest bosses, is the semi-permanent 2.3% gain for the party worth the 15sp spent?

      Assuming that 4 members with the same atk relative to Ripper can each use 5 skills worth ~2100% each skill(in average) during a 10 second span

      2100% * 4 * 5 * 0.023 = ~966%

      Including >10 second cooldowns and (2100% for 5 skills in average is unrealistic anyway), the value would be lower.

      Fade has a 4 second(-1 from casting animation) window to cast skills, Artful Chaser->Fan of Edge/Izuna Drop EX is a big boost, not to mention the potential to expand the skill chain during SB and optimal rotation's damage gain during TA.

      %Gain SUM(Artful Chaser+Fan of Edge w/ Fade) = ~1650%
      %Gain SUM(Artful Chaser+Izuna Drop EX w/ Fade) = ~1630%

      **Results from Artful Chaser/Izuna Drop would be even higher if we include Elemental Atk%(w/ boost from Arsonist or Elemental Aura)

      As fade's gain looks more stable to me(because the cooldowns are relatively close), IMO, I don't think getting punishment is worth the 15sp.


      Dragon Nest CN

      Dragon Nest SEA HolyWood(My friends aren't playing anymore so I'll be inactive)
      Sep 26, 2013 4:47 am
      Reply 10#  majinken21

      ohhh tnx for your numbers and valid points.

      Is that also the reason why iron wall and tent are not as popular? Like in raid only 1 person needs it, and all the other dps should prioritize dmg.

      So basically everyone is saying that the debuff will not be the reason why raids take on assassins, but more for their dmg.

      with the burst dmg, that mean it gives more reason for dedicated crow... but at the same time we don't have dps windows that big. And that action speed increase is also a much better option for ripper than dmg plates.

      I think that eyedentity should make it so that fade's buff apply after the animation, not at the beginning. I also hope that they fix the fade bug where the buff wouldn't trigger sometimes...

      Fade gives 2x more dmg overall than 4 party member combined extradmg in the -def debuff duration... And in raids it'll be equal. However, as you said with ele%, getting fade will just be better.
      So a pure ripper build would look similar to this: http://i.imgur.com/hagBmiq.jpg ?Pure raven would look similar to this: http://i.imgur.com/CN2NKPU.jpg .
      P.S: izuna drop don't have an iframe... i got hit by DDN worm at the peak of izuna QAQ

      [ The post was edited by firebound12 at Sep 26, 2013 7:48 am ]

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        Sep 26, 2013 6:36 am
        Reply 11#  firebound12

        For Iron Wall and Tent, that's because the effect doesn't stack, AND L weapons are generally way stronger than suffixed A weapons, one debuff weapon is enough. Yes, the Chasers are being taken for DPS mainly. (and dedicated crow)

        Not sure for action speed vs damage options, I'm not well versed enough in Chasers to make that call. ^^


        Dragon Nest (China)
        华中电信一区 剑气侠红

        Tempest - Tkid丶Dr·浮云
        Elestra - Sieg

        Artillery Guide
        DDN Wild Party Guide
        Youtube Channel
        Tempest Mini-Guide
        Sep 27, 2013 3:35 am
        I don't have that much clue about other Ripper skills' DPS but yeah PVE Raven's tree looks like that.

        Seeing as people say Ripper skills cannot be tumble-cancelled, I'd pretty much prefer action-speed over damage plate for survival.


        Dragon Nest CN

        Dragon Nest SEA HolyWood(My friends aren't playing anymore so I'll be inactive)
        Sep 30, 2013 5:11 am
        [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130920/Assassin_Damage_Charts-523cd5a620b829413-1.html#p523e979cb07846]3#[/url] [i]Dyhakys[/i][/b] [br] [br]Thanks.

        So as a ripper, if you can at least double-hit with applause (which isn't very difficult on large bosses), then it seems worthwhile to max this skill, given you don't go down any further in the raven tree. I love the fast animation and burst of this skill.

        Oct 2, 2013 7:06 pm
        Reply 14#  Azryel Ipse

        it's actually harder to do the extra hit on large boss, unless they move their body a lot. As long as you're not sacrificing your main ripper skills and lvl11 fade, then you can technically go for a high lvl applause. But I'm pretty sure ripper don't have enough points to max applause (can only get it at lvl6 :/, unless you sacrifice SP from ripper tree)

        Oct 2, 2013 8:24 pm

        It's possible to get a Lv16 Applause w/o sacrificing that much SP from Ripper skill..

        Assassin Tree: (45 SP usage)
        Lv21 Fan of edge, Lv1 raid, Lv1 aerial evasion, max tumble, Lv1 Clog, Max HP , Lv1 Mp, Max mp recovery and Lv1 Feint.

        Chase Tree: (119 SP usage)
        Lv11 Fade, Lv1 Receive Edge ,Lv16 Swift Blow, Lv16 Camoflage,Lv1 Blade Runner, Lv11 Mortal Blow (For the 3 CTC counter), Lv13 Izuna Drop, both mobility skills (Access chain n the other one), Max Crow Ability, Lv1 Burning Call (can still come in handy) , Lv1 Open Edge lastly Lv16 Applause.

        Didn't get Heal skill (it requires timing n knowledge on mobs magic attacks) and drop Blade runner to Lv1 because i really don't like it. The first Hit misses a lot and you lose the extra dmge and EX aoe. I prefer Camoflage, it has good dmge(nearly the same as blade runner) + low cd (6secs Lv16) you can already use 2x compared to blade runner in 13secs cd. And Applause is a better than blade runner for me, higher dmge + -10% debuff (though it's only 10% but it still buffs up the ripper skills a bit).

        Ripper Tree: (23 SP usage)
        Max everything

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          Oct 3, 2013 5:47 pm
          Reply 16#  120.*.*.76

          i like this - basically my build right now

          Nov 2, 2013 7:34 am
          Quote: Originally Posted by firebound12 at Sep 25, 2013 4:28 am
          Here's the video I used your charts in:

          I looked at your modified chart on Ripper's Rain Drop & Mortal Blow CTC burst (or is it DPS?) . Do you also take assumption that Rippers fire atk is 40% and 0% for the dark elemental attack?

          Also got some questions for everyone :
          - Does Lv16 of Mortal Blow/Rain drop increases CTC count to 3? Or it stays as 2 just like they are in Lv11? Or do I get it wrong?
          1. I saw your recommendation of skill plates for Ripper : Action Speed for Artful Chaser & Shift Blow. What is the other alternative to Action Speed for these 2 skills?
          2 For ripper, again, what would you recommend if I were to use plate extension slots x3 other than Izuna Drop damage and Camouflage damage ?
          3. What is the type of tech accessories for :
          - Dedicate Crow, Mortal Blow, Rain Drop -> Earring is it?
          - Fade -> ?
          - Artful Chaser -> ?
          - Arsonist -> ?
          - Shift Blow/Camouflage/Izuna Drop -> ?
          - Fan of Edge ->

          4. Currently, what would be the _optimal_ fire attack amount a ripper would have? And where do they come from?

          Nov 2, 2013 7:58 pm
          [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130920/Assassin_Damage_Charts-523cd5a620b829413-1.html#p52750d892d5cd3]18#[/url] [i]fourrier[/i][/b] [br] [br]
          The counter is still the same as Lv11 (The counter shows 2; max is casting it 3x)

          1. The other Skilll Plate Option for those two skills is Damage +20%. Based on my experience, with the action speed it feels a lot safer to deal damage especially Artful Chaser which is Ripper's Main DPS Skill and able to cast it together with Izuna Drop + Fan of Edge while in Fade. For Swift Blow, it's the same due to survability and the fact that you can't cancel/tumble out of swift blow unless you right click to do the charged blow. So its better to be able to deal damage faster than deal more dmge and risk getting hit. *note You can cancel/tumble out Artful Chaser*

          2. For skill plates, you could choose:
          - [b]Swift Blow[/b] 50% ASP
          - [b]Artful Chaser [/b]50% ASP
          - Crippler Punisher: Duration +20%; CD reduce 20%
          - [b]Arsonist[/b]: Duration +20%
          - Applause : Dmge +20% (Depends on your build, In mine i have Lv16 Applause i took sp from Blade Runner *it sucks*)

          The ones Bolded are a Must. Aside from Izuna Drop n P Camouflage Dmge.

          3. Necklace: Arsonist, Crooking Dead Fall, Dedicate Shadow

          Earring : Rain Drop, Mortal Blow, Dedicate Crow, Fade, Fan of Edge

          Ring: Umbra, Artful Chaser, Lv16, 55, 60, 70 skills for both branches

          4. Common/Easy way to build up Fire Atk.

          Without Arsonist Buff, 41% fire Attack (8.05% x4 Fire Jade, 2x Brillaint rings - 4% , OCL 5%).
          With Arsonist, that's already 71% Fire Attack (74.5% w/ skill acee) with Elemental Aura (Paladin) nearly 100% Fire Atk.


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