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Cash-Spending Guide and How to Buy Gold (Updated with Images)

Jun 30, 2013 9:50 am
Hello everyone :D This is just a mini-guide, or actually just a few suggestions on how to spend real-life cash on the game to buy in-game stuff. I often see guildies asking in chat the ways where one can buy gold/ cash points (CC, 点卷) in game. Having only started playing this game about 3 months ago, I know how hard it is to enjoy the game without spending any cash (the vicious cycle of no gold = no gear = kicked from all parties = no ways to farm gold = no gear).

Since there are simply too many ways to buy gold/cash, and differs amongst regions/different parts of the world, I shall just go through the steps I make as a Singaporean, using SGD as currency. I will show the few methods which I have tried before and consider using. All gold/cash exchange rates or any values I use in calculations are taken from their respective sources as of 30th June 2013  ~8pm.

What you can buy using real life cash:
1) Cash points (CC, 点卷), which can then be used to:
         a) Be spent as cash in the cash shop (buy jellies, exp scroll, costumes…)
         b) Be converted into gold.
2) Gold

The more common type of conversion is option 1, buy CC (cash points) then convert them into in-game gold.

Where to buy the cheapest CC?

From this post: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130206/cDN_Registration_Guide_General_FAQ_Account_Safety-511234949a880ca13-1.html
We know that there are 2 sites for buying CC: Offgamers and seagm. I am a silver member for both of these sites, and these are the rates:

100RMB (10k CC) = $23.58 (4.24RMB per $1)
50RMB = $11.77 (4.24RMB per $1)
30RMB = $6.86 (4.37RMB per $1)

Surprisingly, buying 30RMB gives the most value ._. For me, buying from offgamers requires the use of a debit card or credit card, hence incurring a further tax cost of [2.31% + 1.08USD]. Thus, RMB per dollar drops below 4.37.

For a list of offgamers payment methods: http://kb.offgamers.com/en/category/payment-option/

100RMB (10k CC) = $21.03 (4.76RMB per $1)

For seagm, there is an option to pay via internet banking transfer, which lets me pay tax free! So RMB per dollar stays the same, much higher than that from offgamer. Please note that if you do not pay via internet banking transfer, taxes apply too. Check before spending!!

Also, the payment process involves an interaction with some of the staff on duty (i name them the cashiers) in a mini on-site chatroom before the entire transaction can be completed. It usually does not take a long time (after one or two times, you will know what info they need and can just provide them with it at the start of the convo), maybe 5-10 minutes while they check whether your payment has been made, before your purchased card codes appear in your control panel. I'm not sure whether this is mandatory for card/paypal payment though.

That's not to say offgamers process the orders at a faster speed, since there is also a notable processing time, sometimes taking even longer as you have to keep refreshing the page in hope that the code has now been given to you. However, offgamers does allow charging up of offgamers store credits, which you can do so beforehand. By charging more at once, the credit card usage tax is spread over a larger amount. This method also offers a small amount of discount/rebate (get extra 5% store credits on top of what you buy), so regular offgamers customers should consider using this charge-up.

For a list of seagm payment methods: http://www.seagm.com/pay/account

Note: Always consider the tax into your expenditure, as it is not negligible! If you buy a small amount of cash at a time, the ratio of the amount you spent on tax will be larger. Try to plan ahead and buy more at one time, unless you really can't afford or want to ration :/

What's the best way to turn the CC into gold?

Method 1: In-game cash-gold auction house

This is the small panel that can be accessed via the even smaller G+ panel. Here, you can buy CC with RMB and buy gold with CC. As of now, the rate is 0.5206 CC for 1g, meaning that by using up all my 10k CC, I will get 19208g in return. This is a rough estimate, since the lowest seller might not be buying 10k CC, but rather, 2k CC. Thus, you will have to buy from the next lowest seller to spend your remaining 8k CC, whose rates might be higher than the previous seller's. To keep it simple, we assume all our CC sold in 1 transaction.

10000 CC = 19208g = $21.03
$1 = 913.36g

(images uploaded hours after the previously stated time of info gathering, rates have changed..)

Pros of using this AH:
- Instant processing, gold bought appears in inventory instantly.
- Managed by SD, cannot get cheated by cheaters.
- No tax involved.

- Few people use it compared to other mediums or cash-gold exchange, thus market rate is not very responsive. (can be good also)
- If there are too few sellers sometimes and you have a lot of CC to exchange, the rate turns steep very quickly.

Method 2: Dragon Coins and the marketplace

This method is quite popular, and is also the first method I used when I first started. Simply hit F11 in game, scroll through the first page of "hot" items, find the package (named "心灵礼包") containing 1000 LB (dragon coins) voucher with free cash hp/mp pots (60 each), buy it for 1000 CC, and you are ready to go. Simply go to the marketplace, check the lowest price of this 1000 LB dragon coin ticket, list your vouchers at a little lower than that current price, and wait. Demand is usually high and it should get sold pretty quickly. If it doesn’t get sold within half and hr, go check cos you have been undercut!

However, take note that the marketplace has taxes involved. To list an item, you first have to pay 1% of the listed price. If it gets sold, another 3% will be deducted. If you have the marketplace coupon (cash item that allows unlimited weekly listings), the listing price will be waived, but not the 3% "goods sold tax". Hence at this point in time:

1000 LB voucher = (2130g (selling price) x 0.96) = 2044.8g = $21.03
$1 = 972.33g

Pros of using dragon coins:
- A lot of people deal with dragon coin coupons, so rate is very accurate in showing market trends (or when there is a gold bug).
- High rate, best if you know what timings they sell best at. If you are not in urgent need of gold, you can even price higher than what you see and hope they sell over time (300 LB coupons have highest rate, but sell much slower).

- Tedious… 10k CC requires you to buy 10 packages, then list them one by one. And since they need some time to get sold, there's delay. If you are urgently in need of the gold (BLUE TATTOO SELLING FOR 5K WTS!), most probably you're gonna cry if you use this method. Best not to sell all 10 at once at the same price too, sell in batches of 3-5, further adding to the delay.
- Tax involved. You need to undercut others by quite an amount sometimes to ensure yours get sold immediately before many others undercut you. If you fail to sell during the first listing, subsequent listing fees will add up T.T

As I said, there should be many other ways to turn CC into gold, but in my case, I listed these 2 that I consider easy to use. They are just examples to show how to decide on which method to use at any given time, so feel free to do your own calculations with other methods of your own.

Buying gold, straightaway

Any player who has spent enough time in DNCN must have come across these 4 numbers: 5173. It's a platform for players to trade gold, items, accounts and stuff via a website. It's safe. However, to get 5173 credits, you need to have access to some China banks or some other ways of cash charging, which I did not bother with. 5173 cards are sold on seagm, which is again, easy and tax-free for me. They are priced higher than the exchange rates, $12.50 for 50RMB. But what makes it worth considering is the RMB to gold exchange rate on 5173 (0.3% postage tax is incurred by buyer). As of now:

100RMB = $25
Gold sold at 1RMB = 250g
100RMB = (25000 x 0.997) = 24925g
$1 = 997g

Pros of using 5173:
- Very good exchange rate, even through the costly top-up card, gold per $ is still highest.
- Quite fast, depending on seller (I have encountered waits of as short as 2+ minutes, and as long as an hour).
- Best choice if you are buying gold in bulk. One transaction is all that is needed to turn all those cash into gold.
- Most of them are guaranteed to be safe, if the seller delivers later than the stipulated 20 min, the system gives you a few RMB as compensation (I got 3RMB for that exceptionally long wait ^^).

- Better for users who understand Chinese, unless you know the process inside out.
- No matter how safe it is, you will endure some heart-thumping while waiting for the seller to mail you the gold.
- Sometimes the lowest seller sells in quirky amounts like 75 RMB for 18750g. As you can only charge in certain bulks at a time due to the nature of cash cards, there will sometimes be leftover value in your account. Therefore, i usually choose offers of nice numbers. For instance, even though the top offer in the screenshot above is at 251.47g per RMB, I did not buy that. Also, since i had a budget of 300RMB in my account, I proceeded to buy from a seller that is listed below all of these offers: one who sold gold at 250g per RMB for 300RMB.

- To charge the 5173 card, choose 5917 card in cash-charging page.
- Be careful! Filter by server, then arrange by decreasing rates to have a clear view of the best offers.
- Choose the ones with a 20 mins at the last column. They are hassle-free (normally gold will be mailed to you), while the others require a lot of extra work like phone calls or whatnot. I label them as the scammers :3
- Very rarely do they ask to pass you the gold personally by trading. If they do, they will ask to meet at some deserted channel like pvp map channel 4.
- Really, if you do not understand Chinese, think carefully before using this method!

That is about all for now ^^ If you have better tips about how to convert cash to gold, please share it here as well :D I, for one, am still new and would like to learn better ways to increase the value of my cash! Lastly, I hope this thread is abit of help to fellow DNCN players who are still unsure about spending cash :)

For a demonstration of how to exchange gold for CC: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130630/Just_Another_Day_of_Cashing_Updated_with_Images-51d061d0edcf19113-1.html#p51d2aba58da3fe

[ The post was edited by Brushy at Mar 15, 2014 7:46 am ]

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Jun 30, 2013 9:57 am
Epic "Oh my god!!" at rates now. You are tempting me to update my CDN client and resume playing =.=

I want my 60L weapons!! =(
Nice guide by the way, very useful information for cashers.


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MMOsite Special Offer

    Jun 30, 2013 10:00 am
    what about the other way around?
    if i have excessive gold i want to convert into cash points, is there an easy way?

    (i've been trading with the help of some chinese friends, but it's not always convenient to bother someone for your benefit)

    Jun 30, 2013 10:19 am
    Reply 2#  perfecti

    the in-game auction house allows you to do that. in addition to selling CC to get gold, you can sell gold to get CC as well. it is simply the reverse of the example i gave. if i bought 1k gold for 500 cc using that auction house from another player, that 1k gold must have come from that player, and my 500cc will go to him.

    i have not tried this though, and i do not know what the rates are like. another obvious way to do that would be to sell gold on 5173, get the 5173 credits in RMB, then spend that RMB to buy CC from the sellers there.


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    Jun 30, 2013 10:27 am
    Reply 3#  Brushy

    err.. i'm getting lost in terms.
    i'm not talking about DC(dragon coins or whatever it's called), i'm talking about cash points(RMB?), which can be spent on buying a costume, diamond eggs and whatnot.

    i know there's some kind of auction in game via G+ but it's kinda hard to understand what's going on there since i don't know chinese. is that it?

    Jun 30, 2013 10:30 am
    Reply 1#  sieg_freedom

    lol :DD i originally wanted to abstain from spending anymore until 70 comes or beyond... but srsly the rates now are high becos of more gold bugs (think they will be removed soon), and i eventually decided to spend first and get more gold while it's cheap ._.

    if not next time will regret one, when 1RMB = 150g ...
    or less....


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    Jun 30, 2013 10:34 am
    Reply 4#  perfecti

    i have attached an image of the auction house, the 1st image u see in the main post. the CC u get by selling gold via this method is NOT dragon coin. It is legit CC (cash points) that can be used to buy costumes and other stuff in the cash shop, but i heard they CANNOT BE SOLD back into gold again via the auction house.

    as i said, i have not used it personally so i am not 100% sure. but last i heard and read, the cash points obtained via this method can be used in groupon events as per usual cash points.


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    顽拒坦克车: 70 Tempest
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    MMOsite Special Offer

      Jun 30, 2013 10:36 am
      Reply 6#  Brushy

      oh, there was no this picture when i first read through. weird.
      thanks, i'll try this.

      (too sleepy)

      Jun 30, 2013 10:39 am
      Reply 7#  perfecti

      they were uploaded after the post was sent, so early readers would have missed them D:

      good luck!


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      Jul 2, 2013 3:29 am
      To Sell Gold to Get Some CC

      Let's say... one day you have too much gold in the pocket and the exchange rate from gold to cash is very high. Or maybe you lack just a small amount of CC before you can buy that crucial 30 more jellies to get your +10, and being too lazy to charge cash for that, you are puzzled if you can use some of your spare gold for that.
      *It is rumored that CC obtained via this G+ option cannot be used for Groupon purchases!

      Here, I shall attempt to sell gold for CC via the in-game auction-house, which is the exact same one that I use in the main post.

      Note: The images were not captured at exactly the same time so do not mind the discrepancy in values and rates from picture to picture. Simply take note of the steps involved and the descriptions ^^ Also, image comes first, then the text explaining that image can be found below it.

      Access the auction-house using the usual method. Check the current lowest price displayed on the home page (0.4638).

      Go to the circled button and enter the page to list gold for sale.

      In the listing page:
      A: Amount of gold you want to put for sale, lowest amount being 1000g.
      B: Unit price for gold in CC/gold, highest unit price being 1CC/gold. Key in a value that is lower than the lowest price you saw on the home page (assuming you want the CC urgently).
      C: Listing price. This value automatically shows up after you enter the unit price. Lowest possible listing price being 500CC, highest being 50000CC.
      D: Confirmation button.

      The notice below states that gold will be sold and you will receive cash points for use in Dragon Nest CN only. A maximum of 3 gold sales can be listed at any one time. Also, there is tax involved. 5% of the CC you priced will be deducted after the transaction has been done, meaning you will receive only 95% of the price you listed!

      This shows that your offer has already been listed, click the button to continue.

      Click on the circled button shown to arrive at the "My Current Sales" page. It shows what items you are currently selling.

      In this page:
      A: Name of item.
      B: Amount for sale.
      C: Unit price.
      D: Price.
      E: Handling fee.
      F: Click here to retrieve the amount of gold you put on sale for this offer. No tax will be charged.

      Go back to the home page, and you will see your offer, with it's purchase button greyed out.

      Lol. By the time I finished the above steps I have been undercut. So to ensure that I get my CC quickly, I relist at an even lower rate ._.

      When your goods are sold, a notification appears in the auction-house page.

      Click to go to the messages page. Tells me that my gold has been sold.

      Click on the title of the message and you will see the details of that order.

      The CC has already been credited into your account! Simply go check by pressing F11 in-game. Note that the amount you receive is 95% of what you priced due to the tax.

      That's all you need to do to sell some extra gold :) I believe there are other ways in changing gold to cash points, but to me, this method seems rather straightforward. Do correct me if some of the details end up to be wrong, or if some of the explanations are unclear ^^

      [ The post was edited by Brushy at Jul 30, 2013 4:27 am ]


      Moonlight Blade 大地飞鹰 (凤凰集)
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      Dragon Nest CN 华中一 (雷霆之怒/剑气侠虹) (Freedom)
      Brushy: 80 Saleana
      顽拒坦克车: 70 Tempest
      冰廊魅: 60 Elestra

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      冰廊魅: 45 Force Master

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      Sep 30, 2013 2:47 pm
      I believe you can buy cash with on the in-game auction with gold(tab below buying gold with cash). How would one go one about doing this since when I tried a box popped up and I don't understand chinese.

      Nov 7, 2013 1:59 pm
      nice and very detailed! really happy when reading this guide.

      MMOsite Special Offer

        Nov 11, 2013 6:46 pm
        Is there a video on how to cash up with paypal?

        Jan 31, 2014 4:08 pm
        Don't understand , can't i cash by "Cash-U" or " OneCard "  ? or mobile(arab) ..? :(

        i need CC so hard can't buy rare costume by DC :(

        Apr 24, 2014 7:49 pm
        Hello, mind me asking about the cash equipment. Are light/dark weapons can be transfer via cash storage?

        Jun 6, 2014 11:39 am
        errr want to ask is it quite impossible for someone who nvr put cash and less time to spam ...to earn gold...>>

        Jun 30, 2014 3:36 am
        How can i exchange my RM points for CC, i bought the code, but i don't know how to put the CC on my account

        MMOsite Special Offer

          Jul 16, 2014 12:40 am
          i need help.i have no credit card.i need top-up card like cherry credit.how do i get them?my country dont sell cdn top-up card

          Jul 27, 2015 2:53 am
          i bough a code from seagm ~ where i can put it in my acc :| ?
          and 100 yuan is how much CC ?

          [ The post was edited by yanesatsuki at Jul 27, 2015 3:13 am ]

          Nov 10, 2015 9:30 pm
          where to put code? i bought a card from offgamers, how do i get CC?


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