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[Guide] Full Elemental Alchemist by Sakasen

Apr 24, 2012 3:31 pm

Full Elemental Alchemist von Sakasen steht unter einer CreativeCommons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell-Weitergabe unter gleichenBedingungen 3.0 Unported Lizenz.

Now witht he new Release of Academic and the hardly avaible overview over those ton of new skills, i decided to write an Guide about Academic. This includes only one Skillbuild atm, i'll add more if i get any good tips - Well this Build is for DPS-Purposes, a big focus is to clear dungeon fast and effectionentlyFor Itemchoice, Heraldychoice they use nearly the same like Force User/Elemental Lord - focus on matk or Elementaldmg. Lets get into it, what you need to become an Full Elemental Alchemist!


To avoid Misunderstanding for the Skillanmes, i prepared some screenshots witht he name of the skills:

Academic Tree:

Quick Shot - Fires three shots, damage is depending on your Mainweapon (Cannon=Patk; Kabala=Matk). Damage is okay, could be better and should be used if you don't got any other Skills left.

Air Shot - Basically a Normal Attack with Pusheffect - Damage is Physical, so nothign for Alchemists.

Spanner Smash - ...

Magnifier Attack - Hits an Enemy on the Ground - rather useless in PvE.

Million Weight Hammer - Beats an stunned Enemy into the Air and Knockdowns him - rather useless in PvE.

Napalm Bomb - An Fireattack, that lits your Enemies into Fire - Patk-based, nothing for Alchemists.

Air Bomb - a Shot to the Ground while in Air with a small backpusheffect.

Dodge - ....

Force Out - Very Shortranged Pushattack, good for breaking Barriers and good in PvP.

Stun Grenade - A Grenade that has a fixed 70% Stun Chance

Wax - Eaxes an area before you, giving 4s Speedbuff to your Alies and a % of Enemies to slip=knockdown

Circle Bomb - Quickly standing up while causing an small explosion, has a small i-frame.

Summon Alfredo - Summons a Robot which follows you, rather uselesss for Academic.
Alfredo Recalls - Summons your Robot immedialty next to you

Bubble Bubble - This Skill has two Effects, if it hits an Enemy, it will root the Enemy for 2.5s, if it hits an Ally, it grants a Shield. Notice that Bubble Bubble can give more than one Shield if you hit more than 1 Ally! Great Supportskill at max Level, left at LvL1 due SP Constaint.

Aerial Evasion - ...

Auto Dispenser - Gives out Buffitems(eg. Attack+30%) every 5s, consist 30s

Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer - Max HP, MP and MP-Regeneration, max out MP+MP-Regeneration since Alchemist has an big MP-Consumption!

Alchemist Tree

Magma Punch - Small Fireattack in front of you, which knocks Enemies into the Air. Low CD, spammable, with the EX-Version a bigger AOE and higher Damage. Use Left-Click immediatly to activate Icing Punch.

Magma Wall - Summons a Walls, that explodes after a few Seconds and causing Firedamage. Those Walls can be used to block anything for a short Time.

Magma Wave - Explosion before you, Damage dependendon amount of Bubbles, 3 Bubbles give 50% Damageincrease and 2.5m increased Range, 5 Bubbles give 100% Damageincrease and 3m increased Range. High Damage and high Matk-amp(335% at LvL 1) has to insane Range with 5 Bubbles.

Elemental Bubble Charging - Gives an extra Bubble if you using Flame/Ice Skills.

Icicle Expression(Icicle Explosion in the picture -> wrong Name) - Adeptultimate, slows down Enemies by 50% for 10s and the Damage and Range is affected by the Amount of Bubbles spent. 3= 4m, 40% ; 5= 5m, 80%. Has an AoE around you, the range can be compared with Elestra Blizzard Ultimate.

Summon Slime - Summons an Slime, that can use 4 Different Skills(Magicattk, Fireattk, Iceattk, Poisonattk). The Skills that are used by the Slime is dependend on the number of Bubbles you spent for Summoning. One Big Thing to notice is that the Damage of Slime is fixed dependend on your Matk, the Damage shown is the Damage on the Enemies hit while Summoning.
Sacrifice - Sacrifice the Slime(Slime explodes) and grant a Heal over Time(60s) in a short Area around you. With 90s CD rare Usage. Currently bugged in DN Sea.

Icing punch - Punching Enemies in front of you with a Ice Fist, leftclick to immediatly use Magma Punch.

Icing Mass - Throws an Ice Bomb, which reduces cold resist and speed. can be compared with Icy Shards from EL(keepds Enemies knockdowned!), having an small damage over time area.

Ice Palm - Summons a Great Ice Hand for 13s, that smacks Nearby Enemies. Needs LvL5 for Elemental Bubble Charging, imo too much for this Skill as Prerequisite.

Eureka - Each Bubble attained will increase the Damage by 1.5% and reduce physical and magical Damage by 1.5%. Nice passive!

Coc.ktail - Grant a Buff for 90s dependend on the Amount of Bubbles spent. 2 Bubbles grant x% additional Power(str/dmg?), AGI, INT, 4 Buffs gives increased Healing by x% and 6 Buffs gives reduced Cooldownreduction by x%. Notice that the higher Buff includes the lower Buffs! If you spent 6 Bubbles you will have all 3 Buffs!

Poison Charging - Small sucktion effect, flying with the sucked Enemy into the Air while dealing Poisondamage and knocking them down. Notice Dodge will be reset when using this Skill -> Can be used to travel faster, but keep you MP in Mind, since it Alchemist has a big MP-Consumption.
Can be combined with Poison Break, Icing Mass/Disease or Icing Punch+Magma Punch.

Mixed Infection - Summons a huge Bubble, that is thrown at your Enemy. Hit Enemies have 10% reduced Speed High Matk-amp(393% at LvL1!) Have an great SA-Destruction.

Injector - Dahes a bit forward and doing an hit your Enemy. Heals yourself with a % of the Damage, the EX-Version grant Heals for all! Notice that Dass is not required to damage, just left-click immediatly after using the Skill to skip the Dash. Has the only Lightattk amp for Alchemist.

Disease - Throws a Poison Bomb at your Enemy and causing Poison-State on hitted Enemies. Should be combined with Poison Break.

Poison Break - Throws a Bomb beneath you, causing an big AOE. Damage can be boost with Bubbles, 3 gives 50% and 5 gives 100% Damageboost. High Matk-dmp(392% at LvL1) and rather short CD with 21s. Need poisoned Enemies to deal Damage, use Disease or Poison Charge in Combination to activate this Skill.

Chemical Bubble Charging - Adds an extra Bubble for every Poisonskill used.

Hypnosis - Use Inector and immediatly rightclick to dodge and activate an an sleepgas at your Place of Use.

Poison Pool - Ultimate, Damage can be boosted with Bubbles(3=50%, 5=100%). Summons some Poison Pools in front of you, while infecting Enemies with a Poison.

Skillbuild for Adept & Physician at Cap 24

The First Steps to learn to play with your Alchemist, learn to use Magma Punch+Icing Punch in Combination with Poison Charging. Already leveling and grabbing prerequisites for Next Cap. In the Academic Tree you max out Wax and get the other Skills exept Alfredo, which isn't skilled due Lac of SP in the later Levels(no Skillreset needed!). Air Bomb and Circle Bomb is added for Utility.

Adept Skillbuild

Skillbuild for Adept at Cap 32

In the Academic Tree you basically leveling some Skills and max out Wax.
In the Alchemist Tree you going for Magma Wave, Poison Break and Mixed Infection, those are huge Damage Skills. In Order to learn Elemental Bubble Charging you leave Cocktail at Level 1.

Skillbuild for Adept at Cap 35

Just a friendly reminder why not maxing Cocktail at this Cap - get Elemental Bubble Charging...

for Adept at Cap 40

The Academic Tree has quite many SP left for Cap 50(No Skillreset) - however you can decide to max out Bubble Bubble for an great Support Effect
and use your Skillreset at Level 45.The Alchemist Tree covers all the important Skills: Icicle Expression as your Ultimate, Level 3(max) Poison Break and Magmawave. In order to max out these Skills you leave out Hypnosis and decrease Cocktail by 1 Level(to LvL5). The simply Reason is that Hypnosis may have an Dodging Effect, however the Sleep Effect shouldn't harm the Bosses at Nests. Another Thing is, that I am not a Friend of Dodging Skills if you focus more on Damaging and PvE. An Alternative would be to leave Magmawave and Poison Break in min. LvL and max out Cocktail+grabbing Hypnosis, but its up to you to decide what you are going to pick.

for Adept at Cap 50

In the Academic Tree you max out Wax and grab the other Utility Skills.
In the Alchemist Tree you have max out Cokctail, Poison Break, Magma Wave and Magma Punch. For Hypnosis Fans they can delevel Magma Punch by 1 (to LvL11) and Poison Charging by 2 (to LvL 3), however its up to you.
In the Adept Tree everything to maxed, plenty of SP :3

Physician Skillbuild

Skillbuild for Physician at Cap 32

Basically you grab both 32 Skills for Damage and Utility Purposes and leave out Eureka for maxed Cocktail, what should be the Purpose of an Support Physician.

Skillbuild for Physician at Cap 35

Friendly Reminder to grab Chemical Bubble Charging at this Point...Skillbuild for Physician at Cap 40

Grab your Ultimate, learn Hynosis and max out Cocktail - there is not much Room for Variety for an Support Physician.Skillbuild for Physician at Cap 50

Finally you are able to grab Injector Ex, which provides an great Heal everytime you use it on your Team! Maxed Sacrifice and Injector for Support Purposes.
[unfinished] OTHER Skillbuilds will be added in the Future...

Crest & Suffixes & Potentials

For Statcrests i would suggest to grab:

  • Magician Plate – Magicdamage
  • Wise Plate – INT
  • Fatal Plate – Crit
  • Wind Plate – AGI
  • Life Vitality – max HP
  • Vitality – VIT

The last two Slots(or more in other Versions) should be filled with the Aspect of Focussing either in PvP or PvM. The First one is for PvP and the Second one for PvM.

  • Shining Plate – Phy. Def
  • Tent Plate – Mag. Def

  • Blessed Plate - Critresistance
  • Ultimate Plate – Final Damage

Notice since Alchemist has an huge Manaconsumption you could consider Manaregen!

For Suffix i suggest to craft:
  •   Knight in Loops
  •   Intellect in Kabala
  •   HP in Upper and Lower Body as well as in Gloves and Shoes.
  •   Mana in Hairstyle

  •   Intellect in both Weapons
  •   Lack of Crit → Wind in Armor, otherwise Intellect
  •   Lack of Survivability → Grab HP, amount depends on own Preference(1,2,3,4 Pieces)
        For Armor i suggest:
        For Weapons i suggest:
        For Necklace and Earringsi suggest:
        For Rings i suggest:
        Magicattk+Crit / INT+FireAttk+IceAttk / DarkAttk

For Skillheraldies i suggest to get:
  •   Magma Wall - 20% Damage
  •   Summon Slime - 12% Cooldown(Damage increases only the impact of Summoning!!!)
  •   Poison Break - 20% Damage
  •   Magma Wave - 20% Damage

Q&A :

What are the Skill you focussed on?

Magma Wave, Poison Break, Magma Punch, Mixed Infection - Those are the big DPS-Skills of Alchemist, the Builds i provided are focussing on thiese Skills.

What did you sacrificed for those?

Of course you cannot max out all your DPS-Skills without any sacrifices. The Sacrifice is the SlimeHeal, i feel that for DPS you need to do you job right, the job of healing relies to support lachemists or Priest, your's is it to deal the maxiumum Damage with your Keyspells.
Another Thing i dislike is Ice Palm, it blocks your Sight, but People say its rather usefull. Well its up to you to grab it or not.

Should you get Alfredo? Many Alchemist doesn't get him.
Until Cap 50 you can decide to pick him, since you got plenty of SP left in the Academic Tree. However in Cap 50 it will change due SP-Constaint in the Academic Tree. Alfredo is not a have to in the hand, but its rather helpful. I got Confirmation that Alfredo can be used as Substitute for Electric Ogre in Apocalypse Nest - Its up to you to get him or not.

The Gear is pretty expensive, how should i equip myself?

The first Thing to notice is that only EPIC Gear needs the new Gem, untill you get Mantiset you should stick with RARE Weapons, they only need Agate and can easily be reverted with Revertcodes you get all long. This will enables you to get Matk+Crit, the problem is, that there aren't many Weapon in the Market out yet - Basically you could go Weaponhunting and earn quite a lot of Money. I think for the start +8 Weapons for your Level should be alright to finish of the Dungeons fast enough.(Low Revertcubes from BH, Crystal Codes from Theme Park).

Alchemist has 3 Elements in their Skillbuild. Which one should i focus on?

The Easiest Elementattack to obtain is Darkattk, however this is the Element that is most resisted! The one that is rarely resisted is Fireattk, so grabbing this is an have to! At this Point you can decide to grab Iceattack or Darkattk if you are able to get Double Elemental DAmage on your Rings or Weapons. Darkattack is the one i would suggest with Fireattack, since you got Poison Charge, Mixed Infection, Disease and Poison Break, in Addition the Matkamp of your Slime for Poison is at 300%! In Total thats 5 Skills versus the Iceside with Icing Punch, Icing Mass and Ice Palm, in addition to the Slime Iceattack thats 4 Skills. Well, its up to you which one you pick, but i would suggest Fireattack+Darkattack.


Basically thats all i have to say at the Moment - i need to get an more familiar Way with the Skills, so i will keep updating you when i got new Informations. Thanks for Reading and i hoep you leave Comments below how i could improve this Guide.

[ The post was edited by Sakasen at May 1, 2012 1:42 pm ]

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Apr 24, 2012 3:37 pm
Saka I suggest you go get ice ultimate instead of the poison because your going adept... getting the posion is completely useless unless your getting for faster phantom build up.

Also I suggest just putting 1 point into slime cause that shitz is op when is attacking.

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    Apr 24, 2012 3:52 pm
    By grabbing Ice Ultimate at Cap 40 you going to use up 30 SP for Ice Flame - thats what i wanted to avoid. The Slime mya is OP, but you will have to sacrifice your maxed Skills for it. I'm not a Fan or having LvL1 Things instead of Maxed Skills, the T4-Update emphasizes the maxing of certain Skills. This is just the first build though, i think an alternative would be to lower Poison Charging to LvL 5 and grab that slime. Thanks for the Suggestion.


    Apr 24, 2012 4:03 pm
    Ice ultimate is definitely stronger and I think most would be a bit surprised by the damage that Ice Flame can do.

    Biggest thing is the slime, did you know the slime can freeze the opponent? And poison them (Better for Poison break) that is a huge blow to your utility. Adept aren't going to be the best DPSers and putting an added skill point into a skill doesn't mean to much in T3, though at T4...

    Bottom Line, I think you should consider Slime : D


    American- Level 50 Gear Master
    Fear - Level 50 Seleana
    Masochism- Level 50 Crusader
    Sadism- Level 50 Inquisitor
    Peace- Level 4x Adept
    Apr 24, 2012 5:17 pm
    Poison charging is the poison dodge, and you don't have it maxed like you said.

    I can see why you don't want to spend a lot of SP into ice hand, but he is actually pretty useful, and in T4 he only gets stronger. Slime lvl one is definitely worth it imo, because of the dmg and the freezing he does. The fire/ice alchemy passive required to get icicle explosion is really useful, as it allows faster buildup of phantoms, because there are more fire/ice skills than poison skills.


    Apr 24, 2012 5:36 pm
    Quote: Originally Posted by Sakasen at Apr 24, 2012 3:52 pmBy grabbing Ice Ultimate at Cap 40 you going to use up 30 SP for Ice Flame - thats what i wanted to avoid. The Slime mya is OP, but you will have to sacrifice your maxed Skills for it. I'm not a Fan or having LvL1 Things instead of Maxed Skills, the T4-Update emphasizes the maxing of certain Skills. This is just the first build though, i think an alternative would be to lower Poison Charging to LvL 5 and grab that slime. Thanks for the Suggestion.     
    The %amp+adddmg damage written in the Slime's skill description is the damage when you shoot the slime towards enemies. Not the Slime's ATK itself.

    [ The post was edited by PolarPanda at Apr 24, 2012 6:34 pm ]

    Apr 24, 2012 5:44 pm
    [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20120424/Guide_Full_Elemental_Alchemist_by_Sakasen-4f9729c3132a66e13-1.html#p4f97470b0ad556]5#[/url] [i]PolarPanda[/i][/b] [br] [br]
    thing is you T4 is barely on phase 2 so .... there ya go .. do a build with the current system rather than looking ahead cause it will confuse people of why is this and that not everyone has the leisure to buy reset skills if they do follow your build or guide

    MMOsite Special Offer

      Apr 24, 2012 8:52 pm
      Consider the suggestions of Yak, Polar Panda and Kryonos seriously as they are experienced players for alchemist class..

      Even i know that Slime is a must get... at least lvl1  since higher lvl only reduce the cooldown.

      The dmg of slime is the same irregardless of what level you get it.

      And yes, the dmg shown is the dmg of "shooting" the slime out, not the dmg of the slime itself.

      Slime contributes a large amount of DPS for alchemist , according to my quantitative analysis.

      Another suggestion is that, do NOT take into consideration the changes of T4 in your skill build since it is not finalized yet.Besides, when T4 comes, your skills will be auto-reset (i am 99% sure about it)

      Despite your request, I will put this guide under KIV, awaiting you to polish it as you gain more experience from playing it on SEA first, before considering to add to guide collection. Keep up the good work.


      FREEDOM - English Guild & Community in Foreign MMORPG's
      Freedomplays homepage: http://www.freedomplays.com/
      Follow me for the latest news & updates on foreign MMORPG
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaose5

      Apr 25, 2012 1:09 am
      i dont get why SEA or even NA players try to give out guides without having the job itself released and tested out :-). i rather have slime than alfredo as im not an engineer, only a preference.


      (cDN) TheLoosers International Guild
      Chryses - Saint
      Chrono - Abyss Walker
      Magnus - Adept
      Chiron - Seleana

      Apr 25, 2012 5:40 am
      @Chryses cause they know everything already LOL yea right they dont have what it takes to get on veterans knowledge of the game especially from cN and kR they QQ a lot too lol

      Apr 25, 2012 8:31 am
      so your build  takes in T4 ? well perhaps post it when your server gets in and get hands-on experience otherwise as what chaose stated "
      Another suggestion is that, do NOT take into consideration the changes of T4 in your skill build since it is not finalized yet.Besides, when T4 comes, your skills will be auto-reset (i am 99% sure about it) "

      and no matter what your build is lv1 slime is good since it can also freeze the mobs poison and burn them thus being able to ignite them by elords and yourself (poison) and ice palm at lv1 is also good just to earn the extra phantom due to having more fire/ice element skills than poison making you earn them faster after using them on poison break and magma wave and if you really want alfredo leave at lv1 if you are looking to solo apoc hell (The only purpose I really see it for but none the less useless for an Alchemist PERIOD)

      this is only my opinion nothing else


      TheLoosers Guild
      Server: 南方电信一区 (3rd row, 5tht column on the Region Page)
      Sub- Server: 3服-烈火之灵
      Characters: Megido (Inquisitor) メVodou (Dark Summoner)
      口袋ROCKETS (Gear Master) Armegidon (Artillery)

      Youtube Channel

      Apr 25, 2012 9:43 am
      To clear the misunderstanding, i did not say that this Build is build regarding T4 - this just an example for how focussing on maxing skills is important.

      The Academic was released yesterday, so i only can rely on the data and videos for this build, so thats the reason why it is build like that.

      Based on the Data the Summoner doesn't have high Damage - the Thing i want to focus on is Damage only, so the Hand may be usefull, but doesn't do much for its DPS. If the Slime is really that powerfull, i'll take him, put the Hand blocks sight and is rather low on Damage as far as i can see from the Data.

      Well, i got your Suggestions, basically i can see 3 different kind of Builds for the Alchemist Tree: (LINK: http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/6673/alchemist.png )

      For the Academic Tree if you use up all your SP and max your Skills, it will pretty much look like this:

      The Rest of the SP can be used for Airkick, Force Out or Alfredo (By Reducing Max MP).
      Right as Far as i can see? Or is there anything to make better?


      MMOsite Special Offer

        Apr 25, 2012 11:47 am
        Updated the Build, added Skillexplanation.


        Apr 29, 2012 10:08 am
        Added Skillbuilds for lower Levels and removed the Physical+Hybrid Build for now...
        Added Heraldy Choice and Hidden Potential Choice...
        Overall Correction of small Mistakes...


        Apr 30, 2012 4:23 pm
        Added Physician Skillbuild...


        May 1, 2012 11:54 am
        Added Videofootage - my Alchemist at FIC with Level 32, what a Speed


        May 1, 2012 12:57 pm
        A way to improve your guide is actually play adept and physician otherwise your build for those jobs are useless considering SEA only has 40 cap thus a full hands-on experience is needed and it basically means your build is a fraud (except til 40 cap) until you have a proof of experience

        This part I dont understand of SEA/NA players where they provide guides and builds regarding 41+ when they are only 40 -...- getting infos from others such as videos and infos made be others is not a good way of guiding yourself and others so its best to make a guide of what you only have done and made

        With the excemption of those who have played 41+ and transferred

        MMOsite Special Offer

          May 1, 2012 1:36 pm
          I actually looked into the other Academic Guide before i started to write thsi one - no Skillbuild that i have seen so far have fit my playstyle of DPS. The Ones i read so far have not maxed out Magma Wave and Poisonbreak, i consider both as strong Burst Skills, that deal a huge Sum of Damage.

          I don't see any Problems regarding suggesting Builds for the next Levelcap, Anyone who play Alchemist knows what the Keyspells are and which Spells are the ones that have the biggest Impact, focussing in one in the near Future is not wrong, right?

          Last but not least i am playing Alchemist, with Level 32. You have the most of your Skills learned and have to use them correctly, In the Videofootage you can clearly see that i am not wasting time with wrong Skills and Mid-Good Gear, i couldn't write any Guide about Classes i dont play (eg. Bowmaster, Mercenary).

          If you got concrete Suggestion how to improve the Guide, especially if you saying that the Build regarding Level 50 is bad, just post them and I'll see if you got a Point or not. Thanks for the Suggestion.


          May 1, 2012 3:32 pm
          hmm, a guide which doesn't have a support on this build, all you are posting are assumptions, even if you max your current character now, you won't be able to unleash its full potential at its current stage, It is sad that SEA have loli at this early stage, noobs keeps on noobing.


          (cDN) TheLoosers International Guild
          Chryses - Saint
          Chrono - Abyss Walker
          Magnus - Adept
          Chiron - Seleana

          May 1, 2012 3:45 pm
          I am sorry but I completely agree with @198.*.*.16 and @Chryses
          your build is fine *now*  but its prematurely made since SEA is only at level 40 and it is wrong for anyone to guide others if you have not played physician and adept beyond the current cap you guys have, maybe call it your build but not guide

          [ The post was edited by kiddosyzed at May 1, 2012 3:55 pm ]


          TheLoosers Guild
          Server: 南方电信一区 (3rd row, 5tht column on the Region Page)
          Sub- Server: 3服-烈火之灵
          Characters: Megido (Inquisitor) メVodou (Dark Summoner)
          口袋ROCKETS (Gear Master) Armegidon (Artillery)

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