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Totoro's Shooting Star PVE/PVP Hybrid Build (L50 & 60)

Dec 4, 2011 8:35 pm
Here, I had compile my preferable build on this Shooting Star and share for fellow guild members. This build is consider a hybrid build which can be do well in nests (SDN/GDN) and also ladder/Group PVP.

Ok, 1st is the skill build as below:

Get Stun Grenade, Wax and all important passive skills (HP, MP, MP re-gen,Aerial Evasion & Tumble)

Quick Shoot (三连射)
Best CD with 4.5 sec only. Only set forprerequisite level. Is a good DPS skill but really don't have time tocontinuously spam this skill in actual situation. Not really recommended to maxit.

Air Shoot (空隙爆破), NapalmGrenade (凝固汽油弹)
Only get prerequisite level for stun grenade.

Stun Grenade (眩晕手榴弹)
10 seconds CD with 70% to stun targets. Compulsory skill in PVP mode due tostun effect, without this skill you can't disable your opponent quick enough orto continue chain your skills.

Wax (上蜡)
I recommended to max this skill. Extremely useful innests especially GDN. (In Green Dragon stage, Wax is so important to wholeparty to run to safe zone within few seconds, without wax will lead to wholeparty wipe-out by AOE skills)

Summon Alfredo (召唤摄魂怪)/ Recall Alfredo (呼唤摄魂怪)
Summon and Recall your Alfredo, nothing much toexplain further.

Tumble (闪避)/ Aerial Evasion (浮空调整)
Max Tumble, level 4 for Aerial Evasion, very importantdodging skills in PVP.

Circle Bomb (旋转爆栗)
Get this skill, it creates explosion around you andstand up immediately.

Physical Mastery(力量掌握)/ Mental Mastery (精神掌握)/ Mental Training (精神训练)
Recommended to MAX all, no harm to have higher HP/MPor MP regen.

Vending Machine (自动贩卖机)
Free of SP.

As compare to my previous build, I didn't get any duckskills. But when comes to Group PVP or in ladder, the ducks are quite useful.So had reset my build with Duck + Lighting shocks support. To have moredamages, skills like Ping Pong and Ice Pump Tower should be max. Gatling Toweralso a good DPS skill but it's quite useless in PVP. So, it’s depending onpersonal preference.

Rocket Jump(火箭跳跃)
Good evasion skill and can escape from threads. Also isa compulsory skill in ladder mode.

Fake Bomb (迷惑爆栗)
Not as useful imo.

Gravity Grenade(重力手榴弹)
I recommend adding at least 1 level for combo hits.Combine with Stun Grenade, both skills can lock-on opponent in PVP. (Usestun grenade to stun down your opponent, summon towers or Ping-Pong/Bio-missile.Then when opponent going to stand up, continue lock him down with gravitygrenade, cast ultimate or mine thrower, then continue cast 1-2 more skills andrepeat stun grenade. This will mostly kill your opponent in 2-3 rounds).

Demolition SkillsTree:
Main damage output skill tree for Shooting Star.

Ping PongBomb (乒乓爆栗)
Required 11 levels for shooting star, recommended toMAX it and it has huge damage with EX. In group PVP, you only need to stay backand keep spam this skills for kills.

Mine Thrower(脑电波投射)
This skill has small AOE but intense damages. Greatfor big target but need a medium distance of ~3-4 meters away to cast thisskill. Suggest using gravity grenade to gather mobs before cast this skill formaximize damages.

Chemical Missile(生化导弹)
Good de-buff skill to reduce elemental defenses by 15%& critical resist by 50% for 20 seconds. Has great damage too. Get level4only to unlock ultimate, due to it’s long CD, wise to invest the limited SP to Ping-Pong,Gatling Tower & Ice Pump Tower.

Alfredo Stomp(摄魂怪践踏), Alfredo Berserker(摄魂怪杀繆)
Both level 2 as prerequisite. (Alfredo sometimesreally not reliable, always running different direction with me….)

Damage Transition(乾坤大挪移)
Absorb 48% damage from party members for 35 seconds! Recommendto MAX it, very useful in hard-core nests to absorb damages for party members(Bishop Hell Stage 2 Mushroom Explosion, Stage 4 Punisher AOE skills, GDN).

Alfredo Whirlwind(摄魂怪旋风)
Alfredo “Show-off” skill and have highest damagestats. Some peoples will max this skill but for me, not rely too much onAlfredo’s AI.

Shooting star’s ultimate,very high damages especially on dungeon BOSS. However, 7.5 seconds ofimmobilization while using this skill will be very dangerous especially in hardcorenests. (That’s why I chose 2 Ultimate, can use both depending on situation)
Note: Both ultimate share same CD.

Skyline SkillsTree:
Mainly to get towerssupport to maximize shooting star's DPS.

GatlingTower (加特林机枪塔)
Have awesome damage plus good cool downs. But in PVP,it did plenty of damages and high trigger chances of opponents’ heal suffixes.Not really useful in PVP especially against cleric class.

Cannon Tower(炮塔)
Get level 3 to unlock Ice Pump Tower. Not a good skillbut can use it as supportive.

Ice PumpTower(寒冰喷射塔)
Another good damage tower that can slow your enemytargets (on nest bosses). I maxed it for insane supportive damages. In laddermode try to cast it when you plan your attack moves. It will help to slow down+ high damage to your target.
Additional Note: You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type.

Mecha Ducks (重磅鸭)
Summons stupid ducks. I use this skill as supportive.

Mecha Shocks (重磅轰击)
Enable mecha ducks to cast shocks on enemies. Good in PVP as it will delay yourtarget for ~1s.

Added 2nd Ultimate for another high damageskill. This skill is probably better for nest runs compared to Demolition butdamages lower. In GDN, the timing for DPS is critical and normally is between40-60 seconds only. Use skyline is better than Demolition due to demolition'slong casting time. I rather use those timing to cast 4-5 more skills.


Fire bullets into 5 directions for wide area damages.Try to use at closer distance or big target for maximum damages.

PingPong EX:
Really IMBA stats added to pingpong, with additional damages and 2 more jumps.

Alfredo’s Beam:
Highest damage skill for Academic, but the 4 directionbeams only work best when your alfredo crowded by mobs. (This skill had changeto AOE type around Alfredo in Korea, hope we can get this update too. It willbecome trademark skill for Shooting Star beside Ping-Pong EX.)

Current Skill Plates:
Damage Transition - reduce CD
Ping-Pong - 20% more damages
Chemical Missile- increase de-buff effects
Wax - reduce CD

50S Tyrant Set

Necklace: Sea Dragon 40L
Earring: Windswept with Vitality stats (Pot: Agi, Vit,HP)
Rings: Sea Dragon 40L x2

Helm - Wind (疾风)
Shirt - Wind (疾风)
Pants - Wind (疾风)
Glove - Life (生命)
Boots - Wind (疾风)
Weapon - Wind (疾风)
Sub-weapon - Destructive (破坏)

Level 40 Skill build as link HERE
Level 60 build (Final DPS oriented build)

Update 11-Aug-2012: I had change class to Adept.

[ The post was edited by .Totoro at Aug 10, 2012 6:26 pm ]

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Dec 4, 2011 8:40 pm
*added to guide collection


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MMOsite Special Offer

    Dec 29, 2011 6:49 am
    Why does everyone seem to choose gear master instead of shooting star? May you give me some insights about shooting star? Thanks!

    Dec 29, 2011 6:12 pm
    The reasons I chosen Shooting Star:
    1. Not too rely on summons, ducks skills too much dependent on AI. I prefer more self-casting skills for my play style. Furthermore, you may need to spend so many SP on AI dependent skills, which you can't be use in SDN.
    2. Liked Ping-pong EX, very gay skill as compared to Duck EX, can be 1 shot kill all mobs (useful for scattered mobs).
    3. Bio-missile, quite a numbers of gear master didn't get this important skill as SP constraint. Very important de-buff skill for hardcore nests.
    4. Splash shoot, in overall the skill is not as good as chainsaw tower, but it's also a quite good skill with decent damage on the big target.


    CDN (华中电信1区2服)
    多多霖 (Gear Master) [墨晨]
    多多萝 (Adept) [FREEDOM]
    多多女王 (Smasher) [墨晨]
    多多舞娘 (Soul Screamer) [LE1SURE]
    多多影舞 (Tempest) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro (Moon Lord) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro2 (Saint) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro3 (Crusader) [LE1SURE]
    Dec 31, 2011 8:13 pm
    Hello Totoro. Thanks so much for posting this shooting star build.
    However I noticed that you added 5 to air shoot.
    In fact, it isnt needed as a pre-requisite for Stun Grenade but instead you will just need Level 3 Napalm.
    If you noticed, it is only needed to be at level 5 for unlocking the ducks which in this case, you didn't add them at all.

    EDIT: Is it really necessary to put a point into Lightning Grenade?

    I hope you make some amendments to the guide!

    [ The post was edited by Teezem at Dec 31, 2011 8:27 pm ]


    Migrated over from DNSEA to cDN
    Characters in DNSEA(Greenwood):
    Kicke - Level 40 Acrobat->Tempest
    Filtrate - Level 32 Bow Master->Sniper

    Server: 华中电信二区 (4th row 5th server)
    Guild : Freedom
    新加坡人 - Level 50 Gear Master
    LoliSoCute - Level 39 Academic->Shooting Star
    Daze - Level 19 Priest->Inquisitor
    Jan 10, 2012 9:15 pm
    How does a shooting star fair in dungeons such as SDN and GDN? What's the purpose of Shooting Star in there. Thanks!

    Mar 13, 2012 12:17 am
    Edited my build to PVE/PVP hybrid. Will be upload my current stats later...


    CDN (华中电信1区2服)
    多多霖 (Gear Master) [墨晨]
    多多萝 (Adept) [FREEDOM]
    多多女王 (Smasher) [墨晨]
    多多舞娘 (Soul Screamer) [LE1SURE]
    多多影舞 (Tempest) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro (Moon Lord) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro2 (Saint) [LE1SURE]
    sgTotoro3 (Crusader) [LE1SURE]

    MMOsite Special Offer

      Mar 13, 2012 3:45 am
      Nice guide. Looking forward to your new update :).


      ☯Dragon Nest EU☯
      Finalsolryu ~ Inquisitor ~ Lv80 | Finalerza ~ Flurry Lv80
      ☯Blade and Soul Eu☯
      ~ ??? ~ Blademaster ~ Lv?
      Mar 13, 2012 8:37 am
      Updated with current stats.

      16-Mar, also added my PVP ladder stats.

      [ The post was edited by sgTotoro at Mar 15, 2012 9:39 am ]


      CDN (华中电信1区2服)
      多多霖 (Gear Master) [墨晨]
      多多萝 (Adept) [FREEDOM]
      多多女王 (Smasher) [墨晨]
      多多舞娘 (Soul Screamer) [LE1SURE]
      多多影舞 (Tempest) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro (Moon Lord) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro2 (Saint) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro3 (Crusader) [LE1SURE]
      Mar 18, 2012 7:21 am

      could you also post a build for lvl 40? I want to follow this path and DN SEA is releasing the academic patch on tuesday. thanks!

      Mar 19, 2012 3:08 am
      Reply 9#  120.*.*.168


      Something like this build for level 40. Not an optimum as a DPS but will become easier for you to go to my SS path. Note that I still leaving 17 SP behind, these SP can actually invest on triple shot or stun grenade depend on your personal preference. You will probably get skill reset when reaching level 50.


      CDN (华中电信1区2服)
      多多霖 (Gear Master) [墨晨]
      多多萝 (Adept) [FREEDOM]
      多多女王 (Smasher) [墨晨]
      多多舞娘 (Soul Screamer) [LE1SURE]
      多多影舞 (Tempest) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro (Moon Lord) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro2 (Saint) [LE1SURE]
      sgTotoro3 (Crusader) [LE1SURE]
      Apr 21, 2012 1:57 am
      Thanks for this...
      It really helps me alot... =)
      Im using this guide now...

      MMOsite Special Offer

        Apr 21, 2012 10:06 am
        Can you post a level by level guide version of your build?

        Apr 21, 2012 12:14 pm
        Nice guide you got there, thx :D


        Guild:Looking to join Pedoquad

        () ()
        (O.o) Cute, And Available ;3
        (> <)

        Thx to Starley
        Apr 22, 2012 8:22 am
        Totoro! ive read that ping pong deals extremely high damage against single enemy. is it true? chaos said it in her guide about 3rd jobs of academic.

        Apr 22, 2012 7:58 pm
        How does the new alfredo beam work? and how many times does it hit if alfredo's right next to the target?


        Leraor - lv50 Gear Master
        Apr 23, 2012 2:39 am
        I don't have the detail information yet. Hopefully we can get it in next update. But definitely it will more useful than before.


        CDN (华中电信1区2服)
        多多霖 (Gear Master) [墨晨]
        多多萝 (Adept) [FREEDOM]
        多多女王 (Smasher) [墨晨]
        多多舞娘 (Soul Screamer) [LE1SURE]
        多多影舞 (Tempest) [LE1SURE]
        sgTotoro (Moon Lord) [LE1SURE]
        sgTotoro2 (Saint) [LE1SURE]
        sgTotoro3 (Crusader) [LE1SURE]

        MMOsite Special Offer

          Apr 23, 2012 3:38 am
          Reply 16#  sgTotoro

          Ah I meant new as in the one currently in cDN (I thought they made changes to it a month or 2 ago). Poor choice of words on my part. sorry for the misunderstanding.


          Leraor - lv50 Gear Master
          Apr 25, 2012 5:47 am
          Is this really possible?
          How did you get the SKY LINE without having any mecha bomber?

          Apr 25, 2012 9:22 pm
          Hello totoro

          what is Lire in DN SEA???


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