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Made a PVE/PVP Smasher please Criticism / Comment

Oct 6, 2011 7:35 am

I made a PVE/PVP Smasher build (more focused on PVE) after some I did some more research.

Here's my build


Hammer/Air Strike - Mainly for PVP purpose since I'll be using that when I sucessfully use time stop to the enemy to make him/her fall to the ground which I'll be using poison missile afterwards.

Attuned Mind/Mental Training Lv1 - In my opinions is enough because they change the % from 3 to 4.8.

Gravity Ball/Gravity Blast Lv1 - This skill is really a good DPS and super armor breaking skill but I rather maxed 9-Tail Laser because 9-Tail Laser damage against big boss is really quite something.

Time Stop Lv6 - Best disable skill for PVE/PVP, no need to mention it's usefulness

Nine Tail Laser Lv10 - Deal massage damage against big boss

Slow field Lv1 - Debuff mobs with 40% slow speed reduced, great for PVE since you'll be charging linear ray / use laser cutter / cast spectrum shower.

The skill plates I'm planning to get is

1. Linear Ray
2. Triple Orbs
3. 9-Tail laser
4. Gravity Ball

I also got some more questions to ask.

In this video [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c3KWxk8qVU&]

9-Tail Laser is suppose to be bug right?

According to choase5 post

"I lean towards Smasher now due to the power of Arcane. However, recent test by players shows that arcane boost normal attack and the 9 Tail laser by more than 3x.  Other skills are boosted by roughly 1.5~2 x only."


"Ok, from the latest report in thisisgame.com forum, Arcane + 9TL laser abnormally high damage seems to be a bug. It has been fixed."

In conclusion, how much power did 9-Tail Laser is boost by Arcane?

Is it worth to max 9-Tail Laser than gravity ball?

The reason I asked this is because, according to choase5's 'Research and Details on Majesty/Force User Skil Thread', 9-Tail Laser skill coefficient is one also is Gravity ball but Gravity Ball would be the higher DPS skill considering its cool down. If 9-Tail Laser boost by Arcane is not really that high, I think going for Gravity ball would be better.

Therefore, please look at this alternate build


1. Gravity Trap Removed because I think I'll be focusing on going to nest and slow area is useless against the boss
2. Remove Glacial Spike
3. Degrade 9-Tail Laser
4. Max Gravity Ball
5. Max Time Stop

The plate I'm going for with this build

1. Gravity Ball
2. Linear Ray
3. Triple Orbs
4. Poison Missile

That's it!

Well, thank you for reading all the way here and much more thanks to the people who made any comment or Criticism

[ The post was edited by Xophine at Nov 14, 2011 4:26 am ]

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Nov 10, 2011 2:54 am
Since there is no smasher's thread in this forum. I'd like to ask some questions as well.

1. Should I maximize matk and crit and completely ditch dark+%? even if I would have maxed microhole?

2. Is slow area effective on high level nests such as bishop and SDN?


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    Nov 11, 2011 1:09 am
    9 tail lazer is not worth lv'ing

    yes, it ranked no. 5 in chaos's list for dealing dmg,
    but that DOESNT make it worth lving if it doesnt MIGRATE MUCH through lv'ing up

    slow area is worth having for atleast at lv 1, as those boss that can be timestopped can also be time-slowed, so u can create a perma stun/slow combo on boss without much space for them to atk u, and thus creating much safety for smasher's unsafe "charging" skill

    glacial spike is worth having atleast at lv 1, as it sychronize well with arcane (96%+"100%"+96), and granting it a "TRUE" 100% dmg buff
    and its currently ranked as the top 3 sychronizer for arcane ( including force pulse and force lence, which also has about 100% TRUE dmg buff)

    the choice to max matk/crit or dark% really depends on what is ur habit,
    if u use skill from the dark path ( and u go up to comet). then max dark %
    or else
    max matk/crit

    microhole is not worth maxing (but is nice to have at lv 1, because it sychronize well with lazer ex), again, even if it has high skill coefficient. it means nothing if it doesnt migrate much dmg through lv'ing up

    my own view is that smasher, at its current state is not a dps, nor anything close, skills doesnt do much dmg, and all of them requires some kind of charging, which is totally opposite of what defines a dps,
    so to conclude,
    u should not build smasher like a dps, instead, u should play it like a SUPPORT, and max anything supportive avalible, such as glacial spike(increase freezing rate), microhole, slowarea, timestop, mirror, timeaccel(THIS IS UR ONLY USEFUL SKILL IN SDN)

    some crazier smasher even completely ignored the lazer ex and only proceed to get skylazer, and lv all skill in the dark path, just for its superior dps

    common misconception for smasher 101:
    9 tail deals much dmg --> it doesnt, with 6000 atk, u are only getting 1.8k max from it
    9 tail is worth lv'ing --> it doesnt grow with lv'ing, i jumps from 2000 per hit(lv2) to 2300 per hit(lv10)
    spectrum shower is viable is nest ---> it doesnt have much superarmor, and will break with even the slightness atk
    mirror blocks all skill ---> it doesnt block any charged fireball, lazer and thunder(ground-based excluded), do not attempt to play smart in pvp
    force shield is worth lv'ing ---> if u get hit, it doesnt matter if u have atk/def buff or not, u are going to 1 shotted by sd anyway
    lazer ex only takes 2 second ---> lazer ex's channelling takes 2 second, that doesnt mean that the "ATTACK ANIMATION" doesnt take time
    arcane buff good for every skill ---> only the skill with low xx% gets max. benefit from arcane, gravity lence, gravity pulse, glacial spike is more effective than any other skill under arcane buff

    Nov 11, 2011 8:42 am
    Reply 2#  Redzjeff

    Thank you!

    By the way, If I would not be maximizing 9-tail laser, what skill would you suggest considering that I won't be focusing on dark+%.

    Also, Is the maximized level of time acceleration worth the points? It only adds a sec to the buff would that be useful?

    Some people said that smashers aren't great at pvp but I've found this one. I would like to pvp just like this one.


    Nov 11, 2011 11:59 pm
    that thor in the video is a bit noob, i would say
    he isnt abusing his range on smite
    and he isnt casting relic of cure when he knows he is going to get timestopped
    nor spammed any healing ability, so yeah
    those arent going to happen in any decent game

    also, u should notice that the smasher didnt actually do most of his dmg with smasher skill (and even if he does, they arent doing much dmg, either), which proved my post above that smasher is a support instead of a dps

    Nov 12, 2011 6:01 am
    in my opinion, force user is meant to be supportive anyway, even majesty....

    our dps is actually quite average (not low but not high either) as compared to ele and academic....

    so i agree with redjeff that you should build your smasher as a supportive char, similar to the way i played my majesty.

    Haha, i believe alot of force user might not agree with redjeff and me, and are still indulging the romance of having a dps force user when elemental lord and academic laugh at our mediocre dps skills....
    anyway, the skylaser (or laser cutter) will be boosted significantly in the next update. The casting time is shorter and the damage calculation has been reworked (shorter time to trigger the explosive damage i believe)

    If i am not wrong , we should see these changes in the next week cDN test server. Will update them soon.
    @ Redjeff
    Mind sharing your skill build or made a guide on smasher ?  I believe your experience would help other smashers out there.


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    Nov 12, 2011 7:59 am

    Is it really true that the growth per level of ninetail laser and microhole is horrible asRedzjeff said?

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      Nov 12, 2011 9:11 am
      See the chart and verify yourself ^_^

      NOTE that these chart and figure are based on a majesty which has significant dark/ice %.

      As a smasher, you might want to re-calculate the ranking and growth with the spreadsheet that i have provided, from a Smasher point of view. (low % dark and high m.att)


      FREEDOM - English Guild & Community in Foreign MMORPG's
      Freedomplays homepage: http://www.freedomplays.com/
      Follow me for the latest news & updates on foreign MMORPG
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaose5

      Nov 12, 2011 2:43 pm
      i dont see any patch note about smasher in the upcoming patch, or did i miss something?
      seriously even if they buff my dmg to 5x, i am sure i am still UP, the exception is pvp of course, where the boss (other ppl) will wait u for 5 seconds under timestop

      oh plz eyedentity, for the sake of god, remove forceshield, ninetail, lazer, lazer ex, skylazer, arcane
      smasher's world would become a better place if u remove those brainless, useless, self-debuffing skill, just having 3 skill in the whole smasher tree is good enough to make us happy

      [ The post was edited by Redzjeff at Nov 12, 2011 4:04 pm ]

      Nov 12, 2011 8:54 pm
      Reply 8#  Redzjeff

      Smasher's already an available class as an advancement from the laser path of Force User in Dragon Nest China, (CN) Korea, (KR) Japan (JP) and Taiwan. (TW)

      All the skills you mentioned are skills that a lot of Force Users (Laser path) actually use because they're the useful skills.
      If they got rid of these skills, Smasher would have nothing to cast (Ever, you seriously mention just about all of the laser skills)

      Learn to spell Laser properly. --I'm almost certain even this forum would of given you a spelling error warning.

      Do you even play Dragon Nest CN, KR, JP or TW?
      If not, this Forum's sub board ain't the right spot for you.
      -Stick to the main board-


      Mod Thread

      Server: 南方电信一区
      Guild: <TheLoosers>
      Characters: DusklordEX (Smasher), DesperadoF (Majesty), KiroEX (Crusader)
      Level: Infinite

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      Nov 13, 2011 12:57 am
      ok lets start by rephrasing this, seems like i have caused some serious misconception

      "i dont see any patch note about smasher in the upcoming patch, or did i miss something? "
      - i mean that there arent any information about the BUFFS for smasher in the upcoming patch, nor anything related to smasher
      so i dont know what u mean by  "smasher is already an existing class", u mean i dont know smasher is an existing class?

      now about the skill delete part, idk if i am noob or not, but.....
      laser requires smasher to stand still, and its not like the dmg is really impressive compare to the 0risk gravity ball ----so i dont know if thats useful

      laser ex reduce the range of the skill by 25%, and reduce the hitbox of the skill, i dont know if the 200%x6 is even worthy for that

      force shield gets ppl killed pvp, normal scernario: ppl get combo'ed --> the combo almost ended --> suprise shield activates --> ppl get combo'ed again
      and its not like the dmg/def buff is significant compare with the ele lord shield
      is that useful?

      ninetail deals medicore dmg in pve, and barely grows if player level it
      while it deals about 50x9 + 100x9 in pvp, yes it can break superarmor and stun easily, but there are better skill for that

      mirror is NOT included in the list

      spectrum shower is NOT included in the list

      eraser is NOT included in the list

      arcane barely buffs anything, its 10-33% for most of the skill for force user, and the highest being skills like glacial spike, force pulse. force lance, which does not do much even if arcane doubles their dmg, and most importantly, ppl consume 2x mana for barely anything while in the buff,
      i dont know if thats useful

      skylazer deals medium dmg, 1500 x 20 is pretty much the maximum dmg u can get with 5000 atk, it might seems large, but its assuming that the nest boss is big enough to take all the hits, while not getting out, not flying up, not blinking out, not being invul in the whole process, and the additional burst is really conditional, since mirror no longer blocks lazer, the chance of triggering the burst through terrain is even slimmer
      for pvp, 1500 x 1 is the dmg ppl would get most of the time, and 1500 x 3 while timestopped, ok, lets say ppl somehow get the burst as well (that never happens), it is still only 1500 x 3 + 7000 x1
      my skylazer deals 11500 dmg while a gravity ball from my fellow deals 10000 dmg, i have to channel for 1.5 seconds, my fellow just fling the ball to me
      is that useful??
      i dont know...

      now for the spelling, does "lazer" looks so much more important compare to the things i wrote? to the point where ppl have to point it out?
      if so, then i might as well use a picture to respond instead of words, because it is clear that spelling overshadows the word itself, and that ppl cant guess 1 word and change 1 letter, nor add an [s], etc.

      i dont know if this sounds funny,
      but asking a player that knows every skill name of a class and knows exactly what it does, and even owns the class himself for a long time, and then asking him
      "DO U PLAY THE GAME?" is a bit dumb, in my humble opinion

      about forum subboard/territory, plz refer to the guild u are in, i myself is in [freedom guild], i am guessing the signature from the one above me is a mistake, and that he is in the freedom guild no doubt, because he knows about the "spot"
      plz dont take grudges serious, because if ppl takes argument seriously, that means they think its in someway true ---from some random book that i have read
      i already admit that i suck at grammers and spellings, what good u say, sir?
      again, dont attempt to destroy ur own reputation, i, obviously have nothing to lose

      [ The post was edited by Redzjeff at Nov 13, 2011 1:16 am ]

      Nov 14, 2011 3:35 am
      As I did more research and read your comments, I'd made a new build.

      Here's the build,


      I decided to get black hole mainly for crowd control and it's quite useful in 8v8 PVP.

      I decided to get Void blast and Gravity spark as it's really useful in PVP.

      Degrade Micro hole Nine tail laser and Spectrum shower as it's not worth the points to upgrade.

      Max Gravity blast for higher DPS.

      Degrade Arcane as the difference in lv1 and lv2 are too low.

      Please criticism or comment

      Thankyou :)

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        Nov 14, 2011 4:08 am
        This is the chart I made, edited from Choase5


        Remove Gravity Switch

        Change Gravity Ball EX to Gravity Ball hence the coefficent is changed

        Remove all Elemental attack in which smasher is likely to focus on M.atk and Crit.

        Change Poison Cloud coefficient to 1.5 (don't bother with the lv1 damage, if you are then just divide the damage by 1.5)



        Even there's no dark elemental boost, gravity ball DPS is still high so I decided to max it.

        There's something I would like to hear from you guys.

        Should I degrade Poison Cloud to lv12? Judging from the damage increase I think I should get my points to Glacial Spike instead.

        Also these are the skill plates I'm planning to have

        1. Linear Ray
        2. Gravity Blast
        3. Microhole

        What should I get for my forth plate?

        I'm considering Poison Cloud right now.

        [ The post was edited by Xophine at Nov 14, 2011 4:23 am ]

        Nov 14, 2011 5:12 am
        You should add in the laser cutter (sky laser or whatever you call it).... and see where it ranks in the dps chart..

        if i am not wrong, the dps for laser cutter is pretty high too.

        Do check out the lastest changes to laser cutter in the upcoming update....



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        Nov 14, 2011 1:56 pm
        i cant see the video... somehow,
        so... does that mean that laser cutter will now deal high dmg per tick in small amount of time? instead of deal little dmg tick for extremly long amount of time?

        [ The post was edited by Redzjeff at Nov 14, 2011 2:12 pm ]

        Nov 14, 2011 4:39 pm
        Did you try watching the video in Internet Explorer?
        Casting animation improved significantly... and I'm hoping that what you said about the higher damage per tick is true. I might actually level my Smasher again...

        Nov 14, 2011 7:39 pm
        i completely uninstalled internet explore (like removed everything T.T),
        i can see that it would be a huge buff to pvp if its "higher damage per tick", cuz then it would become viable under timestop,
        and for casting animation, how much shorter do u see?

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          Nov 14, 2011 7:40 pm
          Reply 14#  Redzjeff

          apparently yes.. but i can't tell for sure, since i do not know the normal hit damage for laser cutter =.=

          at 5570 m.att, and 726 final damage, after arcane+mirror, it does like 14k~15k per single crit hit (For about 3 seconds) on manticore

          For casting animation, ok, the current casting of laser cutter involve 2 part rite: 1st she will turn his staff, creating yellow glow on the staff , 2nd she does a small jump before the big laser shoot down..

          The new casting animation, only has the 2nd part. i think it's at least 50% shorter (not measured)


          FREEDOM - English Guild & Community in Foreign MMORPG's
          Freedomplays homepage: http://www.freedomplays.com/
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          Nov 14, 2011 10:14 pm
          then its at least 75% animation reduction

          the pre-patched laser cutter deal 1500 (3000crit) per hit for about 10+ second, and about 2-3 hit each seconds
          for pvp, its like 800 per hit, but ppl can just walk through it, taking only 1 hit, or have 2 hits under timestop, so yeah... huge buff

          Nov 15, 2011 2:09 am
          The new laser cutter took sightly less than 1 sec casting time which is a lot faster, the old one is around 2 sec so I would say it got a 50% animation buff.

          I want to add Laser cutter to the chart but i'm not sure about it's coefficient (my guess is it's 1)

          anyway, can someone take a peek at my build?


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