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Goat's Guardian PVE Skill Build

Jun 1, 2011 10:37 pm

: lvl 7 (duration 15s CD 15s), equip the plate  that increase duration (40%/50%), such that we have plenty of time (6s or 7.5s) to re-provoke. In SDN, we need to wait for the dragon to completely landing or finish casting ice claw/black hole/ice bind before we can re-provoke.

Element Aura and Conviction Aura: Both at max lvl so that the whole party get benefit of higher resist to fire/ice/light element.

Shield Block: lvl 7 (8 times, duration 15s, CD 45s)
Stance lvl 5 (duration 21s, CD 60s)
Iron lvl 2 (77% dmg reduction, duration 12.5s, CD 60s)
Holy Shield lvl 2 (spend 5 tokens, duration 15s, CD 45s)

With these 4 skills together with Divine Avatar (invincible) and Shield Charge (50% dmg reduction), guardian will have no problem to tank, except those debuff skills like dragon breath or pierce through skills like blackhole.

Healing: Max lvl to heal ourselves and party members.

HP and Defend Passive: Both at max lvl, to have higher HP and higher physical defend to be better tanker.

Reflect: Max lvl. The only skill for paladin to deal huge damage to dragon in SDN. 16SP used to raise this skill from lvl 1: 20% reflect to lvl 5: 40% reflect, which is 2 times dmg gain compared to lvl 1. This skill can also be used to reflect 3 hit stomp from bishop and deal damage to the bishop before the golem faint.

Break Armor: Max lvl to reduce down the opponent defend as much as possible and thus increase the physical damage for the whole party.

Smite: High damaging AOE skill. High superarmor breaking skill, very useful to save ppl from bind (eg. vine grip from monta, ice age from sea dragon, and etc)

Holy Wave: to disable.

Recommended Crest: Provoke, Kick, Divine Avatar
Recommended Extra Skill Crest: Mushroom Summoning or Dog Summoning to block the way of binding (eg. ice age) or Dragon Breath to clear berzerk status.
Recommended Enhancement Crest: Str, Int, Vit, HP, Patt, Pdef, Mdef, and MP regen

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Dragon Nest CN
Server: 华中电信二区 (4th row 5th server)
怒炎苍龙 (Lv60 Elestra) in Freedom
粉红色的羊 (Lv60 Guardian) in ArchAngel

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Jun 2, 2011 6:01 am

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heres my build, or what i was thinking to get, guess ill post it here even though i pbly not gonna try.

This build is made for multi purpose, pvp, pve, sdn.

without magical skills, you cant pvp. so max smite is a must, useful skills like holy cross and lighting charge are also useful in pvp.
second job skills were light elemental from the beginning, however due op dmg, now is nerf to non elemental and reduced dmg. so lvl 1 holy aura would be enough, mainly boost 15%  dmg for smite.

armor break max is a must, your dmg during pve will still be armor break n kick spam. max this skill gives debuff and make 43%more phys dmg, this apply all team members.

element aura lvl 4, useful in SDN, in pvp 58k hp paladin with all shields n element aura vs dmg nerfed element, GEEGEE.

Provoke, lvl 4 with crest have 10,5 + 5,25 duration, and 15 second cooldown.

Cleric skills.
Heal lvl 1, 8%+114, heal lvl 9 11,4%+2054
24 sp for 3,4%+ 1940 difference. max this skill and you will lose other skills, lvl 1 is enough for me after all we are not priests.

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    Jul 18, 2011 10:20 pm
    Peachy here..

    I wanna be a Pure Tanker build for SDN.. so I should be a Physical type?

    Jul 19, 2011 5:43 pm
    Peachy, if you want to be pure tanker SDN, u should have similar build as heartless except personally i would recomend the following:

    go for guardian--> more survivability than crusader

    max ele aura: no other class will have a skill this powerful to protect team members from SDN except for guardians, max it to max party suvivability...no need to spend any sp on light aura because that aura is better off on crusaders (more light skills), if you want light support just party with crusaders (max light aura), priest(light buff), inquisitor (light AOE). since most crusaders will have a max light aura your lvl 1 light aura will be insignificant and a waste of sp when u party with them. and since all those are cleric class they all are wanted for SDN

    get both kick plates for damage with max armor break+divine avatar (all the dmg dealing you need is from these 4 skills)

    get enough provoke to asist party members

    max heal is a staple for any cleric, otherwise you get frowned upon by party members

    spend the rest of u're sp on survivalbility skills including shield charge (50% extra defense while casting)

    if you want ranged skills get lvl 1 holy cross

    if you want to pvp get smite at watever lvl you want

    the rest is up to you

    Aug 14, 2011 2:24 am
    how about maxing conviction aura for pvp purposes?

    Sep 22, 2011 11:00 am
    I like ur 2.Hybrid but one question wot would be Skill/Enhancement/Special crest?

    Sep 23, 2011 12:33 am
    Update my PVE build which is suit for Nesting escpecially SDN.

    [ The post was edited by dragon431 at Sep 23, 2011 4:26 am ]


    Dragon Nest CN
    Server: 华中电信二区 (4th row 5th server)
    怒炎苍龙 (Lv60 Elestra) in Freedom
    粉红色的羊 (Lv60 Guardian) in ArchAngel

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      Dec 31, 2011 3:03 am
      Why isn't Thor's Hammer learnt? I thought it would be a cool skill to be used.

      Mar 21, 2012 5:57 am
      Hello Guys .
      I am playing DN Sea as paladin , and i want to choose my 3rd job either guardian or crusader
      i was about to choose guardian as he is valuable at SDN and also crusader has little skills like 6 hit skills with average 30 second cd which make DPS issue so hard to achieve in my opion so i guessed that with guardian of physical type unlimited kicks with few hit skills will be better

      the problem i noticed that most guardians here in forum transfer to crusader and some said that guardian not good after SDN done coz no need for tanker in any other nest and guardian dps is too bad

      so what do u think guys , i would like to have DPS enough account for my farming and dungeons and also valuable accout when i want join nest

      Jun 3, 2012 5:52 pm
      must we got kick for guardian?
      some build said that we dont have too, but if playing physical maybe we need it with action speed crest is good? ah i am confused

      Sep 12, 2012 6:11 pm
      hello .. what armor buffs r u using ? HP or Bear in lvl 50 cap ??


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