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Sea Dragon Nest Guide V1.7

Mar 14, 2011 3:58 am
Guide written by : chaose5
Tutorial Video by: v2seraph
Other contributors: snow_tsuki, dragon431, original uploaders of the video and pictures.

The strategy mentioned in this guide is only good for Sea Dragon Nest (SDN) normal mode.
Modification of the strategy for SDN Hardcore mode can be found here:

Version history:
V1.1: Completed Stage 1~6 Guide.
V1.2: 1st April 2011.
* Change name of stage 6 Boss to Monta instead of Tamon.
* Improved Stage 6 guide based on the guide written by the first legit CN DN team to reach sea dragon. Corrected some info on Stage 6.
* Change some strategy description at Stage 6. Added description on skill animation for ring of fire and ignition.
* Added more description on stage 5 lizard brothers.
* Added a new video for stage 6
* Added strategy for stage 2 - 4 color pillar without using YY.
v1.3: 10 Apr 2011
* Added more HD video for various stages from DN JP.
v1.4: 29 Apr 2011
* Added guide for Stage 7, Phase 1~7
* Added a new video for stage 5: Dancing Bull.
v1.5: 18 July 2011
*Updated new and more efficient strategy for various stages.
*Clean up the embedded video.
v1.6:29 Aug 2011
* Updated more detailed guide for stage 6 and 7.
* Updated the video for stage 1~6 with Freedom SDN Run.

v1.7:28 Sept 2011

* Updated changes to SDN with v90 patch.
* Redefine the phase of sea dragon battle to sync with Mon's tutorial video.

Stage 1: Cannon Islet
Stage 2: Random Islet
Stage 3: Lava Golem
Stage 4: Mutant Cerberus
Stage 5: Random Boss
Stage 6: Rock Golem Monta
Stage 7: Sea Dragon Serpenta

Appendix: Monster Data

Stage 1: Cannon Islet

There are a total of 8 cannons, 4 at the front, 4 at the back.
it is recommended that mages and archers man the 4 cannons at the back. Clerics and warriors handle the ones at the front.

There will be 5 waves of monsters coming from the cave in front.

Everyone just keep shooting at whatever that are coming out from the cave.

The 1st and 2nd waves of monster are very easy and normally won't pose any troubles

Priest: At the 3rd, 4th and 5th wave, if required, priest should cast Hand of Miracle in the middle of the 8 cannons to protect anyone from damage.

Warrior: Highland the party member if required.
Force User: Time acceleration if needed so that the priest can cast miracle hand at 5th wave.
Paladin: Provoke and distract monsters below the cannon. Keep yourself alive with various invincible and block skills.

Important Note for Cannon User:

* Left click to man the cannon. press ESC to go back to normal battle mode.
* After engaging to the cannon, left click to use normal cannon shot (1 sec CD). Use right click for  a more powerful charged attack (10+ sec CD)
* Remember the cannon travels in a projectile manner. Aim higher to hit your target.
* Cannon will not damage your own party members but will flinch them and interrupt their skills.   

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CDN电信华中1区 - 1服2服
蓝月雪 Level 60 Saint in FREEDOM

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Mar 14, 2011 4:00 am
Stage 2: Random Islet

Your party will be transported to one of the two islets randomly.

Berserk Islet:

There are 4 switches on this islet. After a certain countdown, various debuff will be casted on the whole party, unless your party members click the switches according.

The order of clicking the switches is random, and depends on spawn order of monsters:

For example: The monster spawn order is White Skeleton, followed by Red Gargoyle, then Green Zombie, and lastly Blue Troll. Then your party members are supposed to press the switches according the following order: White, Red, Green and Blue.

All these have to be done in 7 seconds, otherwise a certain debuff will be inflicted upon your party members. You have to clear all the monsters that spawn too. This has to be performed 3 times before passing this stage.

TIPS: If the party members are not communicating with YY or any voice communication, just assign your member to look at the color before him / her.


Press the pillar according to the countdown timer. For example: During 7~6 = first person press, 5~4 = second person press, 3-2 = third person press, 1 = final person press.

There will be 3 type of debuffs in the islet:

First debuff: Cooldown increase by 10x. Basically it is the reverse of Time Acceleration.

Second debuff:  Attack decrease by 50%.

Third debuff: Friendly fire. Basically this debuff will cause your skill to damage your own party member. So don't attack if you are inflicted with this debuff. Just wait till the debuff is over while running around.  

Note: all mobs in this stage can be inflicted with various debuffs such as time stop, slow, freeze etc.

Poison Islet

At the middle of the islet, there is a hole that will suck your party members into it periodically. Your HP will drop very fast if you get sucked into it. If ever someone in the party get sucked in, one of the party member is supposed to click one of the two magical stones at the side of the islet to release them from the hole.

* Highland will make sure whoever drop into the hole will not be killed.
* Paladin on Divine Avatar will not be damaged in the hole too.
* Holy Shield of Saint (if the magic attack is high enough) will save the person in the hole too.

You are required to clear 3 waves of monsters:

First wave: A bunch of zombie. It is suggested that everyone gather around a corner, then just keep attacking.

Second wave: Man-eating plant. They spawn all round the islet, Move in groups slowly around the islet and killing them all.

Third Wave: 4 x Poison Ogre.

Note that there are also traps laid around, which will push columns of poison cloud out periodically.

After clearing this stage, chest will appear, Normally the drop is 2 x 40A armor/weapon + one dragon scale. The dragon scale is an ingredient to craft Dragon Scale Soup ( allow you to survive the lethal dragon's breath attack)

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CDN电信华中1区 - 1服2服
蓝月雪 Level 60 Saint in FREEDOM

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    Mar 14, 2011 4:07 am
    Stage 3: Lava Golem

    More 3rd stage video:


    This stage is bottleneck stage for beginners. There are 8 platforms around the vicinity, with the Lava Golem in the middle. After a countdown of 5 second, the whole place will be flooded with lava. Each party members is supposed to stand on top of each platform. If more than one person is standing on one of the platform, the whole team will be wiped out.

    Therefore, it is recommended that each party members are assigned a platform and he/she is supposed to remember its location.  The cooldown for each lava flood is roughly 40seconds.  You are only able to deal damage safely on the floor when the lava subside. Cooldown of various skills are good measures to time the lava flood. The boss has very high crit resist. therefore it will take some time to kill the boss.

    Now how to assign the platform to each party members. First take a look at the mini map below:

    It is recommended that you enlarge the mini map by using "=" button before this stage to see the platform clearly. You are able to see if whether the platform is already occupied by a party member.  When you first enter the map, don't rush into damaging the boss first. Each member should take some time to stand on their own platform and remember its location. A fixed party who come here often can skip this first step and directly deal damage to the boss.

    Taking the north as 12 o'clock, tanker class should be standing at 10,11,1 o'clock location whereas DPS class should be standing at 5,6,8 o'clock.  Why? Because the boss initially is near the 12 o'clock platform and the paladin should be using provoke and drag aggro to himself. DPS class should deal damage at the back of the boss.

    Boss Skill:
    1. Ground punching and single-hand earth flipping: Lava Golem has very similar attack pattern to the rock golem in Manticore nest. The difference is, 3 pillars of fire will be created around his fist when he punch the ground. Low damage.
    2. Fireball: Lava golem will throw a fireball from his head which will split into 4 smaller balls upon explosion (similar to the Manticore gravity ball crest). The first fireball travel in a projectile motion (just like punishing swing of mercenary). Upon explosion, the ball will split in the X-fashion (see diagram below)

    O ━━━━━━━━━X

    o = lava golem
    ━━━━━━━━━ = big fire ball  travel direction
    X = smaller fire ball travel direction upon explosion

    It is recommended to blink backward or forward if the big fire ball is thrown to you. Although the damage is not high, it will tend to push you down from platform if you don't have shield block.

    3. Ring of fire: Normally right after the lava flood, Lava Golem will cast this skill to push party members down from the platform. This skill is similar to Spectrum Shower cast by the hell mode Manticore. There are two rings, inner and outer ring. The outer ring is at the vicinity of the platform. High damage around 15k. To avoid being damage, move towards the boss quickly after you see the casting motion.  Before he cast ring of fire, he will raise both of his hands horizontally to the sides. Very obvious motion.

    NOTE: After you see the system notice "Successfully avoiding lava flood", you may jump down from the platform and stay on the floor, even though you will see some lava on the floor (they won't damage you anymore).

    4. Double-hand earth flipping : Lava Golem use both of his hand to flip the earth in front of him, creating a line of explosion in front of him. Low damage and easy to dodge.

    5. Fire charging: When Lava Golem only have 2 bars of hp, he will start charging forward with whole body on fire, very similar to electric ogre in apocalypse. Instead of lighting ball, fire ball will be shooting out from his sides, burning anyone who get hit by it. However, unlike electric ogre who only charge in a straight line, Lava Golem can actually turn and follow the person he is trying to charge. A simple method to jam the boss is, when the lava boss start charging, run towards a platform, jumping on to it and go behind it. Since the boss can't jump over, he will try to charge into the platform. DPS classes can safely damage the boss at this moment from behind.

    6. Ignition: When Lava Golem is at his last bar of hp, he might use ignition when anyone is inflicted with burn status. This ignition is an almost an instant kill (54k+ damage), ignore block, avatar, stance of faith, evasion stance. Priests play a very important role here, by keep casting hand of miracle and hand of curing to cure abnormal status. A single priest is normally not enough. 2 priests and 1 force user with time acceleration will be able to cover the cooldown of the two relics. Do note that the casting of ignition is very fast.  It is very important to keep one of the curing hand available on the field at all time, especially near the paladin. Warrior has an advantage here because they can clear the burn status easily on their own. Highland also keep the whole party and himself alive if ever ignition happens. Other class try not to get hit and burn at all.

    * PROVOKE must be at least Lv4 (best if max) with an A plate to keep the aggro permanently on you.
    * Provoke must be cast straight after the word "Safely avoided the lava flood" appears. This is especially important at Hp x2 when he casting fire charging to make sure the golem charges towards you and not other members. Stand behind the platform so the golem will be jammed in front of you.
    * At HP x 1, if you are burnt and there are no Hand of miracle and relic of cure nearby, cast Divine Avatar to cure the burn status. The ignition will be cast if the person with the highest aggro is burnt.

    * Take turn to cast miracle hand , followed by relic of cure each round.
    * Relic of cure must be cast to cure burn status on paladin especially near HP x 1 before retreating to your own platform because ignition might happen if the paladin get burnt.

    Force User:
    * Make sure time acceleration affect as many people as possible. If you cant aim every party members, priority should be Priest > Pally > Warrior > other classes.

    * Highland is very important to prevent ignition from killing anyone near HP x1.
    * Use devastating howl + taunting howl when necessary to reduce the attack of the golem to 0.

    * Lava Golem is weak to ice attack and resist fire attack.
    * If you are unable to reach the platform in time, it is recommended that you leave your party ASAP.  Otherwise, you might cause the whole team to be wiped out.
    * Paladin should not cast stance of faith when the lava flood is coming. You cant jump to the platform and will lead to the failure of team. This applies to hacking stance of sword master too.

    Upon clearing this stage, a chest will appear with two pieces of 40A armor/weapon + a high level A ranked accessory.

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    CDN电信华中1区 - 1服2服
    蓝月雪 Level 60 Saint in FREEDOM

    Mar 14, 2011 4:20 am
    Stage 4: Mutant Cerberus

    More video:

    The safest and fastest way to pass this stage is to drag the Cerberus to one of the lane.
    It doesn't really matters, left or right, as long as all party members gather at one. For the sake of discussion, we will assume that the party gathers at the left lane (according to minimap)

    Paladin make sure that the Cerberus head is facing wall/edges and DPS can deal damage safely from behind of the Cerberus

    Mutant Cerberus skill:
    1. Smashing the floor with paws. Similar to normal Cerberus. After smashing, a black circle will be created at the area on the floor. This black circle can deal damage. The damage of the black circle seems to be high.  

    2: Spinning attack. After a roar animation, he will make a spin and deal damage to its surrounding.

    3. Roar:  When the HP reach x3, the Cerberus will roar and push everything backwards. This skill itself does not deal much damage, but it is very dangerous to the whole team. Reason see below.

    4. Jump: When the HP reach x2, he will jump and dive towards the person drawing aggro.When he land, dark energy ball will be flying out in all direction. The damage is around 10k.  Very dangerous for DPS. Make sure the one drawing aggro is the tanker after HP x2.

    5. Dark Lighting Ball: Deal very high damage. The casting animation is similar to the AOE lighting of the normal Cerberus. A lot of lighting ball will travel from his body in the path illustrated below:

    An important thing to note here is, shadows will be spawning from the sides of the map (see the first figure above). The shadows will slowly move upwards and eventually reach the explosion area, where it will deal 120k damage to whoever nearby. The strategy suggested here is to ignore the shadows at the right side and the whole team gather at the left side to stop the shadows while killing the Cerberus at the same time.

    Shadows skill:
    1. Purple cannon: High damage.
    2. Firewall: Similar to elemental lord's fire wall. High damage.

    The shadows are not immune to all sort of abnormal status (time stop, bind, slow, etc). The super armor also can be broken.

    * Provoke all the way and make sure the Cerberus is facing away from other party members and towards the edge/wall. The dark circle from paw smashing will not be formed near the edge.

    * Take turn to cast hand of miracle to make sure the paladin survive.
    * Line up all your relics properly to form a wall to separate the party members from the Cerberus. It will block the energy ball from his jump and also prevent him from walking towards the DPS if the paladin lose the aggro.

    Force User:
    * Cast time acceleration at appropriate time to refresh all other party members skills
    * Cast mirror in line with other priest's relic to block attack from the Cerberus and prevent any movement of the Cerberus.

    * Use super armor buff when you notice paladin are trapped and floated by the dark circle, Or when the Cerberus is about to use the roar attack
    * Highland when necessary, especially during the last 2 HP bar.
    * Use devastating howl when necessary, especially when the priest' miracle hand is on CD and the Cerberus is about to Jump.

    Other classes
    *Make use the shadows are down ASAP before they get to the magical circle outside of the lane.

    Besides the main tanker, other member should stand near the tree (at the right lane) or the rock (at the left lane) to prevent yourself from being blown out when the Cerberus Roar.

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    CDN电信华中1区 - 1服2服
    蓝月雪 Level 60 Saint in FREEDOM

    Mar 14, 2011 5:55 am
    Stage 5: Random Boss
    Your party will face one of the boss below:

    Lizard Brothers: Toast, Crow, Tay

    The 3 bosses here are 3 lizard brothers: Crow (Lightning), Toast (Ice) , Tay (Steel).

    The HP and defense of the 3 lizards are randomly decided. One of them is very weak, one of them is medium while the last one is very strong. The trick here is, the 3 lizards must be killed within 10sec interval.

    How to differentiate which is the strongest one?

    Normally large AOE skills (miracle hand and other large AOE ultimate for example) can be casted when the battle just started and the HP reduction for each lizards can be observed. The weakest one should be almost dead or dead very soon. The strongest one probably will still be at HP x4 and the remaining one likely with his HP reduced to HPx3.

    All 3 lizards are able to dig into the ground and randomly reappear again.

    The 3 lizards comes with their original skills in normal abyss, with additional super killer skill:
    Lightning Lizard: AOE lightning
    Ice Lizard: AOE Ice Rain
    Steel Lizard: Spear Swipe / Charge

    To avoid the AOE lighting or ice rain, you can either stay very close to the boss or extremely far away from the boss.
    The strongest lizard will cast berserk and increase the trio's damage significantly. It will glows and you will see a sword symbol on top of his head.

    The main strategy here is to split the party member into 2 groups.

    Group 1: Main DPS + 1 Paladin + 1 Priest + others
    Group 2: 1 Paladin + 1 Mercenary + 1 Priest

    Group 1 will focus on the single strongest lizard.

    Group 2 will have to focus on the intermediate lizard.

    Whenever the lizard tunnel into the ground, everybody should gather in the pit at the middle of the map to receive miracle hand and holy shield buff from priest. After receiving the buff, don't stay at the middle. Instead move to the edge of the map to the lizard designated to you (mini map helps).

    The weak lizard can be killed repeatedly since it is weak and can be killed anytime. He can either be in group 1 or 2. Doesn't really matter because he can be killed almost instantly.

    The two groups should be FAR AWAY from each other so that if any of the 2 lighting/ice lizard cast AOE skills, the other group will not be affected.

    The reason why the intermediate and the strong one should NOT be too close is because it would be very difficult to balance their HP.

    * If there are two paladins, both aura should be on: judgement and element aura for extra ice and lightning damage resist.
    * Keep aggro of the lizard and control the position of the lizard so that they are far enough from the other group.
    * Interrupt the AOE skill casting is possible.

    * Each time after the lizard tunnel in, cast miracle hand when they reappear because sometimes they will cast AOE skills immediately after that.

    * Use high super armor break skill to interrupt the lizard AOE skills.
    * Highland when the lizard tunnel in and about to reappear.
    * Typhoon should NOT be used unless the party is going for the kill. Typhoon will mix up the strong and medium lizard: it will be hard to balance their HP if they are together. *  Use disenchanting howl on the strongest lizard when it cast berserk.

    Force User:
    * Time accelerate the priest so that miracle hand can be cast each round.

    Once the strongest lizards hp hit at least 1/4 of the last bar, the medium lizard hit at least 1/2 of the last bar bring all of them together. Cast Typhoon, Time acceleration and Miracle hand if available.

    The 3 lizards have to die within 10sec interval otherwise they will respawn again.

    Dancing Minataur: Noirbak

    More video:

    Boss skill:
    1. Cow stampede: High damage. Very dangerous skill for ranged char. Each hit 5000+, crit 13k. When anyone stepped on the magical circle around Noirback, he will activate this skill. Also, he will cast it  at HP x1 and x4.  

    2. Slash: Around 10k damage...

    3. Charged Swing: He will charged up before he swing his axe. 10k damage. Very large AOE.

    4. Stomp: 100% faint unless you have high super armor. 4000+ damage.

    5. Wave Chop EX: After slashing with his axe, black crescent wave similar to dark Manticore's skill will propagate outwards. Slash damage is 10k, crescent wave damage 8000.

    6. Frenzy Explosion: Throw a lot of axe. Each hit deal roughly 8000.

    7. Dancing Beam:  It is activated when his HP bar x 3 is about to be depleted. A yellow beam will affect players around him. After you are hit, you will start dancing. You won't be able to walk or control your char. After that he will summon more cows to attack you while you are dancing.

    Flow of Battle

    When you enter the stage, you will see a lot of bone-like pillars around the place. There will be a big magical circle at Noirbak's feet and he is shielded by an invincible shell. Noirbak is also guarded by a lot of smaller minotaurs.

    Avoid stepping on the magical circle around Noirbak to prevent him to casting the cow stampede, which is very lethal to non-tanker char. If ever some1 trigger the cow stampede by accident, cast any damage reduction/blocking/speed-up skill you might have or try distance yourself from the boss and evade the charging bull.

    First, move around the area and make sure you keep an eye on the movement of the boss. Avoid stepping on the magical circle around him at all cost. DO NOT cast any relic/stick or apocalypse claw on the field because those stuff will trigger the cow stampede too if the boss happen to move close to it.

    Agile characters should clear some small bull if possible to facilitate movement of party members. Disabling skills can be used to disable those smaller bull too.  Slowly destroy the pillars around the place to deactivate the invincible shell on Noirbak.

    After destroying all the pillars, Noirbak's invincible shell and the magical circle will disappear. A message will appear on screen when it happens.

    He will start by using cow stampede until 1/10 of his first hp bar is depleted. This is the most critical stage of the whole battle.

    Paladin should avatar immediately and try to reduce the HP of the boss enough so that the stampede stop. If there is only one paladin, miracle hand+holy shield from priest and devastating howl+taunting howl+super armor buff+highland from mercenary need to be casted all together. High HP char should help the paladin to down the HP of the boss till the stampede char.

    NOTE: Chars like mage and archer will die EVEN in Hand of Miracle. That's how powerful the cow stampede is. Highland is absolutely recommended here.

    Female char should stay far away from the boss and hide behind the mirror of the force user and priest hand of miracle, until the cow stampede stop.

    HP x 4 and x3 is very easy.  Paladin keep aggro on himself and stay near the edge of the map. Other classes just deal damage to the boss.

    When HP x3 is about to be depleted, he will start casting the notorious "Dancing Beam". The beam itself deals no damage but the smaller bull around the boss will deal heavy damage to the dancers. Relic of hold, time stop and other means of disabling skills should be used to keep whoever close to the boss and affected by the dancing beam safe. Ranged char should deal damage from far to avoid being hit by the beam.

    During his last HP bar, he will cast casting Bull charging again, which is extremely dangerous for low HP char without shield block. Force user can use mirror to block the charging stampede.

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    Mar 14, 2011 1:05 pm
    Stage 6: Grassland Golem Monta

    Monta has various deadly skills:
    * Poison Spore: From HPx4 to x1. It will cast poison spore at one of the party member who draw aggro. After being hit, the person will have an skull icon on his head and poison aura will appear around him (greenish ring). There will be a system notice about it too. That person should be far from the others and party members should not be in the vicinity of the poison aura around him. That person who catch the poison won't actually receive any damage, however anyone else who are in the aura will get 15K~30K damage per second.

    * Poison Gas (AOE Poison): At the end of each HP bar, after a countdown of 3 sec, the whole field will be filled with poison gas.  Each hit 10k damage, one will probably be dead after this skill is over.  This skill will be casted every time when each of his HP bar is about to be depleted.

    *Vine Grip: From HPx3 to x1. Monta will dig its mouth and spit something out onto the floor. A vine will start chasing a random player. Players who are near the vine will then be entangled with some sort of poison vine (there will be another system notice about it). The bind attack has a certain AOE and can bind more than 1 person.

    Deal 1500 damage per second for 10sec. After 10sec, roughly 50k damage will be dealt.  Damage penetrates shield block and avatar. If someone is bound, other party members can save them by breaking the super armor of the vine. Requires high super armor skills.

    * Berserk: After  6minutes of the battle, Monta might go into Berserk mode. There will be a sword symbol on top of this head. It will start dealing almost 50k damage with any single hit. Mercenary disenchanting howl can remove the berserk status. He will only cast berserk once in the whole battle.

    * Stomp: From HP x4 to x1. Monta will slam the floor with his fist, with a ring of rock column appearing around it. The first hit deal 4000~5000 damage, while the rock column can deal as high as 20k damage (aftershock damage). The AOE is 360 degree around him. Will not hit melee range or far away from him.  

    * Charged Stomp: From HPx3 to x1. Monta will raise his arm high and one of his leg as well to power up his stomp. This attack has unlimited AOE and will hit you no matter where you are. A rock column will be forced out underneath your feet to deal heavy aftershock damage. Avoid this attack by timing your jump, just when his arm is at the highest point and about to slam down. JUMP AWAY from your current spot with arrow key so that you will not be hit by the rock column. Avoid jumping to your party members or you will get hit by his rock column.

    * Earth Quake + Chase: Hpx1. Monta will jump and stomp to cause earth quake and faint. Deal large AOE damage to the whole screen. Jump to avoid. Monta will chase after member with highest aggro (normally paladin with provoke)

    * Dig underground: Hpx2 to x1. He will dig underground and hide after hitting HPx2. His hand will punch out from the ground sometimes.

    * Summon Zombie: summon a lot of poison zombie to attack you.

    Flower Skill:
    * Bite
    * Spit Poison
    * Roar: This is skill is extremely damaging. Make sure someone disable or kill the flower when everyone is gathering on the platform.


    Monta is a very tough boss which requires perfect coordination between party members to kill it without sacrificing anyone. A small mistake could wipe out the whole party instantly.


    Main Tank (main-T)
    * provoke
    * make sure your provoke does not get cancel by the flower beside you.

    Sub Tank (sub-T)
    *provoke if main-T lose it.
    *Save main-T with avatar+smite+armor break etc if main-T is bound. The reason for using avatar is because the main-T might get infected with poison ring when he is bound. You will be killed if you go near him without avatar.
    *Distract the flower so that it doesn't disturb the provoke of main-T

    * Use disenchanting howl at the 6th minute to remove berserk on Monta
    * Cast highland, super armor buff whenever gathering at the platform at the end of each HP bar.
    * Use devastating howl to reduce the attack of Monta.

    * Cast miracle hand at the top of the platform (near the sub-T location) when each of Monta's HP bar is almost depleted. (to be safe, around 10~15% of HP bar). Make sure, that there is a poison ring on the main-T (a sign of the aggro is on him) before you cast the miracle hand.
    * Heal the party when necessary.
    * Cast various relic (the Great Wall of Relic) around Monta to block the vine.

    Force User
    * Cast time acceleration when all the priests finishing casting their miracle hands.
    * Use mirror to block the vine if it manage to slip past it.
    * Distract the flower so that it doesn't cancel the skills of the main-T

    Vine Breaker
    * This is a special role given to 1 to 2 member(s) in the party. Normally a fast moving character with high super armor skills. Mercenary, sword master and force user are good candidate for this task.
    * Stay at the back at the relic wall most of the time and reserves high super armor break skills.
    * Be extremely alert and save party member(s) who get bound ASAP.

    Position of Party Members
    Party members are not strictly required to stand at the right zone, but that's the place to stand during idling period (not really idle but when your major attack skills/damage reduction buff is cooldown and you don't really want to attack or waiting for cooldown of miracle hand)

    Zone Definition:
    High Risk - not blocked by any relics. can be bound anytime and party members might not be able to make it to save you. DO NOT stay there for too long, especially when Monta is digging his mouth.
    Medium Risk - Only will get bound with all the relics are down or destroyed by Monta.
    Low Risk - Almost impossible to get bound, because they are shielded by priests and their relics.

    If Main-T got bound,

    If Priest or Sub-T got bound:

    The advantage of such formation is that:
    * the Vine Breaker (DPS/Merc) can actually see what Monta is doing while trying to save the sub-T or priest. DPS/Merc will have the chance to dodge some of the attack while saving instead of sustaining damage while saving.
    * The fan-shaped area allows the DPS/Merc to be spaced out to avoid the the raise-leg stomp and at the same time, be protected from Vine grip.

    How to attack: DPS can go to the side of the Monta to deal damage, but try to stay behind the relics to avoid getting bind.

    Flow of the Battle

    At the start of the battle, a paladin with high level provoke run up to the 2 o'clock platform (top right corner) and provoke the boss. The platform is chosen because it is the widest platform among the 4 of them. Monta can't jump up to the platform. All other members do nothing and wait for 6min to pass.

    Mercenary get ready to cast disenchanting howl at 6minutes to clear his berserk status. Sub-T get into the position at the other end of the same platform.  After it is done, all party members can start attacking Monta from its back while the main-T provoke it.

    At the end of HP x4, wait for a Poison Ring to be cast on the Main-T. This is to prevent the Poison Ring to be casted on a random party members while we are gathering at the top of the platform to avoid the AOE poison gas.  

    Once the Main-T is infected with a poison ring, priest 1 cast a Miracle Hand on the top the platform at the position of the Sub-T. This miracle hand can reduce the damage from various stomp and save the party member in case Vine Grip is cast suddenly.

    After miracle hand is up, all other party members move up to the platform (where the sub-T is) and gather in the Miracle Hand. Continue to deal damage to Monta until the AOE Poison Gas is triggered. Priest 2 continue to cast the second miracle hand after the first one finish.

    After the AOE Poison Gas is over, all party members go down from the platform and go into the formation suggested above. Priests cast the Great of Relic around Monta and DPS can start damaging Monta. The 3rd miracle hand can be used if available. Time acceleration should be cast right after the final miracle hand. Devastating howl can also be used to cut the attack Monta after the last miracle hand is cast. Vine Breaker and Sub-T must be extremely alert at all times.

    After hitting the end of HPx3, make sure miracle hand is CD and a poison ring is cast on the Main-T. Repeat the same process again, as with the end of HPx4.

    After this second poison gas, Monta will start tunneling into the ground and summon zombies. Clear the zombies ASAP. When Monta reappear, DO NOT attack before the main-T provoke Monta and lure it to the platform. Once Monta is back into position, everyone else should get into the same formation again. Note that he likes to tunnel a few times during 2x HP.

    Repeat the same thing when his 2x HP is about to get depleted. Wait for a poison ring, miracle hand, gather, deal damage. This 3rd poison gas attack is the last one you will see.

    Finish the last HP bar in the same formation and you will see the dragon soon.

    The chest that appears at this stage normally gives 40A weapons.

    Other video:

    1. http://bbs.duowan.com/thread-19100746-1-1.html
    2 http://dn.duowan.com/1104/165594001939_2.html

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    Mar 14, 2011 1:06 pm
    Stage 7: Sea Dragon - Serpenta

    A good Chinese walkthrough video for reference:

    First Map: Phase 1

    HP x 20

    Upon going into this stage, Serpenta will cast dragon breath attack, which is almost one hit ko for most players. Quickly hide at the corner (see Video) to avoid the breath.

    Phase 1 skill:
    * Claw: Melee ranged
    * Middle Bite (Peck): Long ranged. Serpenta won't be able to hit you with this attack if you are hiding at the corner or stay by the side.
    * Dragon Breath: Will cast every 60sec once. Must avoid by hiding at the two corners. It has some sort of suction effect, so arrow key has to be hold down to avoid getting sucks in.

    Dragon Breath is a special attack that can remove any buff on the target. So nothing can save your from it (shield block, avatar, miracle etc). However, a special cooking item will make you immune to breath attack for a short duration.

    HP x19
    * Side Pecking: Serpenta will be able reach the corner at this phase. DPS char should see the motion of his head. Avoid swiftly if he is pecking into your direction.
    * Ice Claw: higher damage, slow effect.
    After the HP is brought down by 85% for this hp bar, Serpenta will fly to the next map.

    Before going into the second map, cast a highland on everyone. Miracle hand should be ready.


    Second Map: Phase 2 - Cannon Phase

    Cannon View

    Rear View

    HP x 18.15

    Before entering this map, cast highland and buff up.

    Upon reaching the 2nd map, move to one of the edge of the map and overlap each other. Miracle hand should be cast immediately after that.

    The reason for overlapping is because ice flake will be cast on party member which has a eye icon. The ice flake will not hit the person with the eye icon and the person overlapping with him. However, ice flake will deal heavy damage to people around it.

    The reason for casting miracle hand is to reduce the damage from spike thrown by Serpenta. After his first dive breath, the 3 cannon holder can move to their respective cannons.

    Serpenta will be flying around in the sky during this phase. He can only be damaged by Cannons. Paladin can try to reflect the damage of spikes also.
    There are 5 cannons lying in line. It is advised that only the first, third and fifth cannons are used. leaving a gap of empty cannon between each cannons. The reason for doing so is to avoid the ice flakes (see below).

    Boss Skills

    * Ice Flakes (Eye): Serpenta will mark a few player in the party. Dark eyes symbols will appear on those who are being marked. Serpenta will shoot ice flakes at those who are being marked. However, it won't damage the one being marked but only members around him, 50k ~ 70k damage, AOE, slow effect. Everyone should stand apart from those who are marked. Another method is stand exactly with the one being marked, overlapping each other.  

    * Monster-throwing attack (Spike):  Serpenta will throw monster from the sky to deal damage. Serpenta will never aim the person handling the cannon. To avoid getting hit by spikes, simply move from your current location when you see the black smoke on the dragon and spikes are thrown from him. Paladin should also provoke the monster so that they won't attack the person handling the cannons.

    * Ice meteor (Cube):  Serpenta summon 5 ice meteors on the sky. They will grow and move towards the whole team slowly and explode. Damage is around 90k+, and extremely large AOE. The meteors can be destroyed with cannons (5-6 normal shot, 1 charged shot). In the unlikely event that the ice meteor can't be destroyed, it is recommended that all members run to the safe zone (see picture) to avoid the damage from ice meteor.

    Normally the party member who are not holding any cannons will be split into 2-3 subgroups, each at the side of the map. Move according to the skill cast: eye - overlap, spike - move around.

    After the dragon is brought down to near HPx16 (roughly 25%), the person handling the middle cannon should run and gather at the sides with the other party members.

    The other party members should be informed (they will not see the dragon's HP since they never hit it with cannon). Miracle hand should be cast and all party members overlap each other near the sides of the map.

    The other 2 members at the 1st and 5th cannon should observe the dragon's HP and its profile picture beside his HP carefully. Note that it normally glows red if the cannon hit the dragon. However, when the dragon's profile picture STOP GLOWING RED even if the cannon hit it, press ESC to release yourself from the cannon and dash to the sides of the map ASAP. The Dragon will dive down with a breath attack very shortly afterwards.

    NOTE #1: The dragon might not dive immediately at 16.25x HP. He might cast an additional wave of ice meteor which can prove dangerous if not dealt with. To prevent this, it is better to wait for additional rounds of ice meteor at 16.4x HP. After clearing this round of ice meteor, the 3rd cannoner can go to the side and overlap with others. The 1st and 5th cannoner will then continue hitting the dragon till the dragon dive down.

    NOTE #2: After it stop glowing red, DO NOT run back to the cannon NO MATTER what happen.


    Phase 3

    Main-T stand near the edge of the map where the cannons previously were and start provoking the dragon. Sub-T stand beside him, roughly one cannon distance away. The other 6 party members should be divided into 2 sub-groups each at one side of the dragon.

    Main-T & Provoke
    Main T must keep the aggro on the dragon at all times and make sure the dragon is facing you. Provoke need to be level 7 at least with A/B duration plate.

    The timing for provoke is an art. It should not be spam whenever it is cooldown because the dragon is "immune" to provoke at several occasion.

    Most main-T will stay near the edge of the map to prevent Blackhole from being cast. While at the edge of the map, provoke should only be cast is when the dragon is
    * not doing anything
    * pecking sub-T or main-T
    * claw attack (with no ice)
    * doing tail swipe.
    * turning around when aggro on you is lost.
    * casting rotating dragon breath ( you will need to walk nearer to him)

    Provoke should not be cast when the dragon is:
    * casting ice claw
    * casting blackhole
    * flying and doing any airborne skills
    * casting ice age (bind)
    * casting rotating dragon breath (when you are at the edge of the map)

    Note: rotating dragon breath can only be provoked if you walk nearer to him. Staying at the edge of the map while casting provoke during this skills is useless.

    The two subgroups should gather at the tail of the dragon and deal damage under miracle hand.
    HP x 16.25
    * Bite: Serpenta will be using this throughout the whole battle. Normally only aimed at the paladins.
    * Ice Claw: homing effect, can be blocked with mirror. Will be cast throughout the whole battle.
    Paladin has to take note that the ice claw will cause lost aggro. Main-T or Sub-T has to refresh the aggro with provoke right after the ice claw attack. The key role of the two paladins is to make sure the dragon doesn't turn his head towards the other party members.

    HP x 15.25
    * Dive Breath (Dive): Serpenta will flap his wings and fly to the sky. Shortly after that, he will dive down with a breath attack. Take note of which way his head is facing. Members from the two subgroups hide at the two map edges at their respective edges (to the left or right of dragon) of the map to avoid it. Main-T and Sub-T should run to the side too.

    HP x14.25
    * Rotating dragon breath: First cast at 14.25 x HP. Angle of rotation is roughly 180~270 degree, can be clockwise or counterclockwise. The screen will go blur for awhile while Serpenta flaps his wing. The blur effect induce a slow status on all party members. The breath attack that follows clear all buffs and deal very high damage.

    Mercenary and Paladin roles are very important here.
    * Approach the dragon (near tail or hind legs) with super armor buff when the dragon's HP is near 14.25
    * Once the screen goes bluff, cast Relieve immediately which clears the slow effect.
    * Cast Devastating howl before the dragon flies up and start his breath attack.
    * If you miss (no HP reduction observed), inform the paladin immediately and the paladin will have to eat dragon breath potion to withstand the damage.

    * Cast elemental aura to reduce ice/water damage from the rotating breath (permanent aura effect cannot be removed by the breath). Although mercenary induce at 80% attack reduction on the dragon, the damage is still extremely high. Roughly 50k damage will be induced on the paladin under the combination of devastating howl + elemental aura.
    * Stay at your current location. Do not run to your other party members. If you manage to provoke before the casting of rotating breath, the dragon will not rotate at all. This is important because you certainly don't want your other party members' buffs, especially buff potion, to be cleared by the breath attack.
    * If devastating howl debuff is not applied to the dragon for some reason, eat dragon breath potion to be immune to the breath for 10sec.

    After the first rotating dragon breath at 14.25xHP, the next rotating dragon breath will be casted after every 90second.

    There are two types of Rotating Dragon Breath:
    (i) HP-triggered
    * cast at 14.25, 9.25, 7.25 and 5.25 x HP.
    (ii) Time-triggered
    * cast every 90sec after the first HP-triggered breath at 14.25. Will stop after hitting HPx10.5.

    Mercenaries have to make sure that their essential skills: super armor buff, relief, and devastating howl are ready before the rotating dragon breath.

    HPx 13.25
    * Ice Age (Bind): Serpenta will raise his head and flap his wings, freezing players. Player will die shortly afterwards. ~110k damage. Normally the person with the highest aggro will be frozen. From now onwards, Ice Age will be cast throughout the whole battle except 9.25~7.25x HP.

    Typically, that person is the main-T. If the main-T was frozen, the sub-T need to save him RIGHT AWAY with Smite. The main-T can prevent himself from being frozen by casting avatar or place summoned units (claw, hound or mushroom) in front of himself and take steps backwards. The frozen attack has a certain AOE and if the main-T is too close to the summoned units, he will be frozen as well. If the sub-T is a priest instead of paladin, relic should be cast in front of the main-T to act as sacrificial target.

    However, if the pally lose aggro and some other members are frozen, the other members in his sub-group should save him. Use high super armor break skills (miracle hand if need to) to  break the ice. Try not to stand too near each other when ice age is cast so that the whole sub-group will not be frozen all together.

    Certain classes can summon sacrificial target to be frozen by ice age and thus preventing himself from being frozen. It is important to make sure that you, your sacrificial target and the head of the dragon are perfectly in-line and you are not too close to your sacrifice target.
    - Priest: all relics
    - Academic : all summons
    - Force user: mirror

    * Black hole & Tail Coil: CD ~30sec. He will spit some dark matter which will suck whoever nearby to its center. Serpenta will then turn around his body and use hits tail to coil around anyone at the center of the dark matter, suffocating him. Extremely high damage.  If you ever get sucked into the blackhole, spam jump and tumble/blink to have a slight chance to getting out. He will stop casting this after HPx7.25


    Phase 4

    HP x 9.25
    When the dragon flies, there are two possibilities: ice rain( purple bomb) or dive with breath attack.
    * Ice Rain (Bomb): cleric just cast shield block. non-cleric have to keep running to avoid being damaged. Ice rain will be casted from 9.25x to 4.25x HP. It is important to note that relics and summon units attract rain also. When running, DO NOT run towards relic and summon units or any of your party members.

    NOTE: Ice Age will NOT appear from 9.25x to 7.25x HP.


    7.25X TO 4.25X HP

    * Ice Flakes: A few members will be marked with eyes. 4 waves of ice flakes will be thrown down on some marked members. A small area within the ice flakes will be the safe zone.

    Sub-group members have to stand overlapped with the marked person at the side to avoid being damage. Has a small suction effect. Do not re-adjust your position with arrow key.

    Each of the 3 subgroups has to decide on a fixed location to run to and gather for overlapping. The locations are normally marked by geographical features for easy reference ( rock, hole etc) When the dragon flies, move to the spot immediately when eyes are spotted on party members.

    It is advised that the view should not be panned away from the dragon. The reason is, the dragon might cast ice rain when it flies, which requires you to run away from others, instead of gathering.

    * Frontal Breath: Follows immediately after the 4th wave of ice flake. The two subgroups at the side move further towards the back of the dragon slightly to avoid this breath. The tanker subgroup move the edge of the map (in the direction the dragon is facing).

    * Dive Breath: Follows immediately after the frontal breath. Hide at the edges as usual.

    The 3-combo: Ice flake > frontal breath > dive will always be cast together. The 3 combo will be cast from 7.25x to death.

    * Side Breath: This breath is extremely dangerous. He will cast this when he is on the ground, almost randomly. The breath spans from the front leg to the end of the tail. Therefore, it's very important NOT to stand any where near his sides after HPx6.25. The safe place to gather and deal damage is at the TIP of the tail.

    It is advised that, each ground, either miracle hand or devastating howl should be cast at the gathering point at the tail tip. When moving towards the tail tip, beware not to get too close to the side of the dragon. Try to move along the edge of the map, to be safe.

    This is the most challenging phase of the whole dragon battle because the dragon will try to trick you with some false signals.

    Normally, eye is followed by ice flakes. The default action after seeing eye on party members , is to overlapped with your party members. However, after HPx6.25, after putting eye icon, he MIGHT start to cast ice rain instead of ice flake. If you stay overlap and not moving, you will be wiped out very soon.

    The key to solve this is to differentiate the casting animation between ice rain and ice flakes. Observe what he do after he flies.

    See this video to check out the casting animation :

    Video above - first part: Direct Rain
    - He flied up and open his arm wide directly (with NO dark smoke at his claw). Rain will drop right away.

    Video above - Second part: Eye (Fake) + Rain
    - He flied up and note that his arm is in front of him. At this moment, the "eye" icon will appear on a few party members.
    - However, this is a fake eye when his arm OPEN WIDE (with NO dark smoke at his claw). .He will cast rain instead of the normal flakes.

    * sometimes you probably don't have time to check the sky for  his casting animation after he flies up , since you might be moving toward the overlapping point.
    * listen to the video above, and memorize the sound the dragon made when he is casting the ice rain.
    * once you can do that, you don't even need to check the sky to know that ice rain is coming. Very powerful technique once you have mastered it.

    * What you need to do in both cases above, is to cast your shield block if you have (should save for it) Or, if you don't have shield block, then just keep moving.... It 's a bit like Manticore flying bombing where he won't hit you if you keep moving.

    However, do not run into the other party members or tragedy will happen =.=  Assign 3 paths for each members from each sub-group to run so that you guys won't run into each other.

    For flakes, his attack animation are described as follows:

    Eye (Real) + Ice Flakes:
    -  After placing eye, if you see that his mouth breath dark/icy breath with dark smoke on both claws. After a roar, it will throw flakes.  

    * You should quickly move to the assigned overlap spot.


    Phase 5 - "Pig-Head Mode"

    HP x 4.25
    At this last phase, when Serpenta is airborne, it will DEFINITELY cast the 3 combo. So simply move the overlap spot without even looking at him.

    He will still cast the usual ice claw, ice age, side breath and bite when he is on the ground. However, black hole will not appear again.

    Make no silly mistake and be patient, and the dragon is yours!

    There will be 4 final chests after you defeat the dragon.

    The usual drops are a few parts of sea dragon gears, S-rank potential codes and S-rank skill plates, with a lot of gold and intermediate gems.


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      Mar 14, 2011 1:06 pm

      Below is the information about the resist. for all the mobs in Sea Dragon nest.

      Negative means "weakness", Postive means "Resist"

      Latest full stats for bosses in SDN normal and hardcore mode (in CDN and KDN) is shown in the link below:


      The phy and mag def of sea dragon are 5544.


      Source: http://dn.duowan.com/1103/164712638855.html
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      Mar 15, 2011 6:22 pm
      emmm, seem so difficult wor.... I think we need a better communication channel since teamwork is a must during the nest.
      haha, the berserk island suit for chaos and ur housemates (pika, kel and ck). juz nice 4 person.

      An the lave golem.... one player cant go up to platofrm, then whole team gone... errrr, this one a bit stressed lor... .... [SMILE=s42]

      Mar 16, 2011 12:41 pm
      * Thanks for the linking to the video.

      * Moved all the video to the respective section for easier reference.

      Hope this guide will help Freedom to get pass at least the 3rd stage next week.


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      Mar 16, 2011 1:41 pm

      4th stage

      1:拍爪.   跟小狗一样 连续2拍,并且拍的地方出现一个火墙的范围的黑色地域.碰到会伤血,但不多.
      2:旋转攻击.   小狗也会,但是不常用. 它会先吼一声,然后一个大转身.四周都会达到,但是范围并不大.身为DPS完全可以无视.
      3:吼,第二条血的时候会释放. 跟小狗一样震开周围所有单位,但是时间长.跟火大差不多的时间.我火径烧完了还是给吹飞了. 这招对团队非常有危险性,虽然伤害几乎不算,但是一旦将T吹出去,糟糕的就是全队人.
      4,飞身扑,第二条血的时候会放. 起手跟小狗一样,扑一次1W以上. 一旦OT,让狗扑到后方DPS后,不堪设想. 所以再再再次声明.没一个好T绝对别想过了.







      5th stage

        首先。这只红色的母牛绝对佩戴了母牛之袭技能纹章,你们懂得,一挥手就放牛出来奔 。其次,我估计身边的牛群是无限刷新的,无限刷新有两种可能。









      蜥蜴有3只. 电   冰   铁.

      冰蜥蜴防御血量比铁蜥蜴少一些 但也挺多的.

      每个一段时间蜥蜴们会钻进土里 然后随机位置出现.
      通关必须3只在10秒内一起杀掉, 这就必须拟定一个好战术了.


      电蜥蜴,除了本来的招数 就多个全屏电. 但是贤者随便打一下就可以打断.  
      冰蜥蜴,除了本来的招数 多个全屏冰,在范围外会持续几秒冰冻.可以打断.

      让贤者先拉住冰蜥蜴和雷蜥蜴.   其他所有人去打铁蜥蜴.将铁蜥蜴蹂躏至残后,贤者拉住铁蜥蜴.若还有一个贤者.可以一个拉住铁的,一个去打断雷的.然后所有人去杀冰的.
      因为在狗的时候死了一个贤者,导致铁蜥蜴我们没人拉.   铁蜥蜴一直朝着我.最后一行血给扫掉了.一下2W,我只能抱憾而归.

      for nw still no gt alot inform about those stage...
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      Mar 16, 2011 3:36 pm
      Trunet is our greatest asset now as he's probably the only one with highest level Provoke! Sea Dragon seems to bring an end to kick pala's era.

      Btw, 8 men nest party only have a spot for 1 DPS classes such as BM/SM/Acro... Oh no I'm doomed!
      This post has been modified on Mar 16 , 2011 03:37:26 PM by   v2seraph.


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        Mar 16, 2011 9:33 pm
        bull no going to up max provoke?sob


        CDN电信华中1区 - 1服2服
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        Mar 16, 2011 10:15 pm
        2 paladin, 2 priest, 1 FU, 1 Warrior (Merc/SM)

        Must have skill for Paladin: Avatar, provoke, block, etc
        Must have skill for Priest: Hand of miracle, various buff, various relic
        Must have skill for Force User: Time acceleration

        + 2 more spots for others class :
        BM: Dark/non-elemental Phy Dps
        Ele: Fire/Ice Magic Dps
        Acro: Speedup Buff, Phy dps
        SM: Highland, Block, Various debuff, Dark/non-elemental Dps
        Merc: Highland, Devastating Howl, Silence

        Interesting for the first 4 stages, the key is not to kill fast (no time limit stage), but to kill boss without dieing. Here i believe Warrior classes would be popular to fill up the last 2/3 slots due to the ability to cast highland..... Remember you can't revive, buying insurance (Highland) is actually very helpful in case of accidents.
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        Mar 17, 2011 12:26 am
        Originally Posted by v2seraph
        Trunet is our greatest asset now as he's probably the only one with highest level Provoke! Sea Dragon seems to bring an end to kick pala's era.

        Btw, 8 men nest party only have a spot for 1 DPS classes such as BM/SM/Acro... Oh no I'm doomed!
        This post has been modified on Mar 16 , 2011 03:37:26 PM by   v2seraph.

        Erm, currently my provoke is left at lv 2 (constraint of sp). =x

        But I think I will max this skill.

        Time to wash point again...


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        Mar 20, 2011 3:06 pm
        gt my place or nt or nt?going bomb bull at 1st stage to release anger when he bully me in pvp..hahaha[SMILE=s2][SMILE=s2]


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        Mar 23, 2011 1:07 am
        What Pass do i need to get to get inside the SEA dragon Nest?

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          Mar 23, 2011 6:54 am
          can you guys give me a link for these instructions in chinese? it would really help my party LOL! these instructions were extremely helpful....and my god the hp on these bosses...


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          Mar 23, 2011 9:26 am
          lul my provoke is lvl 2 aswell

          Mar 23, 2011 1:18 pm
          wow it seems force user has so much value but us ele....D: we deserve sum time of epic of or debuff D:<


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