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Please remember to post according to forum rules! Jul 19, 2012 8:31 pm

Thanks for your guys' attention! According to recent posts in Guild Lounge, we found some problems, please

1. Don't reply your threads by yourself again and again to bump it up, cause it looks like spamming.
2. If you have anything to update about your recruitment, it's better to add it to the original post, don't make a new reply.

Please also remember to follow our forum rules:

Illegal acts:
1. Make spams maliciously only to grind points.
2. Disclose someone's photos or private info without his/her consent.
3. Post something that is deemed as vulgar, insulting or aggressive by the administrator.
4. Attach illegal links in the post or signature.
5. Promote methods or tools that impair the game balance, like the unacknowledged private servers and third-party programs.
6. The post, nickname or signature involves any cash transaction.
7. We won't list those obviously in contravention of game and social morality one by one, e.g. the political, religious or racial issues, but it doesn't mean we won't impose corresponding punishments.

More often than not, blessing cards are given

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