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Join TDK International for 《Age of Wushu 2》 and Other CBT Games

Apr 27, 2017 9:38 am

TDK International Guild

Hello everyone!

TDK International Guild is here! (“The Dark Knight”, a guild set foot on Chinese games organized by international players). Our guild is actively developing overseas, recruiting players to join, so that more players have the opportunity to participate in Chinese MMO games that are in Close Beta Test (this year, we have Age of Wushu 2, Justice Online).

At present, we are actively releasing “Age of Wushu 2” latest news and insider information, as well as giving the opportunity to have a direct discussion with Snail (AoW2 game official) and participate in Age of Wushu 2 Close Beta Test!

About TDK Guild:

TDK International Guild was founded in 2010, the guild name is an abbreviation of “The Dark Knight”. The idea of the guild is development of diversity in online gaming, providing members the opportunities of more language learning and understanding of multiculturalism, while leading players to better accept and respect the customs of other countries. We provide players a powerful communication platform full of rich information, and strive to allow players to have the opportunity to experience different games. Through our gaming experience, we share knowledge of our customs, culture, myths, history, allowing gaming to become a pathway for players to understand the cultures of different countries.
Although the TDK team is a lonely sail in the networking ocean, we wholeheartedly accept every member who joins us.

Our dream is to let players to have the opportunity experiencing different games. Through gaming, we understand the customs, mythology, history of different countries. Let gaming becoming a way of cultural exchange.

Join our facebook group:


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