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Impact Gaming Community - Semi-hardcore, mature, adult community

Nov 1, 2013 3:42 pm

A Multi-Game MMOG Community

Greetings! I'm Grey, MMO player and Community Manager/Founder for the Impact Gaming Community (IGC).  We are a Multi-Game, Multi-skill, PC Gaming Community and are always on the lookout for talented players like yourself who are seeking a long-term place to game that they can call Home.  Maybe IGC is the place for you.  Let me tell you a bit about it and you can decide for yourself if we’re the place you want to game.

IGC began as a single, small group of friends in July of 2010. That group formed Neutral Impact and still exists today. NI plays Final Fantasy XIV and has been raiding since version 1.0 of the game (you know, the terrible one).  From our then-small group an interest to play Rift arose. A few of our players wished to remain together and form a new guild.  Violent Impact was born, and Impact Gaming Community was created!

Since that time we've added numerous guilds and gamer groups across several MMOs, MOBAs, and other games.  We’ve experienced Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, TERA to name a few. Over the years guilds have come and gone but our reach has extended even into games like Rocket League, World of Tanks, and DOTA 2.  The roster of games changes as we grow, expand, and interest within our playerbase changes.

IGC is about having fun. We seek fun-loving and mature adults with a semi-hardcore mentality. We define that as players who min/max everything and play at the highest level possible, but can't necessarily login for more than 3-4 hours a night. We believe real life comes first and want to know each and every player we recruit will respect your time.

IGC is highly organized. Mostly everything is scheduled so you always know when your group's events are happening. We use an event calendars to make this happen. Leaders are transparent with their members too. We post on our forums, use guild messages, and converse on Teamspeak to keep our members in the loop on both community-wide and guild-related matters. Recently we’ve added Google Hangout to the list of ways to communicate.  This has allowed us to reach the wide audience of our entire community, while still allowing for smaller groups to organize within their own group chats too.  It has really brought us together in a big way.

IGC is about connections. Like anywhere else, you join a guild to play a game. Beyond that, the community offers a way to connect with players across games. Members can hop to another game when they want to and participate in any way they choose. No one's locked into anything, although I would say the majority of our players tend to stay in one group while making friends in others without moving games. We share everything at IGC; Teamspeak, forums, youtube channel, twitter, steam group, and Google Hangouts. We don't just look for players to join our guilds or groups. **We look for players that want to establish themselves long-term with us**. We want players that have a desire to grow within our community and prepare for upcoming titles if they wish.

Our primary goal is to continue to grow and remain a solid gaming community that provides our members with the highest quality possible experience. This is important to us and we've put in a lot of work to be successful and showcase our talents whenever possible. We feel that continued success is the best way to bring in new players.

At the end of the day we try to provide a gaming experience like no other; one that is enjoyable and conducive to building long-lasting friendships. We recruit the types of players we feel can help make that happen. While we can't make everyone happy we do what we can to make the most amount of people feel at home with us.

So you might be asking your "what does IGC offer?" Besides a great place to game, our community offers all the following to all its members:

  • Great-looking website
  • Shared community assets
  • Ever-growing list of games!)
  • 500-person Teamspeak
  • Bi-weekly Podcasts (you can be part of it!)
  • Social media connections (Youtube, Twitter, Steam, Twitch)
  • Best of all: A place to call Home!

This is just the start of what we offer. What you bring to the table transcends all the things we could possibly offer you, the player. Everyone contributes their own special bit of magic to our community and that is just as important to our growth as any of the the stuff above. It sounds sappy but it's 100% true.

IGC grows because some of our players step-up to take on new projects that allow us to provide more games to everyone. Sometimes we bring in new players that are qualified and motivated to lead a new chapter or gamer group too. We're always on the lookout for:

  • Qualified Guild Leader/Masters
  • Motivated Officers
  • Reliable Members
  • Fun-loving Casuals
  • People who like writing
  • Forum-lurkers!

When I began this community it had 5 players to start and we peaked at over 300 in our history. This doesn't happen without leaders, casuals, and everything in between. Yeah, we're pretty picky about who gets to be a Guild Leader or an Officer but that's what makes our community stronger than many others.


If you like what you’ve just read then check us out. If you have any question or simply want to talk about opportunities within IGC before you commit, feel free to send me a PM on this site or shoot me an email.  

In the meantime, here's a few links to get you started with getting to know us!

Website: http://www.impact-gaming.us  / Application: http://www.impact-gaming.us/apply-now
Email: [email]grey@impact-gaming.us / TS: ts3.impact-gaming.us  
Podcast: All Episodes

Alrighty guys and gals, hoping to hear from some of you real soon!

[ The post was edited by greyenvy at Jun 14, 2017 7:27 am ]

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Dec 2, 2013 7:36 am
IGC is looking to bring FPS games into our community.  We are currently seeking a squad leader for Battlefield 4.  Please inquire about how to join us via email on our teamspeak.

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    Jan 22, 2014 10:40 am
    Impact Gaming Community is currently seeking Guild Leaders and Officers and of course members for the following upcoming games:

    EverQuest Next
    Pathfinder Online
    Shroud of the Avatar
    The Repopulation

    If you are type leadership type please contact me at igccm@impact-gaming.us.

    Jan 22, 2014 3:11 pm
    Hi greyenvy

    Im 19 years old and Im about to start playing SWTOR, Star Trek Online and some other games when they come out seriously. Im looking forward to join your guild in that games.

    Feb 4, 2014 11:36 am
    We are continuing to accept applications for members and leaders for the above games.

    Sep 4, 2014 12:34 pm
    IGC will be running two online tabletop RPG game nights per week beginning this weekend. Also we're looking to bring back online board/card gaming with Friday night Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Guillotine, and maybe even Diplomacy if we get the right crew.

    In general the community will be looking to accommodate a wider variety of player styles, even casual. If you're looking to bring something to the table for our community or just want to play something with us, hit me up on here or the above email. We are still considering most of the above positions as well as others at this time. Nothing is out of bounds at this point if we get the leadership to organize stuff!

    Aug 3, 2015 9:12 am
    As a member of IGC since before it even was IGC (5+ years) - I'd like to take the time to express not why I joined, but why I stay!

    Gaming is a way of life for most gamers. It's more than a hobby, it's a marriage. 'Till death do us part! At IGC we are constantly evolving, finding innovative ways to immerse ourselves in this marriage.

    We don't just have a group of people who play this or that - we have a community that bleeds gaming. Podcasts, Wiki's, Tabletop (Including old school D&D campaigns), Facebook, Twitter, a YouTube Channel, a Stream Team that streams all forms of gaming, A Steam Group, A Press Team - always looking for the next "Big Thing" in gaming. Various gaming chapters, each with it's own style, it's own feel. We have Programmers, IT Professionals, Website Developers, and all facets in between. We aren't paid to do it - we do it because of our passion for gaming.

    At IGC - You quickly realize you aren't alone in your passion. You become a piece of a much larger whole, where not only do you feel like you "Fit In", you feel like you "Belong". There is no overbearing management BS that you have to jump through hoops for. If you want to come up with something new and exciting, start a new chapter or just become part of another team - you're given all of the tools to realize your vision. For free! No dues to pay, No forms to sign - let your imagination be your guide. Why wouldn't you want to be part of something like that? These are just some of the reasons I choose to stay. They are also some of  the reasons you should choose to join!

    Look, if you're into playing games - online, console, emulator, old school pen & paper - anything - IGC is the home you haven't visited yet. So pack up your stuff, load it in a truck and drive on over. We'll even help you move in!

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      Oct 2, 2015 8:11 am
      Some news to report. Neutral Impact has cleared A3S in FFXIV, our WoW guild has gone on hiatus until the next expansion, and we are restarting our Guild wars 2 group for the next content coming up. We have a podcast coming up this Sunday at 7pm EST which you can catch on www.twitch.tv/greyjorildyn at that time. We have started the Friday night Rocket league group and so far it has been just me and a few others but it's been super fun.

      We continue to seek leadership and players from all walks of life. Currently we are recruiting for CS:GO, GW2, FFXIV, Minecraft, Trove, Diablo III and anything else people might want to start up.

      Oct 28, 2015 7:08 pm
      We've got our 50th podcast episode coming up this weekend and we're totally stoked about that.  We'll be broadcasting this Sunday 11/1 at 7pm EST on twitch.tv/greyjorildyn so come listen live if you're into that sort of thing.

      IGC still has several officer positions available as well.  We are always seeking new players and are current playing lots of games.  Check out our frontpage at www.impact-gaming.us to see what we're currently into.  There's also Rocket League, DOTA2, and Guild Wars 2 and a few others game with small groups that enjoy playing on the weekends.  Come on down and see what we're all about.  Cheers.

      Jan 20, 2016 11:55 am
      We are looking for a solid leader to bring Black Desert to IGC right now.  PM if interested in the game!  Must have beta access :)

      Jan 26, 2016 10:57 am
      ​Still on the search for great leadership talent for any and all games others wish to bring to IGC.  Please check our website for current offerings.

      Feb 4, 2016 10:48 am
      This Friday's Game Night title will be "The Ship"!  Coming up on Sunday we have our 57th podcast episode, which will go live at 2pm EST to accommodate foosball. We are always on the lookout for leaders and players so PM if interested and include which game you would like to help grow or be apart of.

      MMOsite Special Offer

        Jun 14, 2017 7:27 am
        Long time no see guys. It's been a busy 6 months for me but IGC has not gone away. In fact we have expanded and are now seeking members for the following games so if any of these tickle your fancy, let me know by applying (see OP) or emailing me at grey@impact-gaming.us!

        Arma III (every Wednesday, Saturday)
        Tabletop Simulator (Board Games, every Saturday)
        Rocket League (several days per week)
        Final Fantasy XIV (Neutral Impact is recruiting, see FFXIV board here)
        Tabletop RPGs (currently seeking a full-time DM again).

        If any of this sounds good to you, drop that application and we'll chat. Leadership positions are also open for Rocket League (Game Organizer/group Leader). We will also consider new leadership positions for any game if we feel you qualify to take the lead on the game. There will be an interview. Oh yes, there will be. Maybe even two.

        Alright folks, thanks for your time!


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