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Heroes Of The Storm Players Got Married

Apr 13, 2017 11:24 pm
Days ago, a Heroes Of The Storm fan named SadJ3tsFan made a post in reddit sharing his story of meeting a girl on HOTS who become his wife eventually. This is really a loving story for gamers, yes romantic moment just falls upon your minds without plan!

"Against all odds, two people from different countries and cultures were able to find each other and create a love story for the ages. I've been playing Blizzard games since WC3 came out in 2002. Never thought I'd find the most amazing and beautiful woman on the planet on bnet but it happened!" SadJ3tsFan said.

In Feb 2016 SadJ3tsFan played a HL game (as KT) and one of his teammates was a Malf named Venus1812. Just happened to add her to his friends list after the game, at the beginning he didn't even know she was a girl! Then they played more games together and started chatting, they both started to feel real chemistry between them.

SadJetsFan and Venus1812 finally met for the first time last summer and their relationship just took off from there. They visited each other every month or so for the next several months until she moved here a few months ago. They got married last week!

The couple shared the story on Blizzard's forums yet got took down, but they still express the thank to Blizzard for making such great games and making something like this possible. "We never would have found each other if it wasn't for you."

It is absolutely a super sweet story, sometimes we have to believe fate is such a naughty child. Even though this kind of romance don't often happen, we sincerely congratulate them for receiving such happiness.

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May 12, 2017 1:40 am
awwweee, That's so cute :D


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