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How to Group Chat in IMGamer [Guide]

Apr 11, 2016 1:42 am
Are you still playing games alone? Do you feel that the public channel turns you off when you are asking for help? Add or join in a group to chat with gamers of the same game and find your home in IMGamer. This is the Black Desert Online Official Group for your references:

Hereafter we will help you with the process of joining a group and creating one in IMGamer.

Join in a Group:

Log in and tap on Chat and then Group icon

Tap on the top-right button and select Join Group

Press the magnifier in the top-right and then type in keyword to search

Select your favorite and apply to join

State why you are applying and wait the result(if it is a free-to-join group, you are in when you apply

Done! Time to start something!

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Apr 11, 2016 1:52 am
Create A Group:

Log in and tap on Chat and then Group button. Select Group Chat

You can select friends from recent contacts or search from Organzation with nicknames.

After having a name you will have three choices:
  -Allow anyone to join means no verification;
  -Require verification to join needs application;
  -Decline anyone to join makes it a private one that only introduction from members inside will work.
  -REMINDER: the group name can be exactly the same, while ID is the only way to distinguish.

After the group is created, it is time to see what it has:

1. Voice chat enables you to send a voice record on more than 120s. Tap on it once and then hold the "Hold to Talk" until you have finished.
2. Emojis provide you with some excellent emojis when words are not enough to express. Tempolarily not available to add more, but surely you will have it on our development schedule.
3.Tap on this plus will open you a shortcut panel with the following functions:
  -Samll Video lets you record and send a less than 30s video to friends and groups;
  -Camera lets you take photo with internal camera;
  -Photos lets you send pictures from you gallery;
  -File lets you upload files from your local storage;
  -Writing and Scrawl let you to show your beautiful handscrawls, you can creat pictures of words instead of typing.

Here comes the group settings. In IMGamer you can chat with and invite a friend into a group without their confirmation, so it is important to do member management.

  -Appoint an admin: tap on the top-right button to go into settings and then tap on the blank areas under number of members; the next is to hold the one's column in blank areas for a while, the following pop-up will give the choice of whether making him an admin or saying goodbye.
  -Add group member: invite gamers directly
  -Transfer Group: deliver leadership to others
  -Intro: revisable place for group introduction
  -Bulletin: notification of group, it will notify all members when changed

   -Group Share: check what others have uploaded
  -Sticky on Top: put this group chat on top permanently
  -Do Not Disturb: receive all the message while not keeping you informed for every time
  -Start a Chat: chat now with group members
  -History Messages: check what you have missed, not including those before you are in
  -Verification: change the ways of your group in receiving other gamers
  -REMINDER: only creator can handle group settings

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