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IMGamer is on, Advice and Feedback Here!

Dec 21, 2015 4:54 am
IMGamer starts test today and brings the Christmas events for more keys and gifts. Check the details here.
While our IMGamer is still not perfect, we need your help to give advice and feedback. Also your volunteering help are greatly appreciated and we have gifts and special title "First Explorer Ever" only for you.
For those who still want to participate, click here to sign up and seize the chance of getting our gifts,too.

You can log in with your username (no space in names) with initial code 123456, please change it soon after log-in (Although it is available only for this test). All the first wave MMOGOLD/cards will be sent before Dec. 31st and keys are free to apply whenever you have enough tickets.

Thanks for all your participation.

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Dec 21, 2015 7:32 am
Getting a wrong password during login screen when using my MMOSite password. Never received any passwords to login.

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    Dec 21, 2015 9:20 am
    Same, can't seem to login. Neither with username nor with email.

    login with email -> "The organization is gmail.com. You're not allowed to log in."
    login with username -> "Failed to log in:Password not correct"

    Tried with mmosite password.

    Btw. the app uses way too much app permissions on android for my taste. Even if I haven't seen the features inside yet, things like "modify global system settings"  should  not be included.
    Keep it slim or it will scare a lot of users away

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    Dec 22, 2015 12:46 am
    Sorry for the delay. The data of testers are uploading and tomorrow we will post the test-only log-in way. Thanks for your emphusiasm and wish you good luck with the lucky draw!

    Dec 23, 2015 11:14 pm

    Dec 24, 2015 12:17 am
    Reply 4#  snoc_krams006snockra


    Jan 1, 2016 2:13 am
    How can I check how many key tickets that I have drawn?

    Besides, I can't login with my nickname, which is said "this acc doesn't exist", so my nickname on IMGamer is still dodls...

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      Jan 1, 2016 9:15 pm
      Reply 6#  Vincebutler

      You can check the number of keys in your Lottery History in "Me" interface
      And currently you can only log in with dodls, but I will add this name into next wave's upload so that you can log in with this one.

      [ The post was edited by Raphaelorhw at Jan 1, 2016 9:26 pm ]

      Jan 5, 2016 9:35 am
      Meh tested the app on android for a while, but to be truthful I probably wouldn't use it. The only appealing thing would be the better chances for beta keys.

      The main reason for me to visit mmosite is to read news about new games/updates and when I am interested in a game, to participate in key raffles. So I thought the app would make it easier to read stuff here as the mobile website is not that good.

      Contrary to my expectation the app is slow and unappealing. When accessing the news/recommend/trending feature, it just kind of seems to open a internal browser which is just not optimised enough, the loading time seems to be double or triple of the normal chrome app to open the same website.

      The "News" feature seems to be only mobile game news with no way to change to mmo news or other stuff, which might interest me much more. On first sight it looks pretty good on mobile but the controls are unintuitive.

      There is a listing of titles with pictures below but clicking once on a newstitle doesn't direct you to the article, only clicking on the picture ensures that you get the article to appear.
      The article is again only the same mobile website which you could have visited with a normal browser  and that with much shorter loading times.

      But what if you want to go back to the listing? Pressing back-button once on Android doesn't work, only pressing back button twice in fast succession works for me, which is annoying because sometimes it still doesn't work or you end up pressing one time too much and get back to the main screen.

      The "pull up to load more" feature looks nice but again it is not designed well, let's say you are on a reading session and pulled up twice already and want to read an article. After reading the article and pressing back (twice ) you end up in news again but all the way back at the top and you need to pull up twice to get to the point you were before.
      Same problem on the mobile website on mmosite but with an internal webbrowser you can't open in a new tab to prevent that.

      The "Trending" feature seems to be just the mmosite mobile website startscreen, from which accessing the rest of the website is possible and accessing the news from there seems to be faster than to switch inapp features. Btw. to comment or other things you need to login to the site seperately from the app, which hopefully won't be necessary when the app goes official.

      The Gamers' Feed seems to be okay, although there is not much content up there with the limited active users. I am not the kind of person to be active on social media platforms anyways, but could be interesting reading stuff  when there are more users.
      The Feed includes hashtag support but unless there is a post with the hashtag you can't seem to access it. The only way to view posts with a certain hashtag is to have one in front of you from where you can click the hashtag.
      It is missing a search function for hashtag and normal stuff or something like that.

      The app also includes a messenger. Might be interesting to have a seperate messenger for gaming stuff, so you can keep your normal messenger free, but couldn't really test it and it would only be interesting if it reaches a critical user base, which is rather doubtful.

      The app is still littered with untranslated stuff, some button only leads to white pages others to chinese websites like "weibo hot board" (gamers' feed top left).

      The "Search App" in the feature screen is useless, it is only searching the "features". The search is case-sensitive which it shouldn't be. There are not enough "features" for a search to be necessary anyways and should the feature screen some day in the future be filled so much that a search would be necessary, then organizing it in a different way without search, would be better anyways.

      Other weird stuff is the language settings which redirects you to android language settings ?!. Changing those settings changes the system language of your android OS, which I doubt people want to do if they access the language settings in-app.

      Well, the app still needs a lot of work to be good enough for me to consider using it.

      Jan 5, 2016 6:34 pm
      Reply 8#  Lico_

      Thanks for your detailed and kind advice. The app is facing some functional problems to be solved and what you have been worried or annoyed about is the ones we are working on to deal with. The first phase function is to provide mobile news and key events, as well as a place to share feelings and reviews. Your points are our present difficulties and I will deliver to the development team. Thanks for your support and IMGamer will not only be a key sender, once the third-party log-in activated more gamers and log in or sign up directly. We appreciate more participation from honest fans like you.

      Jan 10, 2016 5:26 pm
      Can it be somehow connected to MMOsite like using that you can get to the forum and everything it this site (News, shop, etc etc).

      Jan 11, 2016 1:37 am
      Reply 10#  xXMarkuzXx

      Yeah we are working on the first step to make log-in with fb and twittwer available and later we would like to make all our news and events connected, you will see that for sure!

      MMOsite Special Offer

        Jan 12, 2016 4:46 pm
        Reply 11#  Raphaelorhw

        That's good to hear. By any change the keys can be change to something I can use instead of any of the available trade for the key? Already won two but I don't think I will use any of them. Or can I have 2 keys for "Dynasty Heroes the legend" if possible :P

        Jan 12, 2016 10:54 pm
        Reply 12#  xXMarkuzXx

        Oops, we don't have Dynasty Heroes the legend keys for now. Key is just one benefit from IMGamer and we suggest you to call for your friends and guild members to try free voice chat and group chat. For Android version facebook and twitter log-in will be possible soon, time to start free chat with friends. Or you can tell them to sign up here, if there's enough people we can contact the develop to show the strong will of participation and help to get you the keys if possible.

        Jan 13, 2016 5:50 pm
        Reply 13#  Raphaelorhw

        The Voice chat does work. However I was thinking it is better if it is also available on this site or an app for a pc. easier for guild raids or a like.

        Feb 17, 2016 7:24 am
        Couldn't log into my old account for some reason, so I made a new one.
        IMGamer on android keep on telling me, when I try to use my login name, that: Account not exists.
        When I try to use my email, I'm told that: you are not allowed to log in.

        Feb 17, 2016 5:58 pm
        Reply 15#  Troow

        We are not using email for login, U have been added in check your PM and chat MMOsite Official to get keys now.

        MMOsite Special Offer

          Jun 14, 2016 6:47 pm
          Is this closed or can we still participate?

          mobile forum
          posted via cellphone

          Aug 20, 2016 9:57 am
          is it closed for most people? i dont really understand, because everytime i try to log in it says my account doesnt exist :/

          Aug 21, 2016 6:41 pm
          Reply 18#  mussygirl

          Maybe you should try to log in with facebook or twitter


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