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The funny In-game name!!!

Jul 19, 2010 7:14 am

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Jul 19, 2010 7:33 am
confuse ???

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    Jul 19, 2010 8:19 am

    Jul 19, 2010 10:02 am
    I saw this once : MILF

    And then some others : NoobzForever, Hubad (some people may know what this means), and others that I don't remember.

    Oh yeah, and once my pal in certain game : Guest!

    Jul 19, 2010 12:11 pm
    I have to say... iKickBabies

    Jan 30, 2011 1:27 pm
    Im called on runescape: Bahbangbross

    Bangbross is a pornsite.

    For some people its BAH!

    Feb 1, 2011 10:08 am
    Markuz what else could it be?

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      Feb 1, 2011 10:48 am
      hm....  Pelagato, Felidae, Phorneus... nothing amazing at all...


      Feb 1, 2011 10:54 am
      In a old fps I saw a guy named "iSaBastard".
      Everybody who killed him was a bastard in that room.
      Including me. Twice.


      Feb 1, 2011 7:13 pm
      for me, its Whoregen and Volksworgen in WoW. Thats the name i got for my worgen lol...


      Feb 2, 2011 9:57 am
      lol col name is Get the *** out of here >>>

      Feb 2, 2011 10:36 am
      amitto,ASSVIALATOR,muffin :)

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        Feb 2, 2011 11:07 am
        i.p.nu but thats about it...


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        Feb 2, 2011 12:03 pm
        when I played rappelz I made a charecter called FuhQ!  

        Feb 3, 2011 6:58 am
        funny names you listed

        Feb 3, 2011 9:24 am
        I made a Goblin in WoW and named him Yohda


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        Feb 4, 2011 7:15 pm
        t-bag is funny

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          Feb 14, 2011 11:57 pm

          Feb 15, 2011 12:22 am
          games with big chested archers i play as "bowbusty"

          Feb 16, 2011 12:09 pm
          sparkleshark is usually mine, or sparklekarp. but in WoW i had a shaman named Totemlycute. which i thought was lolz


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