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Can you buy RS3gold runescape 3 gold with $10 voucher

Jan 23, 2019 8:06 pm

Traffic through the Chambers has remained strong over the two years   since they opened, but there are a lot of points that players would like   us to smooth out for them. Most of these are changes to room balancing   or scaling mechanics that we'd not normally expect to poll, but the   Xeric's Ward scrolls detailed below are a substantially new feature that   will be polled. So Come RS3gold to buy rs gold with $10 coupon for Chambers of Xeric Revisited
Since its announcement at RuneFest in October, many of you have been   asking about the Bounty Hunter rework that we pitched, in which   additional rewards would be earned by performing assigned tasks such as   killing one's target with a dragon scimitar, etc. While we did address   quite a lot of Bounty Hunter issues later in the year, we weren't able   to design and deliver that scale of expansion within 2018, at least not   to the standard you all deserve. We're very sorry this didn't take place   in 2018 as expected. However we would still like to proceed with that   proposed expansion of Bounty Hunter.
To ensure the content is high quality and meets expectations, our   community staff will be discussing the design plans with prominent   members of the BH community, regarding suitable tasks and rewards and   game mechanics. A full dev blog can expected in the coming weeks. In the   meantime, however, we'd like to improve what we can in the Chambers of   Xeric
Let's kick off the list with some straightforward tweaks:
  • The smaller scavengers are annoying, making it slower to get the   stuff you want from them. We'll delete those, so you always get the   version you want rather than having the random dungeon randomly giving   something less desirable.
  • The Monster Examine spell has never been able to work on monsters   with custom attacks like this. While it's not going to become able to   output details of all the custom attacks these bosses perform - after   all, some calculate their max hit off the number of players standing   nearby at the time, which the spell can't reasonably replicate - we'd   like to enable the Monster Examine spell to reveal their combat stats.
  • Herb quantities can be a problem in a larger raid. The chance of a   high yield already scales up as the party size increases from 1 to 50.   We'd like to increase this effect so that more parties can benefit from   it, with a party size of 14 or more accessing the optimal rate.
  • Some dungeon layouts don't give you a scavenger corridor before you   get to the rooms that require the items they'd drop; we'll aim to weed   out these possibilities.
  • Seed raking can be frustrating if you keep getting a seed you don't   want. We'd like to make it remember which seed it last gave you, and   always give a different seed next time, so that you're far more likely   to get the one you're hoping for.
  • The energy pools at the ends of the floors will cure poison as well   as replenishing energy, reducing your need to bring your own or to   pre-pot.
  • Clue scrolls will be given as an additional drop, instead of taking   up one of the resource spots. This is more consistent with how clues are   given elsewhere.
A popular request is to let a dungeon   instance remain open with no players inside. Unfortunately that's not   something we'd be able to offer; the engine needs to be able to create   enough instances for everyone on the world, even if the world is busy,   so its ability to preserve empty instances is very limited. If we become   able to do that in future, we'll be happy to revisit this topic.
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Feb 8, 2019 12:19 am
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