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Why small businesses should also have a Wikipedia page?

Jan 11, 2019 4:57 am
Businesses nowadays tend to put a lot of energy in theirmarketing strategies. They basically work more on the marketing than any otheraspect including manufacturing or similar factors.

This is because in today’smarkets, an average product with good marketing can do better if compared witha good product that is not marketed well. So yes, marketing has become centralfor all businesses, especially the small ones. However, smart marketing isalways better than a marketing approach that needs you to put in too manyresources and the result it gives is not too good

Wikipedia Services are one of the good ways of reaching out tomore people without putting in too much efforts and time. Even if you are asmall business, you can choose to hire Wikipedia writers for writing theirpage. This will boost up your SEO and influence where you appear in the searchengine results when a related keyword is being searched. Moreover, Wikipediahas no such policy that put a limit to how large a corporate should be in orderto have a Wikipedia page. So small businesses can try their luck.

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