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Hurry to get Rs3gold free 1000M rs 3 gold for sale on sep14

Sep 10, 2018 2:22 am
Today we can find the improvement on RuneScape HiScores, adding a RuneScore   tab to the website page. There you can see your and your friends’   RuneScore, as well as the top players in the rank who have the highest   RuneScore by completing achievements.
See RuneScores on RuneScape HiScores page
With the update on September 10, a RuneScore tab, named Achievements, is added to the HiScores page on the RuneScape website.
The RuneScore system is used   to measure the points gained by completing achievements. The maximum   possible RuneScore is currently 21,855, coming from 1,989 achievements,   as of 10 September 2018. With the RuneScore tab on RuneScape HiScores   page, you can not only get to see who has the highest RuneScore, but   also how far ahead you are of your friends, or how much further you have   to go to catch them.
How to gain more RuneScore?from achievements?
To appear on RuneScape HiScores, you need to have at least 500   points. The bigger achievements you complete, the more RuneScore you   will be given. For example, if you defeat all champions in the   Champions’ Challenge to complete the “Champions. What Champions?”   achievement, you will gain 75 RuneScore.
  However, notice there are some achievements that are heavily   luck-dependent, such as skill pets, boss pets or boss collection log   achievements. These achievements do not contribute to your RuneScore and   have an assigned value of 0.
What do you think about this RuneScape HiScores improvement? Anyway, always come here to buy RS 3 gold and enjoy FREE RuneScape gold at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Sep 14!
The RS3gold Team
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