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Snap up cheap neverwinter diamond with $8 voucher for PVP News

Aug 9, 2018 2:49 am
The PVP mode in Neverwinter is in dire need of some love (unconfirmed   rumors even have it that PVP has recently founded a support group with the Foundry).   Snap up safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon for PVP News.It’s really a shame because Neverwinter with its action-based combat   seems like a natural fit for player versus player combat. But a   multitude of issues in the past and more than a dozen game-breaking   bugs, items, or class mechanics has decreased the PVP population   significantly. There are still a couple dedicated YouTubers out there   that try to promote PVP content and compile training groups, but   currently that’s a drop in the bucket. So any news regarding making the   game mode more accessible and desirable for players is actually good   news.
PVP News? PVP News!And guess what, news we have! Because developer Scarabman posted some interesting comments in a recent PVP suggestion thread.
We’ve   talked about adding more maps to PvP and we’d love to do it. However,   we recognize there have been issues with PvP balance and we have decided   to put our PvP focus on that problem, first. We’ve been working toward   that goal over the last couple of expansions by hitting some of the   largest problems faced in PvP and there are more changes in the pipeline   that will come in M15. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the   out-of-control numbers that some of the stats have right now (e.g.   recovery, lifesteal). We’re actively working on a long term solution for   those problems but it’s a huge undertaking. What kinds of new things   would you most be interested in seeing? Personally, I’d like to see a   3v3 deathmatch option and a PvP boons rework.While this   doesn’t offer any “solutions” as of right now, it’s at least good to   know that the devs continue to work on balancing issues. Especially the   powercreep is one of the major?reasons why PVP got more and more   unplayable over the course of the last mods. It seems like players with   high Recovery for example can use their powers way more often than the   devs accounted for when designing the powers. The gameplay advantage   over a new player is simply too big.
From the comment it looks   like the devs might be looking into implementing a completely different   stat distribution for PVP. Players have proposed this in the past as a   possible solution. A system with harsher diminishing returns for example   could not only help currently, but also make the system more robust for   the future.
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