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Learn detail of RuneScape TAPP & get Rs3gold 8% off rs gp

Aug 9, 2018 2:52 am

It is announced that Jagex has canceled   RuneScape TAPP until at least 2019 in order to eliminate distractions   and focus on fulfill their objectives for 2018, and one of their highest   priorities is Old School and RuneScape Mobile.Learn detail of RuneScape TAPP  cancelled & get Rs3gold 8% off runescape gold now.
What is TAPP?
  Maybe some of you might   not understand TAPP, we will have a simple explanation here. TAPP,   referring to Thursday, All-Day, Personal Projects is Jagex's version of   the“20% time”policy initially prominent by Google, during which staff   are free to spend some of their time on projects not relative to their   primary job.
  And also TAPP implemented at Jagex in 2014 allows their   Jmods to spend every other Thursday on personal projects related to the   game, effectively 10% of their time. Actually until now there have been   various updates in game originating in TAPP, such as Shattered Worlds,   Evil Dave's Big Day Out, Solak boss, Clan avatar rework and Clan Chat   improvements.
TAPP canceled by Jagex
  According to a   post from Mod Stu in Reddit, TAPP has been canceled currently until at   least 2019 for the objectives 2018, including bringing Old School and   RuneScape Mobile. However, TAPP hasn't been canceled for Mobile.   Meanwhile, RS is definitely interpreting the canceling of TAPP through   still having a Game Jam and having passion projects moved into usual   sprint work.
  In addition, some of JMods have managed to complete the   dev work for a RuneScape TAPP project or two before its cancellation,   while many are still keeping developing their TAPP projects after hours   to get no pay.
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