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Buy safewow neverwinter diamond with $8 voucher for Epic Dungeon

Aug 8, 2018 2:24 am
On August 28, Xbox One and PS4 adventurers will be able to walk   through the mists and beyond the gates of Barovia with the newest   Neverwinter release set in Ravenloft! This module includes an all-new   Campaign, the Barovia adventure zone, the new Castle Ravenloft Epic   Dungeon, updated Hunts, and more!Hurry up to buy safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 voucher for new Epic   Dungeon.
In Ravenloft you will have the chance to travel to Demiplane   of Dread with some special assistance from the Vistani. Your mission to   rid the land of Barovia of its curse will lead you to encounters with   all manner of horrors and creatures, including a new Monster Hunt   mechanic! Night and Day will also play a meaningful part in your   adventures, much like this cycle does to the creatures of this land. You   will also come face to face with the vampire Strahd von Zarovich   himself in Castle Ravenloft!

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