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Obtain astral diamond neverwinter with $8 voucher for Waterdeep

Aug 6, 2018 2:45 am
A little tweet can cause so much excitement. If you don’t believe us   then just look at what the below picture did with a little quote   attached to it: “You think this is the place?”Obtain safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon for Waterdeep in Mod 15.People quickly checked out the place in Protector’s Enclave and confirmed the caravan is indeed real. Of course the devs constantly   work on the environment and tweak areas here and there, but this   doesn’t seem to be a random encounter. The caravan has some unique   details and both NPCs share parts of the story why they came to the   Protector’s Enclave. They seem to be some dubious businessmen that   recently arrived and now curiously scout the area.
The caravan   next to that big barrel also carries a pretty interesting detail: A   Beholder! And this is where we can start building our trail of evidence   that may lead us right into Waterdeep, and the Undermountain dungeon!   Because a Beholder named?Xanathar will play a vital role in Dungeons   & Dragons upcoming story content “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist”.?Xanathar?was one of most infamous Beholders and the crime lord of the?Xanathar Thieves’ Guild?in?Skullport.?Skullport,   also known as the?Port of Shadows, is part of the Undermountain dungeon   that lies deep beneath?Waterdeep. Some people also said that the names   of the NPCs in Protector’s Enclave appear in some D&D Waterdeep   material.
Are We Getting Closer?So yeah, only days after we broke the news about the Fishing feature and a possible connection to Waterdeep in Module 15, we get more even more clues! What’s your opinion here? Are we fantasizing or is the Waterdeep connection real?

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