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Never miss 8% off rs gold for CS Week clue scroll solution

Jul 11, 2018 1:59 am

With the release of Account Security Week, many of the RS gamers are   looking for a way that Never miss Rs3gold 8% off buy runescape 3 gold for CS Week clue scroll solution.And here we will talk about more information about this. Meanwhile, you can buy RuneScape gold from us.
RuneScape Account Security Week details
  As   we have contributed previously, this week-long activities - Account   Security Week has been live in-game intended for promoting account   security. Along with logging in during the event prompts a pop-up screen   with a link to the bank account security support pages, supplying top   tips and best practices to make certain your account remains secure and   safe. Along with this, you also can get one lamp, two extra daily   Treasure Hunter keys, and the CS Week clue scrolling until July 15.
Solutions to the CS Week clue scroll
  Here list the solutions to some clues you may should learn:
  1.   Speak to the professor who is a true buttoned-down examiner: Talk to   Professor Henry in the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence.
  2.   Speak with the creator of Customer Support clues: Talk to Count Check,   located directly south-east on the Burthorpe lodestone.
  3. In the   place of great wealth from the town of the druids: Look for the drawers   on the initial floor of Taverley's traditional bank.
  4. In a room   houses at least 7 victims: About the first level of the Strong of   Security, travel a single room south, and one place south east from the   front door ladder. Then dig on the eastern most tile within the room   with 8 minotaurs.
After you have finished a CS Week clue scroll, you will be awarded   whether CS Week scroll package or a CS Week casket and a CS week   Security casket. Please remember you have to open any caskets acquired   previously before receiving an additional clue scroll.
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