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Gain RS3gold Free 750M rs3 for sale for RuneFest 2018

Jul 5, 2018 1:51 am
The Dragon Awakes will have a Rellekka theme
RuneFest 2018 theme: coming to Rellekka
Hurry up to gain RS3gold Free 750M runescape gold for RuneFest 2018.The theme of  has been officially revealed. You will be   transported to the coastal town of Rellekka RuneScape, the heart of the   Fremennik province this year, explore iconic locations and fully immerse   yourselves in Gielinor’s birthplace of all mankind.
  Built along the northern seas, Rellekka, along with the rest of the   Fremennik Province, is an amazing place to train a variety of skills. In   RuneFest 2018, there will be trolls, daggermouths and penguins for you   to discover.
  Moreover, just like RuneFest’s of old, magnificent stages will adorn the   festival, showcasing the game upcoming secrets, progress on projects   that you all care about, interviews and award shows.
Orchestral event RuneScape Live & more
The brand new orchestral show, led by the world famous Royal   Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, will kick off the weekend at Farnborough   International Exhibition Centre, with 15 years of Gielinorian music to   enjoy together. There’ll be plenty of food and drink to keep you going   through the evening, along with a few surprises here and there.
  In addition to all of the awesome things planned for RuneFest 2018,   everyone who buys a ticket will automatically be entered in to the   sweepstake for a one of a kind, RuneFest branded, Chillblast PC.
  If you haven’t got the ticket, you can still buy it from   www.RuneFest.com and look forward to the eighth annual RuneScape   convention in October.
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