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Buy neverwinter diamond with $8 voucher for Shadow of Demise

Jul 5, 2018 1:49 am

As outlined in our preview post about class balance,   not a lot has changed in terms of balancing in Neverwinter’s Ravenloft.   Advice for get safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon for Shadow of Demise。One particular change however deserves to get highlighted, because we   might even have underestimated its impact initially. We’re talking about   Trickster Rogue’s Shadow of Demise, which seems to be crazy good right   now.You can simply go back and re-read out preview article, but I’ll also   quickly recap the change to SoD here. What the power does is that it   accumulates a percentage of all damage done by the TR over six seconds   and dishes it out as a gigantic proc. In Module 13 the damage was   calculated before any debuffs or mitigation were applied, leading to it being overpowered in PVP.   The dev’s counter was to let the damage calculate after all buffs and   mitigation, which indeed should help in PVP. For PVE however, this means   that SoD once again “double dips” and one-rotates bosses with ease.
Shadow of Demise “Double Dips”Here’s   what happens: Once a TR activates SoD, the buffed damage is added   towards the SoD proc amount. Then the very same buffs are again added to   the proc itself, meaning that the power profits from multipliers twice.   A basic example: Let’s say a the TR does 1,000 damage with a   debuff/buff value of 175%. That’s 1,000 * 1,75 * 0,75 = 1,312.50 added   to SoD. After the accumulation period, the proc fires for?2,296.875   damage (1,312.5 * 1,75 debuffs). So your 1,000 damage gets boosted by   ~230% although the overall buff value is only 175%.
Players see such insane amounts of damage on bosses from Trickster Rogues in PVE that some have even reported SoD as bugged.   Don’t forget that not only the proc itself was buffed, but that the   power’s?new additional damage over time effect also adds to the proc   value. That’s where all those big yellow numbers are coming from.
Intended or Not?Players   were speculating whether this might be intended or not. It certainly   feels overpowered, but on the other hand the devs made the change   deliberately. Yesterday dev noworries however confirmed they’re indeed   looking into it.
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