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Snap up RS3gold total Free 750M rs3 gold for Elite Dungeon

Jul 3, 2018 2:37 am

This month we will be able to explore   the second Elite Dungeon - RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory,Now,Let's   learn some details about it first.Why not to snap up RS3gold total Free 750M cheap rs 3 gold for second Elite Dungeon.
Basic informations about Dragonkin Laboratory
As with the first Elite Dungeon (Temple   of Aminishi, which was launched last month), the Dragonkin Lab is for   up to three players, and it becomes easier the more players you bring.   It also comes with a Story Mode, reducing the challenge at the same time   as the rewards, making it a fine experience for almost any player,   regardless of ability.
The second elite dungeon will be   released in July, 2018, built ages ago in the north-east Wilderness. And   you are likely to be teleported directly to it via the Grouping System   and avoid travelling through the wilderness itself.
If you want to venture down the new   dungeon immediately it is released, you have to complete the Temple of   Aminishi at least once at first.
Enter and you will face wave after wave   of dragons, all anxious to swallow scapers in one. Besides, just like   the first elite dungeon, the new one will also feature multiple bosses,   such as Astellarn (the first celestial dragon) and Verak Lith (the   brother of the King Black Dragon).And you’ll face Astellarn, the first   celestial dragon, and Verak Lith, the brother – a few times removed – of   the King Black Dragon.
  If you complete the Dragonkin Laboratory,The following are some rewards:
1.New and upgraded elite tectonic masks,Robe legs
  2.Graphical updates to existing tectonic gear
  3.Dungeoneering XP and tokens.
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