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buy 7% off astral diamond neverwinter to learn Legacy Transmute

Jun 21, 2018 1:33 am
As part of our massive coverage of Neverwinter’s Module 14, Ravenloft,   we preview Detail of Legacy Transmute Gear & buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds pieces that range from item   levels 490 to 540. At first it might sound strange to label the gear   “transmutes” when the item levels are endgame viable. The visuals   however match those from legacy gear of the Mod 60 era that was removed   with the Elemental Evil update. So reintroducing those looks is indeed a   key part of what the gear offers.At Least Twelve New SetsNeverwinter Ravenloft will introduce not less than twelve new sets   that can drop from various locations throughout the world and the   campaign. Before we get to the sets themselves, let’s quickly talk from   where players can get them. First of all, there’s a “Salvaged Gear Pack”   in the campaign store for the basic campaign currency. By simply doing   the dailies you should be able to get multiple ones per week. Please   note that the tooltip is not yet updated. The pack contains pieces of   item levels 490, 520, or 540. Next to the campaign the other major   source is Hunts. The gear has a chance to drop from?hunt targets?and you can get additional pieces from playing Tarokka Cards.   All High Cards add gear and since there are 14 unique ones, there might   also be 14 sets. I’ve run across twelve different ones so far, but   maybe I simply haven’t found all of them.
Pieces also have a chance to drop from the stronger mobs of the world and from bosses and end chests of Castle Ravenloft. Below is a picture that shows a small selection of the gear.
Gear Visuals and Equip PowersSince there is so much new   gear, it’s impossible to give a preview of all stats and visuals for all   classes in this preview. But we at least have the corresponding level   60 sets and equip powers. Depending on whether you remember the looks   from back in the day this may or may not be helpful.
First of all it’s important to point out that not?all legacy   gear is included here. The pieces that are missing (like T1, T2 armor   sets or Dread Legion gear) can be found at the Gauntlgrym Supplier in   Mantol-Derith, which is part of the Maze Engine campaign. Between these   two sources now all legacy gear should be once again obtainable in the   game. While the Underdark stuff is strictly transmutes, the higher item   levels in Mod 14 have some endgame viability in slots that you use to   min/max your character. Especially Darklord and Seer head, body, and   arms pieces could be interesting.
Overall   this next to Hunts seems to be another approach by the devs to hand out   great, but not quite top-notch, item levels in single player content.   The Barovian sets that have to be acquired from Castle Ravenloft?are   technically better at item level 550, but I guess most players will do   just fine with 520 and 540 even in endgame content. At least topping   what you currently use in Mod 13 shouldn’t be as much of an issue.
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