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Buy neverwinter diamonds with $8 vourcher for Ravenloft

Jun 19, 2018 2:07 am

In a valley surrounded by thick mist, where vampires and werewolves   lurk in the shadows, lies the village of Barovia. The villagers are   sullen, soulless, and full of despair, for this town suffers under a   curse brought upon by treachery and betrayal.The Ravenloft campaign focuses on finding the three artifacts foretold   by Madam Eva. Don't miss safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with up to $8 cash coupon for Ravenloft campaign。These artifacts are your only hope in the battle against   Count Strahd von Zarovich, and may be the only chance to break the curse   cast over the lands of Barovia and the poor souls who find themselves   trapped within the mist. Beware the witches, twig blights, and Night   Terror, that may strike at any moment within the woods and fields which   surround the corrupted village.
A Path Through The Mist
The Ravenloft campaign is a linear journey through the land of   Barovia with features that will be familiar from the Jungles of Chult   campaign.
  • Repeatable Tasks – Like the Jungles of Chult   campaign, players will be free to choose when to complete their tasks   for the week. The Weekly Haul should be familiar to players who have   previously faced the dinosaurs, and the three artifact tasks increase   the Weekly Haul limit by 25 each.
  • Boons – This time boons are a single task on the   campaign. The task can be repeated 4 times with the first three points   going towards the initial six boon choices and the fourth point granting   a choice of four final boons.
  • Rewards – Many of the tasks of the Ravenloft   campaign will reward a random Taroka High Card. The Ravenloft campaign   store contains artifacts, random gear packs, and Phosphorescent Moss   which is used in restoring the new Sun artifact weapons.
If you manage to survive Barovia and find the three artifacts needed   to face Strahd, you will gain access to Castle Ravenloft, the new   dungeon that is sure to test your resolve and courage when you face   Strahd’s Sisters, an animated statue known as the Arcolith, and finally   Count Strahd himself in a deadly cat and mouse battle.
We look forward to welcoming all of you to the nightmare of Barovia, and   hope that you find your way out again, while your sanity is still   intact
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