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Get neverwinter diamond with $8 cash coupon for Expedition Pack

Jun 14, 2018 12:33 am
A mist is spreading across the Neverwinter, and an interesting group   of Vistani have been left in its wake. The Vistani tell tales of   mystery and tyranny, and are looking to lure any adventurer they can   into the mist. But only the well-prepared will be able to survive the   land of Barovia, and as such, the Vistani offer many new and valuable   items to help those that brave the mist.?It's time For the Hunted to   Become the Hunter!Well-being for you get safewow neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon for Ravenloft Expedition Pack.
See What’s In Store!
The Expedition Pack is filled with unique and necessary items for your   trip into the mists of Barovia, including a brand new mount to take you   there, the Decaying?Stag!
While in Barovia, the locals are always wary of newcomers, so the Vistani have offered proper attire to help blend in.
With these items in your possession, the Vistani will willingly give   you the title of Vampire Hunter as well as the benefits of being a VIP.   They also have put together a generous gift of Blood Rubies and   Coalescent Wards that will make this pack worth your while.
But Wait, There’s More to Come!
Besides all these great items that you will get right away from the   Expedition Pack, there is one extra item to be claimed once Module 14:   Ravenloft goes live! With the purchase of the Expedition Pack, The   Hunter’s Survival Kit will be yours to pick up free at the Reclaims   Agent!
The Hunter’s Survival Kit comes with a Vistani Wanderer companion that   will assist you in your survival in Barovia. Not only will he find every   lost or hidden coin on the way, he will also help you and your allies   move through the land with quick ease.
Besides your new companion, the Hunter’s Survival Kit contains many   valuable items, including the Tarokka Card and Key Bundle, the Vampire   Hunter’s Necessities, as well as the Ghost Gear Pack, which contains a   complete set of Ghost armor, appropriate for the class that opens it.
With all these items available to you, including 100 Omens and 500 Barovian Coins (the new Ravenloft Campaign currencies), you will be more than prepared for any adventure that awaits you!
If you are interested in becoming a Vampire Hunter, please check out   the Zen Store for this new pack that is available for purchase now on PC   and a later date on Console!
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