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Gain neverwinter diamond with $8 cash coupon& know Ravenloft

Jun 12, 2018 1:48 am
As part of our massive coverage of Neverwinter’s upcoming module “Ravenloft”,   I’m going over the Details of new Castle Ravenloft& snap up neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon,and endgame group content today.   The dungeon slightly raises the bar both in terms of general and boss   mechanic difficulty and provides players with a completely new   challenge. As such, it has the highest item level requirement of any   content with 13,000.Unlocking and RequirenmentsUnlocking the dungeon follows a basic script. You get access to   Castle Ravenloft by completing the last campaign task of the main   progression path, which should roughly take three weeks. It’s an account   unlock by the way. So getting there with one of your characters means   you can enter the content with all of your toons.
Castle Ravenloft   features two end chests, one that can be opened with the normal chest   keys and one that requires a new key from a corresponding campaign task.   The dungeon introduces a new type of seal, the Seal of the Crown. It’s   used to buy new item level 530 armor sets.   All bosses (there’s three), drop ten seals each and both chests 20   each. The end chests additionally feature Seals of the Brave, Salvage   and Refining Points.
Structure and BossesThe dungeon has a certain “raid” feel to it, because you fight little   actual trash mobs and the focus is clearly on the bosses. Queuing into   the content you basically immediately face the first boss, and the mobs   before the second and third boss are manageable?as well. It’s really   interesting how dungeons in Neverwinter have evolved over time. In the   original Castle Never and Dread Vault you could spent up to an hour   fighting trash mobs while the Mod 14 dungeon barely features any.The bosses themselves are well designed and feature little mechanics we   already know (no platforming ya’ll!). The first boss requires separating   three sisters to avoid an immunity buff. The second one, a giant   Arcolith, is mainly about avoiding some lethal AoE attacks and Strahd   himself surprises adventurers with a flurry of different phases and   mechanics, including fighting with a “Sunsword” that has unique   At-Wills, Encounters, and Dailies. We’ll get into the full mechanics   soon enough, but for this preview article just know that the fights are   fun.
There’s one downside to Strahd however. The boss has long immunity   phases, which makes timing buffs and DPSing really difficult. I’m not   sure the devs hit the sweet spot between challenge and annoyance here.   I’d much rather prefer a boss that offers challenge without artificially   stalling the fight, but I guess that’s hard to achieve within the   current meta.
EnvironmentThe Castle environment is well done. If the devs reused assets (which   they sure did), it’s not too apparent. You get flashbacks of the   original Castle Never here and there, but since not a lot of players   from that era are still around, it’s certainly not something that should   take away much of the experience. And it’s rare anyway, the dungeon has   a very unique feeling to it. Another minor note: Too often in the game   you feel like the buildings are unrealistically small. Most in   Protector’s Enclave are, plus the map itself is hardly the size of a   ‘city’. Castle Ravenloft on the contrary doesn’t suffer from that. I   really like the dimension of some rooms.
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