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Get neverwinter diamond with $8 cash vourcher for Bless Online

Jun 11, 2018 1:46 am
In case you not only follow Neverwinter but the MMO genre as a whole, you surely know that Bless Online had quite a rocky start in the West.   Rush to gain safewow neverwinter astral diamond with $8 cash vourcher for Bless Online.Missing endgame content, cash shop controversies, and serious exploits   kept the devs busy ever since its early access launch on May 30th. Steam   reviews plummeted within hours and several big Youtubers and Twitch   streamers released horrible reviews of the game.
While that’s really looking promising, the studio behind the MMORPG,   Neowiz, at least was quick to react and promised fixes and improvements   in multiple areas. We’d especially like to highlight their approach of   dealing with a severe duping exploit that allowed to duplicate any item   in the game. The full statement can be found on Steam, but they basically deleted all duped items and   gold earned from the bug while also temporarily suspending accounts   based on how often the exploit was used.
You can probably still   argue that the worst offenders should have been taken out of the game   permanently, but otherwise this is exactly how you should deal with such   an issue. It’s timely, transparent, rolls back the negative impact of   the exploit, and punishes those that tried to profit. The Neverwinter   devs and PR team should definitely take a page out of Bless’ book,   because dealing with exploits they often tend to fail in at least two of   these four key areas. And that’s a shame, because a proper handling of   such situations can really help to mitigate the backlash. The Bless   reviews for example started to crawl back up after the announcement.
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