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Advice for you get RS3gold 9% off buy cheap runescape gold

Jun 4, 2018 2:00 am
The sun is out and summer is well and truly here. So, we’re going to   say: “Sod that!” and head deeper underground. Come with us into the   dark!Advice for you get RS3gold 9% off runescape gold to learn  RuneScape June event.
The headliner is Temple of Aminishi and the first of our Elite   Dungeons, where water-acolytes and the guardian spirit Seiryu will keep   your combat skills refreshed. But if god juice is your brew of choice,   then head to The Hall of Memories, a new training method for level 70+   Divination.
Dungeons not dank enough for you? Then let us tempt you with the Menaphos birthday celebrations and an in-game calendar.
Elite Dungeons: Temple of AminishiYou can’t go wrong with a dungeon to explore, a group of friends to   go with, and a hulking boss at the end of it all. That’s what Elite   Dungeons are about: the sheer joy of having each other’s backs as you   churn through mobs, mini-bosses and finally, a giant chained-up,   dragon-spirit-thing called Seiryu.
Aminishi is our first Elite Dungeon, and we want to see what you make of   it – mainly because we’re eager to bring you more in the future. Go   solo or duo if you’re daring, or jump in with two other players for the   recommended experience. We even offer a story mode if you’re more of a   lorehound – an experience that delves into the back-history of Seiryu.
Elite Dungeons are intended as an alternative training method for   Dungeoneering, bringing you Dungeoneering XP, tokens and swathes of new   unlocks. That includes tier-92 power armour, upgraded from Sirenic and   Tectonic sets; Invention blueprints for untradeable versions of magic   notepaper; and tier-88 upgrades to Player-Owned Ports weaponry.
You won’t need levels in the 90s to access the dungeon. A boat will   be waiting for you at Port Sarim after the Impressing the Locals novice   quest, ready to take you and your mates directly to Aminishi.
The Hall of MemoriesSomeone who liked his dungeons was Guthix and, this month, we’ll be   revealing the entrance to one that he'd rather you didn’t know about.
Beneath the Memorial to Guthix site, South of Piscatoris, you’ll find   the Hall of Memories. Rather than being full of fluffy, happy memories   of Guthix, this containment chamber is populated by his darkest secrets   and forbidden knowledge. Perfect for training your Divination levels,   right? Drop into the halls with level 70+ Divination, and you’re ready   to start levelling up.
Rather than continuously running back and forth to a crater, the Hall   of Memories equips you with jars that have a greater capacity than your   inventory. Fill up dozens of these before you dump them into the crater   for windfalls of Divination XP.
This is all livened up with boosting butterflies of recollection,   forbidden lore to collect, new Divination perks to unlock, and outbursts   of knowledge that turn the cave into the equivalent of a Guthixian   balloon drop.
Menaphos Birthday CelebrationsCan you believe it has been one year since the gates of Menaphos   opened? Well, we can, as we’ve been preparing a bit of a birthday   celebration for it!
If you have hardened opinions against Menaphos, well, now is the time   to Sophanem. We’re permanently adding reputation-boosting unlocks to   the following Menaphos quests:
  • Jack of Spades: x 1.25
  • Crocodile Tears: x 1.5
  • Out Man in the North: x 1.75
  • 'Phite Club: x 2
And we’re also doubling the number of obelisk and scarab spawns throughout June, among a number of other fixes.
In-game CalendarTalking of birthdays, we’re bringing the long-awaited in-game   calendar to RuneScape. This will be accessible from the game clock, and   will keep track of everything that’s going on in Gielinor. Live streams,   boss masses, temporary events, news posts and more will be available   for your browsing pleasure from this simple one-stop interface.
SGS Summer Sale, Vic the Trader, Twisted Jester, King & Queen of Spades/DiamondsSummer means sales, and Solomon duly obliges with items discounted throughout June. Check back every week for new sales.
We’ll also be adding to his wares with three new playing-card   outfits, including my personal favourite, the twisted jester (which has a   barmy walk override), plus the Kings and Queens of Spades and Diamonds.
On Monday, 4th June, Vic the Trader will also make a welcome return   for three weeks, with the Elite Trapper Outfit and Dwarven Tools being   added to his store.
Summer SpecialIf you’re liking what you’re seeing so far in this Month Ahead, then   why not pony up for a Summer Special package? There are two options   available to you: 3 months for the price of 2, or the half-year Premier   Club option, which gives you 6 months for the price of 5, as well as a   slew of Premier Club benefits. Please check here for more information.
RuneFestFinally, there’s the small matter of RuneFest 2018. Tickets have gone   on sale for this two-day event, taking place on the 5th and 6th   October. Besides the opportunity to meet each other, high-five a JMod   and learn more about upcoming releases, you’ll get the ‘RuneScape Live’   experience. This is a musical extravaganza performed by the Royal   Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, and – honestly –  we can’t wait.
That’s a good note to end the Month Ahead on. We hope you’ll join us   in the deep, dark and dirty month of June, as we bring you the very best   in our fine line of dungeons.

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