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Snap up RS3gold 9% off buy rsgp & know about Solak Release

May 30, 2018 1:20 am
Solak is a release from Mod Ramen which uses his knowledge picked up   from Nex: Angel of Death. Snap up RS3gold 9% off runescape gold & learn detail of Solak Release . Each player will have a dedicated objective to   focus on in the boss fight, and as the fight progresses there's a story   being told - so keep an eye out for that as you make your way through   the phases - keep an eye out for Merethiel as she will make an   appearance in this fight also! Also, remember to turn your Audio on to   hear some incredible voice acting from Doug Cockle (of The Witcher fame)   and Viva Seifert, who has voice acted in 'Her Story' - adding to the   intense atmosphere of the boss fight.
Solak releases with two dedicated modes, duo & group mode.
Group mode is capped to 7 players - if you're daring, and wish to   take less than 7, this will be an incredibly enduring challenge, giving   incredible satisfaction to teams that complete their first kill.
Duo Mode, as the name suggests is for teams of 2. Expect the same   mechanics as Group mode, scaled down a little - this will be just as   challenging as group mode, and we're very much looking forward to seeing   how teams get on!
With that being said... let's look at what you'd likely ask us with this update in a quick list:
Quick FAQ
  • Can I instakill dart Solak? - No
  • Will Solak be added to the Reaper requirement? - Yes
  • Are there any Comp/Trim/Master Quest   Cape requirements - There are no MQC requirements, however as Solak is a   new boss, he'll be added to the Reaper comp requirement. There are also   new music tracks which you'll have to unlock during the fight to finish   the music track requirement
  • Can we get Solak as a reaper task? - Yes
  • Average time for a kill? - About 10 - 15 minutes, we expect times to fall as players figure out more and more of the boss
  • Is there a practice mode? - There is indeed! You can practice Solak on release
  • Does Solak have his own boss collection   log entry? - He does! If you complete it you can unlock the title   'Guardian of the Grove'
  • Will Solak be added to Final Boss/Insane   Final Boss - He will be added to these indeed, information on the pet   and drop rates below in the 'Rewards' section!
Rewards - Tier 92 Crossbows!Let's face it, we all love awesome rewards from a boss and Solak has   you covered, with a direct dual wield range upgrade! Throw away those   Ascension Crossbows and say hello to the Blightbound Crossbows!
These are tier 92, and can be obtained as a full drop from Solak if   you get lucky enough. These crossbows can also be dyed, and you can   check out what these look like here.
Rewards - Boss Pet (Solly)Solly is the boss pet obtainable from Solak, with a drop rate of   1/1200, the boss pet threshold is 500, as already mentioned above, Solly   will tie in to Insane Final Boss so make sure to get him if you want   that achievement back... or just get him for style, either works.
Premier Club PaysGold member? Taking on Solak? Well with Premium club, members can receive Lost Grove Mushrooms from the Guardian of the Vault, granting them 5 penalty free deaths   when attempting to take down Solak! Remember though, you need the   mushroom in your inventory for when you die! He's going to be a   challenge!
Enjoy!It goes without saying a ton of time has gone into Solak and we most   of all hope you enjoy it, we can't say it enough how much we value your   feedback so please let us know how you're getting on with the update!
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