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Buy 8% off astral diamonds neverwinter under Hunts of Barovia

May 30, 2018 1:22 am

As part of our extensive preview of Neverwinter’s Module 14: Ravenloft,   I’m going Gain safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds under Hunts of Barovia. Yes guys, the   Hunts feature is back! But before you close the page because you’ve seen   enough of the system’s RNG craziness in Mods 12 and 13, just know that   Hunts in Ravenloft received some substantial changes that, depending   what you didn’t like, might make it a little bit more appealing to you.   First things first though. This article builds on what we already know   about Hunts in earlier mods. If you’re a new player, you want to look up   our previews for Tombs of Annihilation and Lost City of Omu. Otherwise some stuff might be hard to understand.
Hunts Again, but Not ReallyLike I said, don’t let yourself discourage by the term “Hunts”,   because the system did receive some favorable changes in key areas. One   thing that didn’t chance though is that you still have to farm the first   set of lures from mobs in the zone. Mod 14 lures are called “Wanted   Posters” and drop from all “stronger” mobs in the Barovia adventure zone.   Stronger mobs are those that have six health bars (Witches, Berserkers,   Vampires, etc.). Posters might also drop from other mobs, but if they   do, it’s a tiny chance only. One minor upgrade to earlier Hunts already   is that the posters are an auto-pickup. So you can’t really miss them.   While you’re slaying mobs and doing your dailies, you’ll automatically   get a few over time. I haven’t fully tested by the way whether certain   mobs only drop certain posters. But right now I’d say it’s fully random,   because I definitely got a “Bolgera” (Scarecrow Hunt) poster from a   Druid mob the other day.
Which brings us to the first major   change, because the Wanted Posters are fully sellable on the Auction   House. This was a request of the community and while the devs emphasized   that they liked the restrictions of certain Hunt items so that players   had to interact socially to trade them, they’ve reversed course for Mod   14. So if you don’t feel like farming yourself, you will be able to buy   the posters you want with Astral Diamonds. It obviously also means that   you can go out, farm posters, and turn them into profit much easier.
2-Star and 3-Star posters just like in Chult can only be obtained from   1-Star Hunts, but there is no longer a pyramid to climb. Hunts just drop   random posters of the next tier and there are actually multiple 3-Star   targets this time.
Madame Eva and Her CardsThe actual process of hunting also   changed by a lot. Everything now takes place in private instances and   you can choose to add challenge to Hunts for additional rewards. All   starts in Madame Eva’s tent in the Vistani camp. Any player that owns a   Wanted Poster can enter and start a Hunt. Additional challenge and   rewards can be added by playing up to three cards from your Tarokka Deck   Box. If you’re in a group only the leader can do that. We’ll go over   all cards and effects in a different article in the future by the way.   For now just know that you can earn extra Astral Diamonds, gear pieces,   refining points, or campaign currency. It’s really cool because that way   you can do less Hunts, but make them count. We’ve long called for such a system for dungeons and it’s at least encouraging that the devs now test it on a lower stage.
Depending on the quality of the card the Hunt however can become quite   challenging. So you might want to bring a group, making this much more   of a social and group feature than Hunts in M12/13. After picking your   target and Tarokka cards, you zone into a private instance that looks   exactly like Barovia. The target will appear on three out of thirteen   possible locations. Madame Eva gives the players some hints, but you   have to figure out the locations yourself. It’s a nice puzzle, but most   of the time the description is fairly telling. We do however have a map   for all you lazy folks that links all the tips to the corresponding   locations. Then you basically just have to hunt your target down and   kill it gradually. You have 20 minutes to complete a Hunt, but usually   shouldn’t run into any trouble.
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