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Rush to buy 8% off neverwinter diamonds & Preview Ravenlofts

May 25, 2018 1:01 am

As part of our extensive series of previewing Neverwinter’s Module 14 Ravenloft, we are looking into the Barovia Adventure Zone today.Don't miss safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds & Preview Ravenloft. Players are automatically brought to Barovia following the introductory quest line.   It’s a medium sized map that features a village and camp in the middle   and is divided into north and south by the Ivlis River. Unlike in   Soshenstar River you can’t use your Kyheks in Barovia by the way.   Instead, a “trudging” effect slows down your movement while wading   through the water. The mist that borders the map also comes with a   unique feel. You don’t actually run into invisible walls like on all the   other maps, but get ported back when you venture too deep into the fog.   It’s a nice way of following the original lore of Ravenloft as   Barovia’s inhabitants are tragically trapped and can’t escape.
Four Major Questing AreasThe settlements are?surrounded by four major questing areas:
  • North-West: Yester Hill with Druid and Blight mobs
  • North-East: Cursed Meadow with its Witches, Scarecrows and Spiders
  • South-East: Ruins of Berez with Undead and Vampire mobs
  • South-West: Howling Hills with Werewolf mobs
Coming   out of the densely populated Jungles of Chult it’s amazing how freely   you are able to move around Barovia. Mobs are spread out nicely and   unless you’re questing, you won’t likely get engaged ever. All areas   feature visual and?geographic?aspects that make them unique. I   especially like the Cursed Meadow, but no area really stands out or   falls off. Mob difficulty is probably comparable to Mod 12/13. If you   had no trouble in the Chult campaigns, don’t fear the Undead and other   evils of Barovia! Down below are selected pictures of new mobs. Watch   out for some flying witches and teleporting vamps!

Day/Night CycleAn unique aspect of the map is its day and   night cycle. It interchanges every ~10 minutes and has a noticeable   effect on the environment. There are some gameplay implications as well,   which we’ll cover in other articles, but it first and foremost adds to   the feel of the zone. Whenever night falls over Barovia for example,   very powerful “Night Terror” mobs randomly appear that haunt inhabitants   and are very hard to take down solo. In case you run into one of those,   you might actually have to run or call for help, which is quite rare   for this game.
I’m also pretty sure the D&D crowd will be   excited to see some familiar places and NPCs like the “Bonegrinder” Old   Mill or Madam Eva and her Vistani folk. Overall I think the map captures   the spirit of Ravenloft really well.
Barovia features the kind of effort you’d like to see in a new adventure   zone. There are a couple new assets and mobs, and the recycled stuff is   cleverly reused to create a fitting atmosphere and visual appeal.   Because there’s none better to capture a zone than screenshot wizard   JayAgeDee, we’ll close this article by attaching some of his pictures of   Barovia and the first impressions video he did with Seavia and Kolat!   Have fun with it!Well-being is here,Best time for you to join in Safewow May Sale now:up to 8% off code "SWM8"for buying neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOX one/PS4and other products on safewow from May 25 to May 31, 2018. Note:SWM6-6% off code (for all orders);SWM8-8% off code (When you order over $100+).MeanWhile,  safewow new member system is online ,never forget to be a new member and you can get extral 1%-8% discount for buying all Products.Don't forget   using "NWD6" off code to buy neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOX one/PS4 on https://www.safewow.com/neverwinter-astral-diamond any time.

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