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Compelete to get 8% off rs gold &learn OSRS Android Beta

May 11, 2018 1:44 am
The OSRS Mobile team has announced the Android beta is   planned to go “always on”,will be coming on May 10 along with some small   changes,Now,Compelete to get RS3gold 8% off cheap rs 3 gold & acknowledge detail of OSRS Mobile Android Beta.
From May 10, OSRS Mobile beta for Android goes always on, meaning that there is not a specific end date for the beta.
The initially invited players should have got an inbox message,   including instructions on how to prepare for the beta going live. And on   the start day of the beta - May 10 these players will again get another   inbox message and an email with a link to the OSRS application on the   Play Store contained.
Some Changes on OSRS Mobile iOS beta
1.Can no longer access fixed mode on mobile phones
2.Single touch Withdraw X in the bank.
3.Zoom settings will now persist over logout.
4.Mobile-exclusive controls tutorial.
5.It’s unlikely to tap between the menu stones and the side of the screen
6.Interface moving/appearing in multiple locations will function well based on what you already has opened.
7.The Special attack button area has been made slightly larger.
8.The yellow X which appears when clicking has been replaced on Mobile.
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