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Welcome to join RS3gold free 500M buy rs3 gold cheap flash sale

May 8, 2018 2:16 am
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The Barbarian Assault minigame is a battleground   established by the Barbarians to fight against Penance creatures.   Players must complete the tutorial by talking to Captain Cain before   they can play the minigame.
is a safe minigame and, as such, players will not   lose any items upon death. As combat is the minigame's main component,   high Defence and Hitpoints levels provide an advantage. If one teammate   died, the entire group must restart the wave.
Players must form a team of five players in order to   play. Completion of each wave will reward each player with Honour   points specific to the role they chose. Honour points can be used to   redeem a variety of combat-based equipment, notably the fighter torso.   Players can also gamble Honour points for a chance to receive the rare   dragon chainbody or the pet penance queen.
Players can check the Honour points they have earned by talking to Commander Connad or by checking the blackboard.
For each successful wave you complete, you will earn   some points. These points can be redeemed back on the surface, north of   the ladder. Talk to Commander Connad to claim your rewards. There are   three different types of rewards - level raisers, item rewards and   gambles.
Note: you can not save more than 500 points in any one role.
If you want to go back into the arena it might be a   good idea to raise the type of role you use. (Attacker, Collector etc)   It costs 200 points to raise your level, however it is worth it.
Skill Raisers:
The amount of points required for levelling up a   skill works out at 100 times the next level. For instance, to progress   to Level 2 you need 200 points and another 300 for Level 3 etc.
Attacker Rewards:
Level 1 +1 damage on Penance
Level 2 +2 damage on Penance
Level 3 +3 damage on Penance
Level 4 +4 damage on Penance
Level 5 +5 damage on Penance
Collector Rewards:
Level 1 Pouch holds 2 eggs
Level 2 Pouch holds 4 eggs
Level 3 Pouch holds 6 eggs
Level 4 Pouch holds 7 eggs
Level 5 Pouch holds 8 eggs
Defender Rewards:
Level 1 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 1 Lure range of 4)
Level 2 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 2 Lure range of 5)
Level 3 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 3 Lure range of 6)
Level 4 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 4 Lure range of 8)
Level 5 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 5 Lure range of 10)
Healer Rewards:
Level 1 Able to heal 10 Hitpoints per dose
Level 2 Able to heal 15 Hitpoints per dose
Level 3 Able to heal 20 Hitpoints per dose
Level 4 Able to heal 25 Hitpoints per dose
Level 5 Able to heal 35 Hitpoints per dose
To get to level 5 of a role you need 1400 of points   (of that certain role). You also need to killed the Penance Queen at   least once and have 95k (95000 coins) to buy the Granite platebody.
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