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Rush to get Rs3gold free 500M gold rs3 &know Safecracking

May 4, 2018 1:16 am
Safecracking is a new training method,we will give you some notes and guides about it,so please pay close attention to it and Rush to get Rs3gold free 500M runescape gold &know note of Safecracking.
Some guides
Safecracking is a simple, slightly AFK training method that is best   described as elder trees for Thieving, 49 safes have been added across   the game world.
Unlocked after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest and related   capers.Here are the requirements:Minimum 62 Thieving,96 Thieving for all   safes,Other various quests depending on location,Safes scattered across   the world,Level tier divided by location.
From the safes you’ll get Thieving XP, cold hard cash and reward points.
With Safecracking, you can add a master bolt, a bolt that never   breaks, and a master stethoscope that can be placed on the tool belt at   the time of purchase.
Some notes
Here are some patch notes you can keep your eyes on here:
1.The Clan Settings interface is now an overlay, so you can now   kick/assign ranks in your clan without worrying about every time you   close the interface.
2.When pickpocketing Meilyr workers,Dungeoneering token bags are now redeemed automatically
3.Teleporting with the Ectophial will no longer empty it.
4.When someone goes through a door,Your interfaces will no longer be closed in Dungeoneering.
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