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Acquire neverwinter diamonds under Artifact Weapon Guide

May 4, 2018 1:17 am
Ever since Tyranny of Dragons, the fourth module of Neverwinter, Artifact Weapons are a major part of the refining system.   Players of the game level up their weapons as they progress, making any   set a long-term commitment. So it’s advised to pick your weapon wisely.   Otherwise you’ll just waste tons of refining points when switching   later on.Happy to gain safewow 6% off neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 under Artifact Weapon Guide.
If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you certainly   know that we already break down new Artifact Weapon additions   individually when they get released. This guide however?is aimed at   helping you through the Artifact Weapon choices in general. As such,   it’s mostly suited for new players that want to have an overview about   the options they have. Please note that this is no class specific guide.   Your final choice obviously also highly depends on what class and build   you plan to run.
Stay Away: Weapon Sets Earlier Than Module 11The last tier   of Artifact Weapons started with Storm Kings Thunder. This means that   those weapons are now outdated, albeit still available. They feature   much less weapon damage, which is the number one factor in overall DPS.   Some older older sets remain viable for support builds however, which is   described below. There might still be other little niches, but our   general advise is to stay away from them. This includes all sets from   the Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil campaign, the old Stronghold   Masterwork set, Relic Weapons, and Demogorgon’s (Maze Engine).
If you’re unsure, just check the sets listed below. If you think about acquiring something that’s not listed there, don’t do it!
Chult Weapons
  • Example:?Wootz Kilij
  • PRO: Cheap, easy to get, available on the AH
  • CON: Weakest of all choices
The   Chult Weapons belong to the old, now outdated, tier of Artifact Weapons   that ranged from Mod 10 to Mod 12. Even when introduced in   Neverwinter’s Module 12: Tomb of Annihilation they were weaker than   other options. So why would you get them now? Well… they are   super easy and cheap to get. You can either claim them off the Auction   House for a reasonable price or entirely farm them for yourself by   getting into the Chult profession recipes. They are great for the new   and casual players that hit 70 and are looking for their very first   weapon. Do note however that you’ll replace these sooner or later. So   don’t drop too many RPs into them.

Cloaked Ascendancy Weapons
  • Example:?Fey Longbow
  • PRO:?Endgame viable as budget support weapons
  • CON: Repetitive farming of the River District
Artifact   Weapons are one of the core points of the Cloaked Ascendancy campaign.   They are obtainable in the campaign shop, and can be fully farmed. As   part of the last tier of Artifact Weapons they are mostly no longer   viable however, except for the Fey set, which still offers a budget   option for support builds that don’t want to or can’t buy Stronghold   Weapons.
Be warned though, the grind is real. You’ll need to do a   weekly lair 35 times for some of the required resources and additionally   accumulate 105?Arcane Magical Writings?from   Heroic Encounters. There are more resources you need, but these two are   the bottlenecks. You can shortcut a bit by buying Writings off the AH,   but that obviously requires some ADs. That said, prices have fallen a   lot as the demand naturally goes down. So check the AH and decide for   yourself whether to buy or to farm.

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