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buy neverwinter astral diamonds to learn Dungeons and Resources

May 3, 2018 1:36 am

In today’s article I’d like to pick something up from our latest podcast.   Don't miss safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 to learn Dungeons and Resources.During the hour-long conversation we briefly touched on how dungeon   side quests could introduce different challenge tiers in dungeons. To   illustrate what I mean I’d like to take you back to Module 1 and the   original Malabog’s Castle. It’s probably still a little known fast that   the dungeon features an optional boss. I couldn’t find a good   description or video, but entering the long corridor on your way to   Malabog you can choose to encounter the same group of adventurers that you also find within the “Cragmire Crypts”. To get an idea just look at this footage. The group, as usual, turns right after the stairs, but you can also go left, open a door and fight the optional boss.
Now   the interesting part of all this is the rumors surrounding the   competing adventure party. Back in Module 1, the bosses in MC used to   drop important resources to craft best-in-slot weapons. And legend had   it that killing the optional boss would enhance the drop rates of these   resources. In the end it turned out to be a myth, but I actually like   the idea. How about some dungeon side quests that tweak the difficulty   of a dungeon, or, more precisely, takes a bit away?
Dungeons and ResourcesBefore I get deeper into the concept   of side quests let’s talk about a major issue of dungeons and resources   in Neverwinter. The devs pretty much can only design one piece of group   content per module, if at all. They have tried to counter that by giving   Underdark content or Illusionist’s Gambit different variants and reward tiers, but that hasn’t really helped to   make the dungeons appealing to different kinds of players. Generally   it’s really hard to find a challenge level that both pleases the endgame   crowd while not excluding too much of your casual players. I’d say it’s   even impossible. In the past we’ve talked about systems that could help   with that issue, like adopting Mythic+ from WoW?or some other type of tiered challenge.I   still like that approach. Giving players options to artificially   increase the difficulty for more loot is great, and I’d very much like   to see that. Side quests could kinda do the same, but subtract from the   the challenge instead of adding to it.
Dungeon Side QuestsWithin such a system, a dungeon would start at insane difficulty. The   baseline would really be high, maybe even too much for “bis” teams. But   then the dungeon would offer additional quests that “nerf” mobs, or   bosses. Let’s say you run with a group that can’t possibly beat the   first boss. How about an optional wing of the dungeon that you can clear   and make the first boss substantially easier? Maybe at the end of the   side quest there’s an item to loot that you can activate and that takes   away half of the bosses HP, or whatever. What if there are five of those   side quests, that take a couple minutes extra?
Options are   plenty. You could make most mobs in a dungeon optional, but base boss   strength on the percentage of them killed. Or let the groups clear   repeatable mini-instanced quests for certain buffs. Suddenly teams could   decide, based on their strength, to invest more time and make the   dungeon beatable for them. You don’t even need to offer all side quests   within a dungeon by the way. Players could also run additional dailies   or weeklies that grant one-run buffs to them or the party.
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