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What is detail of OSRS Mobile iOS beta and enjoy rs gp

Apr 4, 2018 2:43 am

Good news!OSRS Mobile iOS beta is coming on April!So What is detail of OSRS Mobile iOS beta and enjoy rs gold with $10 cash coupon.followed by a   cross-platform (on both Android and iOS) beta shortly after.Now,Let'see   some details about it.
The iOS Beta Timeline
1.Tuesday 10th April: iOS beta invitations will be sent to limited number of players.
2.Friday 13th April: iOS beta will be made live.
3.Monday 16th April: Survey will be sent to those participating in the beta.
4.Thursday 19th April: iOS beta will close.
A limited iOS beta will be operated during April, from April 13 possibly, with the cross-platform beta shortly after.
Moreover, this beta will be a test to identify any potential issues   on the iOS platform. And there will be a Mobile FAQ accessible from the   OSRS homepage before the iOS beta is made live.
If there is nothing wrong, after the iOS beta soon there will be   another limited Mobile beta operated across both Android and iOS   platforms simultaneously. This beta is to primarily help the team   identify any operational issues with such a release, as this will of   course become the standard process with future releases.
After that, it’s expected to open OSRS Mobile up to existing players   and leave it open to as many players as possible. That means then the   Old School team will maintain the live service on mobile and desktop   through game updates.
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