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Buy neverwinter diamond cheap to experince enchantment upgrades

Dec 4, 2017 1:12 am
In today’s episode of our Exploit History we have something for all you   haters of enchantment upgrades and the randomness that comes with it. As   you know each upgrade of enchantments and runestones in Neverwinter   only has a chance to succeed. Hurry up to buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy enchantment upgrades. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose your reagents.   The only way to prevent that is using wards to either safe the reagents   from destruction on unsuccessful tries or even guarantee a success.   Albeit several changes to the refinement system itself, this basic RNG   mechanic has never changed.

The amount of required wards (and clicking!) on higher levels can get   quite annoying. Additionally wards are a ZEN store item, so it’s one of   the aspects of progression that is gated behind spending money. In the   early stages of the game however, players used a rather simple exploit   to circumvent this madness.
Artificial Delays Strike Again!Back   then fusing enchantments was artificially delayed by a few seconds. A   progress bar appeared that had no real use other than letting the player   wait, probably to create more excitement. However just like Astral Rifts,   this interaction came back to bite Cryptic. It turned out that during   the delay, used Wards weren’t locked in place. You could freely move   them back into your inventory. And even better, when swapped with   another item, they didn’t even got consumed while still granting their   benefits.
So players took enchantment shards, slotted a?Coalescent Ward?and   started the process. During the interaction, they swapped the ward with   a trash item. It was really that easy! Effectively you could just use a   Coal for any fusing upgrade and succeed every time without actually   using the ward. As hilarious as the exploit itself was the way it?leaked on Ownedcore in June 2013.   The author presented it with an own version of the “The Fresh Prince of   Bel-Air” title song. That was creative, but didn’t prevent the issue   from being patched within hours.
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