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Obtain neverwinter diamonds to enjoy new Enchantment level

Oct 19, 2017 7:44 pm
After getting all the refinment details straight, we continue our Swords of Chult coverage with the   changes to Bonding Runestones and
Obtain neverwinter astral diamonds on safewow to enjoy new Enchantment levels
Let’s start with the new Unparalleled Weapon and Armor Enhancements,   because this is a pretty straight buff. All of them are getting an   additional level on top which comes with slightly more benefits than the   Transcendent version. There’s not a lot not to like especially   since?Unparalleled under the new system will effectively cost less than Transcendent under the old one.   Also you probably won’t have to switch your enhancement since   the?Unparalleled levels shouldn’t change that much. But make sure to   consult your local theorycrafter! All new enhancements can be seen   below.
Bonding Runestone NerfsNow the nerdy part of the article starts. First of all obviously the the Bonding Runestone are taking a major hit.   Their companion stat transfer is severely reduced, at the top end by   nearly 90%. Loading into Mod 12B you’ll notice a ratings loss of roughly   20-25% from your enchantments and companion. On the other hand, there   are new enchantment and runestone levels up to 14 to come up for it and lower levels are geting easier to acheive. Also Augment pets suddenly become a viable option since Eldritch   Runestones can now compete with Bondings. So let’s dive into the numbers   and see what all of this actually means. As you can see I included different ranks and companion options   and sorted the table by the percentage of stats compared to what players   had in the old system. For all levels this was slotting one Eldritch and two others.
Best-in-Slot ComparisonsIn the best-in-slot scenario,   players are getting roughly 37k stats from using a maxed out toon in Mod   12. This crumbles to 28k in Swords of Chult thanks to the Bondings   nerf. Since players probably don’t want to lose   their companion debuffs however, Bondings will remain the norm in   high-level groups. But especially for alts or casuals, having an Augment   no longer comes with a severe disadvantage.
Is Nerfing and Reselling the Same Power a Smart Move?So   overall casuals profit from the system while the “bis” population has to   upgrade to at least R13 to get their Mod 12 ratings back.
While   we’ve compared the ratings on a personal level so far, the nerf within   groups is much more severe. Power sharing gets a significant hit as well   so all those Clerics et cetera will buff their parties much less than   before. It’s a complex topic of its own, which we can’t cover in-depth   unfortunately. Just know that you won’t see the Power ratings you were   used to.
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