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Swords of Divinity Giftpack Giveaway

Nov 28, 2016 12:38 am
Event Link:

MMOSite has teamed up with R2Games for a Giftpack Giveaway of their Free to Play Browser Based MMORPG, Swords of Divinity.

Welcome to Swords of Divinity - a unique online Action RPG for everyone! Take your fists steps in a magical journey to unlock the true power of the gods. Assume the role of one of 4 powerful archetypes - Mage, Knight, Archer, or Priest - and push forth to seek your true destiny.

Free Code Giveaway Period:
Nov 28th - Dec 15th PST

Each gift code will grant you:
- Lv.1 Merc EXP Potion *50
- Lv.1 Gem Pack *3
- Soul Gem *5

Event Rules
1. Register in Swords of Divinity here.
2. Enter the game and click on the Daily Quests button.
3. Paste your code in the field.
4. Click ‘Collect Rewards’.
5.  You will receive a confirmation that the items have been redeemed.

Please note:
1. Each account can only collect 1 code.
2. Codes are to be redeemed in game.
3. Each code can only be used once.

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