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Dragon Ball Z New Free Exclusive Reward Code Giveaway

Nov 23, 2016 12:18 am
Event Link:

MMOSite has teamed up with Playwebgame for Free Exclusive Reward Code of their Free to Play Browser Based MMORPG, Dragon Ball Z Online.

Play Dragon Ball Z Online, recruit your favourite Dragon Ball characters, increase your Battle Power, and be the strongest in the Universe.

Free Code Giveaway Period:
Nov 23rd – Nov 28th 2016 PST

Each gift code will grant you:
- Silver coin
- Grade 1 gemstone box*10
- Dragon herb*10
- Mysteryous capsule*10
- Vit 10
- Potential
- Gift certificate*100

Event Rules
1. Log in Dragon Ball Z Online here first
2. Begin your unique journey right now.

Please note:
1. Each code can be used only once
2. The code can be redeemed in games

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